Kohler Propane Generator For Emergency Power Outages

Kohler Propane Generator for Emergency Power Outages

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Power outages are unpredictable and can cause significant disruption to your everyday life. Considering how much we rely on electricity to light our homes, cook our meals, and stay connected, having a reliable home backup generator is essential. So, if you still don't have a backup plan, try the Kohler propane generator; it is a dual fuel that uses liquid propane and natural gas to provide you with power when electricity is out.

About Kohler

Kohler is among the most popular companies dealing with generators. Their generators have powered homes, hospitals, stadiums and more for over 100 years; it has several direct service locations and over 800 distributors worldwide.

Kohler power company manufactures different products like;

  • Portable generators
  • Genuine parts
  • Industrial and commercial generators
  • Marine generators
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Home generators
  • Gasoline, diesel and gaseous engines

Besides their high-quality products, Kohler also provides their customers and more services. Some of their services include;

  • Custom engineering
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Field service
  • Site-based operation and maintenance
  • Training
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Tech support
  • Warranty support

Kohler Propane Generators

Kohler generators are suitable for backup power provision as they are reliable and provide incredible performance. In addition, during a power outage, a Kohler home standby generator saves the day.

You can get a good generator that uses liquid propane or even natural gas for emergency power needs. Some features of Kohler propane generators include;

a). High-Quality Power

Kohler generators provide superior voltage and frequency regulation. They also provide ultra-low harmonic distortion, resulting in exceptional generator power quality that protects your expensive equipment.

Depending on the generator and load size, your KOHLER generator can restore power to a 5-ton (60,000 BTU) air conditioner, major appliances, and electronics in only 10 seconds.

b). Remote Monitoring

Did you also know that you can monitor your Kohler generator remotely? This means that you can know what is going on even when you are not home. You can view real-time status and manage the whole process from your smartphone. So, you can easily tell when your standby generator goes on and off.

c). Reliable

The premium warranty that comes with every Kohler generator is one of the key reasons homeowners purchase them. Most Kohler's home backup generators come with a 5-year, 2,000-hour warranty and long-lasting corrosion-resistant enclosures.

Extended limited warranties, which cover parts, labor, and dealer travel for the remainder of the 5-year guarantee period, are also available.

d). Different Sizes

Kohler offers a range of partial-house standby generators for small to medium-sized homes. Basic circuits in your home can easily be powered by a generator ranging from 7 to 11 kW.

It's a wattage that normally supports the "essentials," making it excellent for tiny houses or restoring partial home performance during a power outage; for example, a standby home generator will always save during an outage.

This manufacturer also has medium-sized generators that power essential circuits like living room outlets. The large-scale generators are suitable for commercial use or big homes. So, with Kohler, you are always covered.

Kohler Generators Vs. Generac Generators

These two bad guys are the most popular generator manufacturers. They are well-known for their efficiency in performance and reliability. Today, we shall compare the two and see how they differ or what features make them different.

a). Engine

Both Kohler and Generac make permanently installed and portable generators. They both make their customized engines, and they're both constructed to last and engineered to perform in a range of situations.

Portable generators from Generac may run on either gasoline or LP fuel. Kohler portable generators need a conversion kit to run on any fuel type other than gasoline; however, the Tri-Fuel conversion kit allows them to run on gasoline, LP, or liquid propane.

b). Noise Levels

Generac and Kohler generators operate with minimal noise levels. The portable models are slightly louder than their standalone counterparts but are not too loud to irritate.

Home standby generators are, on the other hand, noticeably quieter. For example, Generac's mid-range home backup generator is about as loud as a lawnmower at 66dB.

c). Housing

accessories like a generator housing are necessary to keep it safe from elements

A good generator housing keeps animals – and children – out and protects it from the elements. As a result, some of Kohler's lower-cost home backup generator models are enclosed in powder-coated aluminum or steel. In contrast, their mid-range and higher-end units are enclosed in a more corrosion-resistant composite enclosure.

Generac has one lower-cost home backup generator with a powder-coated steel enclosure, and the remainder of their series has corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminum enclosures.

d). Environmental Impact

Generac and Kohler both provide fuel flexibility, letting you use greener fuels like LP and natural gas. Generac generators also include their proprietary "G-Flex" technology, which allows the generator to adjust to your energy demands and save energy.

While this isn't a feature offered by Kohler, even the entry-level portable generator is CARB compliant, which means it passes California's stringent carbon emission rules.

e). Warranty

As already mentioned above, Kohler offers a five-year warranty on its standalone generators. However, the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty for the portable Kohler generators.

Generac offers a three-year warranty on the standalone models and a two-year warranty on the portable ones.

Types of Generators

a). Standby Generators

When the power goes off, automatic standby generators kick in. When a power loss occurs, backup generators identify the problem and begin supplying power to the home or company within seconds.

Kohler 20KW Generator Review

Backup generators provide a stable connection to a building's electrical system through an Automatic Transfer Switch, making the switch to standby generator power automatic. Before connecting power from the home backup generator, the ATS isolates the electrical system from the utility lines.

There are both home standby generators and business standby generators. They can also be air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

b). Portable Generators

Portable Generators

Portable generators are great for power provision, no matter where you are. They are easy to buy and store. A portable gas generator runs on gasoline. However, if you need a portable generator that uses propane, a dual fuel generator will suffice. They use gasoline and propane.

c). Commercial Generators

After a power loss, commercial generators restore power in seconds. While business continues and the doors remain open, a sturdy design and great dependability protect goods and property.

Commercial Generators

A business generator powers refrigeration, air conditioning, office equipment, machines, lighting, and cash registers, whether the outage lasts a few hours after a rainstorm or weeks following a natural disaster. When your clients need you the most, you're there with crucial products and services.

Propane Vs. Gasoline Generators

If you are not very familiar with generators, you probably wonder what makes them different, depending on their fuel type. So, in this section, we shall discuss the pros and cons of propane LP and gas generators.

Propane Generators


i). More Eco-friendly

Engines run by propane emit 12% less carbon(iv) oxide, 20%less NOX and 60% less carbon monoxide. Such engines also produce 80% less smog-producing emissions of hydrocarbons.

ii). Easier to Refuel

You'll have a constant supply as long as the propane tanker can get to your property. You can power your home in the event of a lengthy emergency if you have a large propane tank.

iii). Less Noise

If you want to maintain a calm environment even when the generator is ongetting a propane one may e your best shot.

iv). More Powerful

A propane generator that starts at approximately 15000 watts can supply the home with all its power needs.


Although propane generators are great, they are not perfect. They have their downsides as well. We shall see what these downsides are.

i). Expensive

The prices of these machines are higher than gas generators. However, they are a long-term investment as they provide power for the entire home, enough for the whole family.

ii). Less Efficient

A gallon of propane has 27% less energy than gasoline, slightly lowering its economy.

Gasoline Generators


i). More Energy Efficient

Gas generators produce more power per gallon compared to propane generators. This makes them more energy efficient.

ii). Most Common Portable Models

Portable generators come in handy, especially for campers and other outdoor activities that need a power source.

iii). Inexpensive Purchase and Maintenance

Gasoline generators can only power a handful of appliances at a time. Therefore, they do not require a lot of capital during purchase.


i). Dangerous

Starting a gasoline generator puts the user at risk as it is dangerous. If a dual fuel uses gasoline and propanepropane is usually used during starting as it has lower ignition power than gasoline.

ii). Expensive to fuel

Gasoline prices tend to hike, especially during emergency circumstances.

iii). Not reliable in Emergencies

When a natural catastrophe strikes, gas stations often close. If you don't have a significant gasoline supply, using a gas generator for a long-term power supply may be challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kohler Propane Generator

1. Are Kohler generators any good?

Yes, absolutely! Kohler generators are durable and reliable. They are built with commercial-grade engines, allowing them to withstand extreme workloads for ages.

2. How far from the house should a Kohler generator be?

Kohler recommends a minimum distance of three feet from the house. Also, the exhaust should never face a window or the door.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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