Best Freestanding Tub Faucet

Best Freestanding Tub Faucet to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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Plenty of modern bathroom design ideas incorporate a freestanding tub filler. Importantly, the best freestanding tub faucet usually improves your daily bathing experience by making it easier and faster to fill your bathtub and providing additional features. Here are the best options we tested that you can choose from!

What is a Freestanding Tub Faucet

A freestanding tub faucet, also called a floor-mounted faucet, usually allows design flexibility since it is plumbed up through the floor instead of through the wall. Consequently, this faucet will work whether the bathtub is placed along a wall or anywhere in the room.

A freestanding tub faucet requires access to the bathroom's underfloor since the water supply lines must be routed to the tub's placement. Therefore, before investing in the best freestanding tub faucet, consult a professional to determine if it's possible to have underfloor plumbing, especially for a bathroom built on concrete slabs.

Now that you know what a freestanding tub faucet is let's check out the best models to upgrade your bathroom.

1. Wowkk 2004 BK Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Waterfall Tub Filler ‎

Wowkk Waterfall Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet...
  • Waterlines: 1/2” hot & cold hoses for large water flow(3/8”...
  • Stable Base Design: Includes Tripod Bracket and Bolts(3pcs) to...
  • Brass material and Black finished for durability and reliability
  • Sedal Ceramic Cartridge for smooth and long lasting operation
  • Multifunctional: 360 Degree Swivel Spout, Hand Shower with...

Wowkk 2004 BK Waterfall Bathtub Faucet is made of heavy brass material, boosting durability. Besides, the freestanding bathtub faucet is designed with a 360° swivel spout, allowing you to adjust it to your needs. In addition, it features a beautiful, sleek design that's ideal for modern interiors- an excellent option for modern-looking bathrooms. Also, the bathtub faucet has a waterfall design that complements your indoor décor.

Image Source:

The bathtub faucet comes with a sedal ceramic cartridge, so you expect better water flow and smoother operation for a longer period. It can fill up to 55 gallons of water in less than 10 minutes. Conversely, the versatile hand shower is an excellent quick, full-body wash option. Personally, I also use the extension to clean the tub or my kids.

I must say that the manufacturer paid attention to the freestanding faucet's base design by ensuring the tripod bracket on it helps it gain and maintain stability. On the other hand, the freestanding faucet comes with 59 inches of high-quality stainless steel hose, which provides corrosion resistance, durability, and ease of installation.


  • Features a beautiful, sleek design that's ideal for modern interiors
  • Easy to install
  • Made of corrosion resistance material
  • It comes with a hand shower which is ideal for a quick, full-body wash


  • It takes time to fill bathtubs, depending on their capacity

2. Aolemi Floor Mount ‎1.61 GPM Bathtub Faucet Freestanding Tub Filler

Aolemi Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet Freestanding Tub...
  • 【All Metal Construction】Water Use Information: 1.61gpm...
  • 【Functions】360 Degree Swivel Spout, Handheld Shower with...
  • 【Installation】Floor mounted, Include all the installation...
  • 【Reliable Design】6.7” spout reach and 45.87” over...
  • 【What's Included】bathtub faucet body, brass faucet tube,...

If you prefer a metal bathtub faucet, count on the Aolemi Floor Mount 1.61 GPM. This unit is made of metal and brass, providing additional durability and reliability. Besides, the materials protect the bathtub faucet from wear and tear and ensure durability.

Image Source:

The bathtub faucet features a 360 degrees swivel spout which you can use for several purposes and have a great experience. Besides, the handheld shower has a 59-inch shower hose. So, you can be sure that the pipe will reach every nook and cleaning will be easier. Moreover, the bathtub faucet comes with a diverter knob for switching between the hand shower and the tub spout.

This floor-mounted freestanding faucet features all the necessary installation components, such as 1/2 thread water lines, 1 pair of 8" extension water hoses, and a 3/8 thread adapter. As a result, my plumber had an easy time installing the unit, and I could enjoy an incredible bathing experience immediately after installation.


  • It comes with a diverter knob for switching between the hand shower and the tub spout
  • Made of metal and brass, which makes it more durable
  • The hoses are long enough
  • Looks great for a modern bathroom


  • A bit expensive

3. Senlesen Stainless Steel ‎(Se18012901) Freestanding Tub Faucet

Senlesen Barthroom Tub Filler Faucet Floor Mounted...
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish,Solid Brass Construction
  • Overall Height:99cm(38.6");Spout Width:6.8cm(2.6")
  • Including Hot & Cold Water Supply lines with 3/8" Connector
  • Drip Free Ceramic Disc Cartridge For Smooth And Long Lasting...
  • In case any broken problem happens, please contact us to solve...

Senlesen Se18012901 Freestanding Tub Faucet is also made with brass, which ensures ultimate durability. After all, brass is extremely resistant to wear and strain, making it an ideal option for upgrading your bathroom. On the other hand, the unit comes with waterfall and water output modes; therefore, you can choose between the two based on your requirements.

Image Source:

This waterfall tub faucet has a premium black finish, giving it a gorgeous and modern look. Although my bathroom is not modern, the tub faucet still gives it a gorgeous and contemporary look. Additionally, this faucet features a reliable ceramic cartridge which helps in water release. It also comes with a diverter knob so you can use both modes of water (waterfall and water output) at the same time.

Furthermore, the freestanding bathtub faucet comes with a 90 CM hot and cold supply. That means you can adjust the size and length of the unit to meet your needs. The entire length of the shower hose is 150 cm, which you can also adjust to suit your needs. Besides, it will allow for easy cleaning.

On the other hand, the brass tripod base ensures the necessary stability. In addition, you will receive everything you need to install this high-quality premium-looking freestanding tub faucet on your bath.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Simple modern-like appearance
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • It offers an incredible bathing experience


  • A little bit flimsy

4. Votamuta Chrome (VO080102-1) Polished Floor Mount Freestanding Tub Filler

Votamuta Floor Mount Bathtub Faucet Freestanding Tub...
  • The finish of the bathtub faucet:brushed nickel.the material of...
  • Complete with hot & cold water hoses & accessories
  • Drip Free Ceramic Disc Cartridge For Smooth And Long Lasting...
  • Modern contemporary design perfect for all homes and interiors
  • How to contact seller if you have questions about the pr...

Votamuta Chrome VO080102-1 body and hands showers are made of brass, making them extremely resistant to wear and tear. Besides, the nickel finish on the exterior gives it a sleek and elegant appearance. Therefore, if you have a modern décor, you can add this high-quality bathtub faucet.

Image Source:

This all-purpose tub faucet has a single handle for controlling water flow, and you can also use it to switch between cold and warm water directly. Besides, the 360-degree swivel tub spout allows you to easily move it aside so you can soak in the tub without unintentionally bumping into it.

I like how sturdy the body and shower hose is; I expect them to last a long time. Also, the hand shower is large enough for a handgrip. Unfortunately, the water pressure from both spouts generates a slight noise.


  • Installation is easy
  • Looks great for modern bathroom designs
  • Features sturdy body and shower hose
  • Water pressure from the spouts is audible


  • A bit expensive

5. LLGG Floor Mounted Freestanding Tub Filler

Freestanding Tub Filler Bathtub Faucet Oil Rubbed...
  • New design with high water flow rate for spout : actual...
  • After turn off, the leaking water from hand shower drop into...
  • Special hoses length can customize as required, please email us.
  • New design, easy to install. with two type screws for concrete...
  • High quality electroplate oil rubbed bronze ORB: Solid metal...

The LLGG Freestanding Tub Filler is made of brass and stainless steel. The combination of brass and stainless steel 304 ensures reliability and durability. Consequently, even if you use it frequently, you can be sure it will last longer.

Image Source:

The floor mount faucet has a base cover that can keep it in one place. In addition, it has an oil-wrapped bronze ORB finish that complements your decor and other faucets. On the other hand, the unit has a 44.6-inch spout height and a maximum reach of 9.37 inches.

Furthermore, the maximum flow rate for this freestanding bathtub faucet is 11.9 gallons per minute, making it an excellent option for your bathing needs. I usually find the water flow rate steady and on point, especially when taking a warm bath. Also, you can adjust the hose length as per your needs.


  • Easy to use
  • Fills water fast
  • Complement both traditional and modern decor
  • You can adjust the hose length as per your needs


  • Not very easy to install for some

6. Artiqua Freestanding Tub Faucet, 1000CP

Artiqua Freestanding Bathtub Faucet Tub Filler Faucets...
  • Hot & Cold Waterlines: 1/2’’ Hose Connection Design for...
  • High and Stable Tripod Base Design: Includes Bracket and...
  • Multifunctional: 360 Degree Swivel Spout, Hand Shower with...
  • High Quality: Constructed from Solid Brass, finished in Chrome
  • Using Sedal Ceramic Cartridge and Neoperl Aerator for Durability...

Artiqua Freestanding Tub Filler is made of brass material, making it resist wear and tear. Also, the chrome finish makes it an elegant option for your modern bathroom. On the other hand, the unit features a hot and cold hose that you can adjust to your desired length. And since the hose is made of stainless steel, it's corrosion resistant.

Image Source:

Artiqua Freestanding Tub Faucet features a 360° swivel spout that you can customize to any angle to fill water effortlessly. With its 360° rotation, it also helps in other bathing activities. I love the swivel design because it makes cleaning my pet "Siri" easy and convenient. Besides, the unit has a diverter handle that allows you to swivel and switch between the hand shower and the spout.

The excellent design and the presence of a sedal ceramic cartridge ensure long-lasting and smooth operation. It also helps improve water flow. Additionally, this tub faucet has a filling capacity of 55 gallons in 10 mins at 60psi. And the brass hand shower can get up to 59 inches.


  • You can adjust the hose length accordingly.
  • Features 360° swivel spout.
  • It has a diverter handle to switch between the hand shower and spout.
  • The stainless steel material used ensures durability and corrosion resistance.


  • It's not easy to install for some users.

7. Rozin Freestanding Bathtub Faucet, Waterfall Tub Filler

Rozin Waterfall Tub Filler Freestanding Bathtub Faucet...
  • Material:Body Mainly Made Of Brass,Handle shower head made of...
  • Faucet Total Height:39.76";Spout Height:34.6";Spout...
  • Come with hot cold water supply lines with US 3/8 standard...
  • Diverter switches between Tub Tap and Hand Spray,they are working...
  • Warranty: Ten years warranty under residential use.We ensure...

Rozin Bathtub Faucet has a body made of brass, while the showerhead is made of ABS plastic. Both materials create a great quality bathtub faucet that will last a long time. Besides, the brushed nickel exterior finish provides this faucet with an amazing appeal that will complement your stylish and modern-looking home decor.

Image Source:

I find cleaning the ABS plastic hand shower quite easy. Also, the 60-inch long stainless steel hose offers convenient movement. Besides, the unit has a single lever handle and a tiny knob, making it easy to use while bathing.

Rozin Waterfall Tub Filler comes with a faucet with a length of 39.76 inches. The spout has a height of 34.6 inches and can reach 4.33 inches. You will enjoy using this unit as the 360° rotation provides more room for several activities. Besides, the waterfall design of the spout makes filling the tub easier and gives a great rinsing experience.


  • Complements modern decor
  • The hose is long enough for convenient movement
  • Ample water flow rate
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Not very easy to install for some

What Are the Parts of a Freestanding Bathtub Faucet?

Image Source:

i) Hand Shower

A hand shower, as the name implies, is a shower that's handheld. You can direct the water flow from the Tub Spout to the hand shower using the diverter. The extension is ideal for cleaning your hair, a child, or a pet.

ii) Hand Shower Diverter

Most freestanding bathtub faucets come with a hand shower diverter. You only need to use it to direct the water flow from the tub spout to the hand spray. Then, to redivert for normal operation, press the diverter button again. And when you turn off the water, the diverter automatically returns to the off position.

iii) Handle

You use the handle to turn the water on and off and control the temperature. Besides, under the handle of freestanding tub fillers, there's a pressure-balanced cartridge. So by turning the handle, you can turn on the water and change the temperature to what you want.

iv) Mounting Bracket

The mounting bracket holds the freestanding tub faucet to the floor. It forms a robust base, ensuring that the tub filler doesn't wobble or move after installation.

v) Floor Bolts and Nuts

The floor bolts and nuts are inserted first through the valve mounting bracket and then through the trim kit base. You can firmly attach the trim kit to the mounting bracket using a washer and nut, securing it in place. After installation, the trim kit base will completely hide these bolts.

vi) Trim Kit

The trim kit is the stylish, finished section of a freestanding tub faucet that you can see. It's the section with which you interface while using your tub filler.

vii) Valve

Valve is the section of your freestanding tub faucet that you can't see. The fixture connects to your home's hot and cold water lines. The valve on a floor mount tub filler also includes the plate needed to fix the tub faucet to the floor.

viii) Tub Spout

This is where the water flows out when you turn the tub faucet on to fill your bathtub.

ix) Hot and Cold Supplies

These tubes allow your cold and hot water lines to connect internally to the freestanding faucet trim kit.

x) Hose

The hose usually supplies the handheld shower with water.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Freestanding Tub Faucets

Image Source:

1. Material

Before buying the best freestanding tub faucet, pay attention to the material it's made from. Though many materials are used for this purpose, brass and stainless steel have consistently proved to be the best. Brass adds durability and longevity to these products. On the other hand, stainless steel is a great option for wear and tear resistance. However, if you are looking for a unit that is durable and optimal for usage, we recommend brass.

2. Design

When investing in the best freestanding tub faucet, consider the design. In today's modern bathrooms, we're looking for high-end fixtures. In such a situation, you must ensure that the faucet doesn't become a big issue.

Therefore, before you choose, determine the design you need. Though most of the tub faucets on our list have a black matte premium finish, some have brushed nickel and stainless steel finishes. Again, your needs will determine your selection.

3. Water Flow Rate

When looking for the best freestanding tub faucet style, choose one with a hose system that ensures a good water flow rate. Besides, check this factor in the spout and handheld shower separately to see if it meets your expectations.

4. Numbers of Handles

Apart from the water flow rate, you must also consider the number of handles you're looking for. When shopping, you will find that most tub faucets come with two to four handles. Consequently, you can choose based on your needs and personal preferences.

5. Ease of Installation

You don't want to invest in a unit that will give your plumber a hard time installing. Therefore, when choosing a tub filler, ensure it includes everything needed for installation. And since they're freestanding tub faucets, they will require many tools to secure on the floor.

6. Swivel

Before buying the best tub faucet for your bathroom, ensure it comes with a spout. Besides, ensure the spout makes 360° swivels, as this is essential for convenient use. Also, with a 360° spout movement, you can use it for various functions.

What Are the Main Tub Filler Type?

Tub fillers are classified into three types: floor-mount (freestanding), wall-mount, and deck-mount. These classifications depend on where the tub filler is installed.

i) Floor-Mount 

Floor-mounted tub filler stands alone and is directly attached to the floor. Though it takes up the most space, it's the easiest to install, making it the preferred option among other faucet fillers. That said, when buying a freestanding tub filler, ensure it comes with a sprayer.

ii) Wall-Mount

As the name suggests, wall-mount tub faucets are tub fillers directly attached to the wall. It's often used for bathtubs attached to the walls, which is ideal if you want to optimize the bathroom space. Besides, the tub filler is compatible with nook and corner bathtubs since they are directly attached to the wall. 

iii) Deck-Mount

Deck-mount tub faucets are primarily built for drop-in bathtubs. Drop-in tubs usually have a surrounding finish which's the deck. Besides, the deck mount is one of the most difficult models to install because the plumbing is hidden and distinct from the rest of your fixtures. Nonetheless, they can offer the benefits of wall and floor mount types. Also, the deck mount is the least expensive of the three.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Freestanding Tub Faucet

1. Can you mount a sink faucet on a bathtub?

No, you can't use sink faucets in bathtubs since they have different installation types, thermostatic controls, water flow rates, sprayers, and hand showers. Besides, a bath faucet is usually attached to a 12-inch pipe, whereas a sink faucet is connected to a 3/8-inch water supply.

2. Are plastic materials suitable for tub faucets?

No, if you are looking for a high-quality tub faucet, avoid plastic materials. However, as mentioned earlier, some high-quality manufacturers use ABS plastic for their handheld showers. So if you must buy a tub faucet made of plastic, you can choose a handheld shower and not a whole system.

3. Do freestanding baths boost the value of a home?

Yes, a tub can increase the value of a house by expanding the potential market and boosting the possibility of multiple offers. According to research, US buyers will recoup roughly 60% of their investment upon selling their house when upgrading a bathroom with a new bathtub.

4. What is the ideal flow rate for a tub faucet?

According to WaterSense, the average flow rate for a bathroom faucet is between 0.5 and 1.5 GPM. In contrast, the average flow rate of a tub faucet is about 4 to 7 GPM.

5. What is the most comfortable shape of a freestanding tub?

Oval-shaped bathtubs are the most comfortable models. They feature intrinsic lumbar angles that allow your body to rest comfortably. Also, this gives any needed back support and comfort without interfering with the bath taps. Besides the comfort, oval-shaped bathtubs are easy to clean.

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