Things To Make And Sell With Cricut Makers

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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If you are into DIY crafts or want to get into the crafting business, a Cricut machine is one of the best crafting tools you need. This crafting equipment is incredibly versatile, fast and allows you to make any craft you like. We'll look at some things to make and sell with Cricut machines, but before that, let's first have a better understanding of what a Cricut is.

What is a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut machine is an electronic cutting tool that can cut different designs using almost any material from paper, vinyl, card stock, iron-on transfer, leather, to wood. You can use the Cricut machines to cut just about anything you can cut with scissors. The advantage of having a Cricut machine is that you will cut with much more precision and speed.

Currently, there are three types of Cricut machines in the market; Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore Air. Before buying these machines, you must consider the projects you want to do and the materials you will be using. The amazing bit is that any of the three machines can be used to start up a crafting business.

Here are some best-selling Cricut projects you can sell online or at crafty fairs. All these ideas are perfect for anyone looking to build their own business.

1. Family Name Signs

Family name signs will be snapped up all year round, especially on special occasions like weddings or Christmas. Wood signs with family names have become super popular as they make gorgeous home decor. So if you are wondering what craft to make and sell, the family name signs will work.

2. T-shirts and Clothing

If you are a beginner looking for the ideal Cricut crafts to sell, you can opt for the T-shirt and clothing idea. T-shirts are great gift ideas to make with Cricut machines, and you can turn that into a business. The good thing is that you can make them for fathers day, graduations, Christmas, and TV show-themed.

3. Nursery Decor

Most parents enjoy documenting their children's milestones; you can take advantage of that and turn it into a business. You can create beautiful artwork using your Cricut maker or even offer personalized baby items to help grow sales in this niche. 

4. Wood Signs

Other profitable Cricut business projects to sell are the wood signs. You have most likely come across a wooden welcome sign; however, there is a variety of other sign options you can make and sell with your Cricut. The advantage of the wooden signs is that they make great housewarming gifts and can be personalized to your customer's liking.

5. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts 

If you're looking for a great Cricut idea, you should definitely consider selling Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts. In most cases, you will find that the bridal gifts are more profitable Cricut projects compared to wedding decor.

6. Farmhouse Wall Decor

If you consider selling Cricut crafts, you can also go for farmhouse decor. This kind of decor has increased its popularity and is ideal for beginners since it is super easy to make. The best bit is that you can sell these crafts online through the Facebook marketplace or via your own website.

7. Paper Flowers

Just like farmhouse decor, the fashionableness of paper flowers has increased over time. The paper flowers are fantastic for all occasions, from Mother's Day to Baby Showers.

8. Baby Items

Other Cricut projects to sell are baby items. The amazing bit about this niche is that there are thousands of projects you can make and sell, from personalized pacifiers to diaper bags.

9. Greeting Cards

Crafting greeting and invitation cards is another really profitable Cricut ideal you can opt for. The fantastic bit is that it is possible to start a home-based card business and sell the cards online.

10. Doormats

You can also make doormats with your Cricut maker. All you require to make a mat is permanent vinyl, transfer tape, and outdoor paint. The mats are perfect gifts and are easy to make, which is why they are a good item to add to your craft fair.

11. Leather Earrings

Creating and selling leather jewelry is another cool way of making money using your Cricut maker. For example, you can make large or minimal leather earrings and sell them to your friends or family.

12.  Vinyl on Notebooks

You can also opt to make office or back-to-school supplies such as notebooks and fancy pens. These DIY crafts are fun and allow you to personalize school supplies for kids or even office items.

13. Iron-On Cosmetic Bags

Most women nowadays love make-up, and creating customized cosmetic bags will sell like hot cake. The customized bags are easy to make and are great gifts. The amazing bit is that Cricut has made them so much easier!

14.  Light Luminarie

Light luminaires are other profitable Cricut projects to sell. These Cricut crafts are not as easy to make as most crafts, but you can make good money once you learn how to do them.

15. Cricut Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes and cake toppers are famous options, and people always look for thrilling and unique cake decorations. You can make cake decorations like toppers with a Cricut maker for children and adults.

16. Canvas Wall Art

The canvas wall art is easy to make and sell since they all have unique designs. You can create wall art with an original design, funny saying, witty sayings, or even quotes and sell them online.

17. Vinyl Decals

Vinyl Decals are other selling Cricut project ideas that most customers want, meaning they can be great business ideas. You can make iron-on vinyl decals using matte, foil, gloss, glitter, or other vinyl materials.

18. Luggage tags

Luggage tags are a perfect gift item that is not easily found, so if you want something that is not too common in the market, this might be a great idea. You can make delightful tags and brightly colored ones to make them easily distinguishable.

19. Coffee Mugs

Making personalized coffee mugs are cheap and easy with three different free editable SVG templates. They are great items that can be made for teachers, family members, sports teams, co-workers, etc.

20. Personalized Tumblers

Making personalized tumblers is another best-selling Cricut craft you can go for. You only need to purchase blank tumblers in bulk and personalize wine tumblers to your customers' liking. The amazing thing is that making these crafts are super easy, and you can do them on any tumbler material. Remember, the Stainless steel drink tumblers are most popular among buyers.

21. Kitchen Conversion Chart

Other Cricut Ideas to Sell are the conventional kitchen charts. This kitchen sign is a distinctive idea that will be super useful in the kitchen, especially for bakers.

22. Motivational Sayings Gifts

Inspirational gifts are other crafts you can opt for. Making gifts with popular motivational sayings will sell much faster, especially on online platforms.

23. Planner Stickers

Most people want fun and cute stickers to add to their planners, and you can use your circuit machine to give them that. You only need to use the best sticker papers with any font and free images to make planner stickers or even create your own original designs.

24. Wedding Decor

Wedding decor is a constant need for most brides desiring to have an authentic and unique decor for their big day. You can create wedding decor with your Cricut makers like wall hangings, streamers, and centerpieces.

25. Baby Onesies

Onesies are other fun Cricut ideas you make using your Cricut cutting machine. You can create gender-neutral or gender-specific baby onesies designed to offer people a wide range of options for baby showers or even gender reveal.

26. Felt Banners

You can go for the Felt banners if you want inexpensive Cricut ideas to sell locally and online. You can create the banners to say anything so they can be used on different occasions. Again you can alter the shape or even create a pennant-style banner.

27. Laptop Cases

If you want to target school-going kids making fancy personalized laptop and phone cases using vinyl lettering is a great idea. The amazing thing is that your crafts can also be customized for adults.

28. Ornaments

Making ornaments usually takes around 15 minutes, and it is relatively cheap. The best part is that the ornaments make great holiday gifts and will add a great touch style to a Christmas tree.

29. LEGO Paper Cup

Personalized paper cups are great ideas you can make and sell. The best bit is that you can personalize them to fit any kind of design for your clients.

30. Wine Glasses

Another great Cricut project is to make wine glasses to sell. You can create wine glasses using different materials and diverse designs depending on the seasons. You can also create themed collections for different occasions.

31. Christmas Gift Basket

During the Christmas season, you can opt to make gift baskets containing different items and sell them. For example, some items in the Christmas basket can include a coffee jar, a mug, tea towels and candles.

32. Iron-On Corkboards

You can also design some cork boards for your clients. This project is super easy to do and can be great for busy moms, dorm rooms or teacher's classrooms.

33. Jewelry Dishes

Jewelry dishes are tiny, cute gift items that are always in demand. In addition, you can make lavish dishes using your Cricut machine as a way to sell Cricut projects.

34. Kids Decor

Use your Cricut machine to make incredible kids' decor and sell it locally or online. You can customize this decor using different cartoon themes to make them more attractive to kids. The amazing bit is that making this decor is incredibly easy and cheap.

35. Keychains

A Cricut is an amazing machine you can also use to make and sell key chains. The keychains will mainly target people who like personalizing their book bags, purses and keys.

36. Personalized Tools

Personalizing gadgets and tools is another Cricut project you can start. These would make an amazing gift for Father's Day!

37. Personalized Cutting Boards

Creating personalized kitchen items has been popularized over the past couple of years. The personalized cutting board is one of the most loved gifts for friends and family who loves to cook.

38. DIY Kitchen Towels

You can also start making and selling kitchen towels that are personalized to your clients' liking. Some of the unique items to have on the towels are quotes, pictures, and funny sayings.

39. Tiered Tray Signs

Tiered tray signs are other perfect crafts to sell. You can make seasonal signs or quote signs, and the good thing is that people are always updating their tiered tray decor, so they tend to sell extremely well.

40. Letterboard 3D Flowers

Paper is of of the best and easiest crafting mediums. First of using paper is affordable and always plentiful. Again, you can use different types, colors, and pattern papers. Plus, you can make letterboard flowers with cute quotes for different occasions, so you are guaranteed sales all year round.

41. Repurposed Windows

Repurposing some windows is another thing you may want to make and sell, especially if you are not farmhouse and rustic-style decor. These projects are simple to make and make great information pieces in homes. These projects only need vinyl or window cling and some transfer tape!

42. Iron-On Vinyl On Straw Bag

You can also purchase fancy bags and make them fancier using Iron-On Vinyl. The profitable Cricut business project takes a few minutes and is also very affordable to create. The best part is that you can use any material or bag.

43. Birth Stat Stuffed Animal

You can also make and sell personalized newborn baby gifts. For example, the birth stat stuffed animals are cheap and easy to make. The good thing is that you can create different projects under this category.

44. Watercolor And Vinyl Calligraphy

If you love calligraphy or the hand lettering craze, you would want to try making the watercolor and vinyl calligraphy. Like most crafts we have covered, this one is affordable and easy to do.

45. Monogrammed Pillows

You can make and sell monogrammed pillows using iron-on vinyl. These crafts are stylish and make them perfect for selling as home decor items.

46. Customized Lanyards

Make a set of customized lanyards to sell at sports events and other occasions. Again you can also target to sell the customized lanyards to businesses or corporations that require displaying badges, id cards or tickets.

47. Rustic Signs

Creating and designing rustic signs is another project that will make you good money. The rustic signs can be used as indoor and outdoor decor in homes, and they can also be used as decor for corporates. This way, you are guaranteed a larger market.

48. Happy Halloween Blocks

Your crafting business can also focus more on seasonal decors, like making happy Halloween blocks. No matter what Halloween looks like, people still love to decorate and celebrate. So making the happy blocks is one of the most loved Halloween decors.

49 . Picnic Blankets

If you want to make extra money selling Cricut crafts, you can design and make unique picnic blankets. You only need to use iron-on vinyl to create brilliant, fun and vibrant picnic blankets.

50. Car Stickers And Decals

Making car stickers using the Cricut machine is another amazing project that you go for. Cricut car decals are easy to make and can use any material that holds up well outdoors.

51. Sleep Masks

You can also make sleep masks and sell them to anyone looking to pamper someone they love. The masks are ideal for spa baskets, birthdays, holidays or even new moms.

52. Dog Bandana

If you love pets, you can make and sell dog bandanas. This craft is easy and fun to customize, and you can sell the bandanas to anyone looking to dress up their fur babies.

53. Cute Leather Hair Bows

Leather hair bows are other easy and fun crafts to make and sell with Cricut. You can use a full leather sheet with little waste for these beauties. The best bit is that you can make them affordable, sell and ship.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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