Best Orchid Potting Mix to Grow Healthy Orchids Easily

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Growing orchids can be an easy task, especially when you have the best orchid potting mix by your side. Part of using a potting medium is being able to adapt to the environment you are in. Although you may not always have access to a garden, you can still grow your beautiful babies.

The great orchid potting mixes that we'll look at today have great levels of air circulation and moisture, plenty of drainage, and more. You can also choose to blend your potting mix. However, avoid doing so if you don't know what to look out for yet. Instead, let's look at some of the best orchid potting mixes that will do you wonders.

1. All-Natural Orchid Potting Mix

All Natural Orchid Potting Mix 4qts. by Perfect Plants...
  • ???? ALL PURPOSE MIX — Made with Charcoal, Sponge Rock, Pine...
  • ???? ROOTS CAN CLIMB — Orchid Roots love to climb and expand,...
  • ???? AERATION — Mix does not compact or suffocate orchid roots
  • ???? DRAINAGE — Orchids do not require frequent waterings but...
  • ???? HEAVY DUTY, RE-SEALABLE BAG — Perfect for storage or later...

This best orchid potting mix from Perfect Plants contains natural elements such as pine bark, sponge rock, charcoal, coconut chips, and more. This mixture will give your plants the suitable environment they need to thrive. You will see your orchids grow fast and healthy as the roots expand and grow stronger.

The sponge rock is porous and ensures that your plants maintain their perfect pH levels. The charcoal element absorbs any impurities in the mix and filters bacteria from the roots. The coconut chips offer aeration and enhance the growth of the orchid roots. An advantage of using coconut chips is that they don't break down as easily as other chips.

Pine bark is essential in the orchid mix as it stores a lot of nutrients for the orchids. These nutrients are then easily absorbed by the roots of the orchid plants in the potting medium. Another great thing about pine barks is that they contain essential nutrients that the orchids need.

There's a reason why this All-Natural Orchid Potting Mix by Perfect Plant is very popular. It is perfect for Phalaenopsis of all kinds and contains all the nutrients above hand mixed in small batches. So if you're not sure which mix to start with, you can choose this one.


  • Gives your roots proper aeration
  • Allows the roots to stretch to their highest potential
  • No need for extra supplements
  • Offers great drainage
  • Great customer service
  • Great for beginners


  • Some barks may be too chunky

2. Sun Bulb 50000 Better Gro Special Orchid Mix

Sun Bulb 50000 Better Gro Special Orchid Mix, 4-Quart
  • Multi purpose potting mixture for growing Cattleyas,...
  • A Dynamic combination of western fir bark, hardwood charcoal and...
  • Promotes healthy, strong growth by providing superior drainage,...
  • Contains 4 quarts

This best orchid potting mix contains hardwood charcoal, western fir bark, sponge rock, and more. This multi-purpose mix is great for all epiphytic orchids, and you can use it if you are an orchid hobbyist or a professional grower.

A team of highly skilled orchid growers is responsible for these amazing orchid potting mixes. You will get healthy and long-lasting orchids with this mix in your potting medium. Nutrition, drainage, and retained moisture have all been considered when creating this masterful piece of art.

The perlite and charcoal are responsible for the good drainage that your roots will enjoy. A drawback with this mix is that it is unsuitable for younger orchids because of the large particles. Nonetheless, if you want to repot your mature orchids, this will be the perfect mix.

Avoid leaving this mix with too much water to avoid getting mold in the potting media. You can also use this mix for other succulents.


  • Great for all epiphytic orchid flowers
  • Expertly designed by specialists to give you the best experience
  • Has great drainage
  • Perfect for repotting
  • Suitable for succulents


  • Unsuitable for young orchids
  • Can heat up fast in hot climates

3. SuperMoss Orchid Sphagnum Moss Dried

SuperMoss (22330) Orchid Sphagnum Moss Dried, Natural,...
  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Holds 10x its weight in water and can be used to amend tropical...
  • Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles
  • Ideal for planting orchids and succulents!
  • 5 Star Quality - Long Fibers

When it comes to orchid care, you want to get the best for your plants. You want your babies to feel like they are in their natural habitat. Whether you want a mix that retains moisture or one that has just the right amount of nutrients, you always want the best for your orchids.

This SuperMoss Orchid Sphagnum Moss gives your orchids premium quality treatment. The long fiber moss gives your potting mixes great water retention. The best thing about this potting mix, other than the amazing fir bark, is the ability to store water up to 18x its weight.

You can use a soil conditioner for epiphytic and phalaenopsis orchids before using this potting mix. If you love using hanging baskets for your window and house plants, this mix is for you. You can comfortably put it in your potting medium and expect good results.

As an orchid grower, you will love that the Sphagnum gives your plants the water it needs when it needs it. Your roots can also take up the water they need and the nutrients they need in the orchid potting media. You can also choose to use this mix as a great soil conditioner or top layer.


  • You can purchase in bulk quantities
  • Great as a soil conditioner
  • Very long-lasting
  • Free from dust and small particles that can be a nuisance
  • Great for planting orchids and succulents


  • The weight of bale may be lighter than stated

4. rePotme Phalaenopsis Orchid Potting Mixes

rePotme Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid...
  • ✔ Comes in a High-Quality Resealable Pouch for Future Use – 2...
  • ???? Excellent Phalaenopsis Orchid Mix - Drains Well, Protecting...
  • ???? Made Fresh Every Day in Small Handcrafted Batches from the...
  • ???? Makes a Perfect Gift for the Orchid Grower in Your Life
  • ???? A Brand You Can Trust. Our Mixes are Used by Some of the...

This Moth orchid is also known as Phalaenopsis and is one of the most common orchids. If you have this type, you may benefit greatly from using this mix in your potting medium. These types of orchids are some of the easiest to grow at home. If you are starting as a grower or joining the club of orchid hobbyists, this mix is a great option.

A characteristic of these orchids is that they like to be wet. Therefore, the right potting mix can absorb water. However, it shouldn't be wet. This specific potting mix is darker than most others on this list because of the Orchiata Monterey bark.

Although fir bark is a great ingredient, this potting mix has more moss because this is what agrees with this specific orchid. The grade of fluffy moss used in these mixes is superior and mixed with the Orchiata bark to enhance drainage and airflow.

You'll be able to see the ingredients that are in the resealable bag once you purchase it. In addition, you won't have to worry about larvae or bugs because these products are thoroughly inspected before being shipped out.


  • Allows you to repot without soaking
  • Great for Doritaenopsis, Doritis, and Sedirea orchid types
  • Holds the perfect amount of water
  • Comes in various sizes for convenience
  • High quality
  • Great for growers who overwater


  • Unsuitable for other orchids that need more moisture
  • Not great for drier climates

5. Besgrow Organic all Natural Wood Bark for Phalaenopsis

Besgrow Organic all Natural Wood Bark Perfect for...
  • Superior Quality Orchid Bark - pH balanced to eliminate the...
  • Protects Against Harmful Pathogens - Contains beneficial...
  • Minimal Upkeep - Does not accumulate salts reducing the need for...
  • Processed Better - Aged, not composted, allowing water and...
  • Solid Pieces - Does not break down minimizing the need for...

Orchiata is one of the most sustainable growing mediums produced from the finest 100% pure New Zealand Pinus radiate bark. This bark is sourced from renewable and man-made forests. You can use this Orchiata directly from the bag without having to add anything else. Many growers use this potting mix because of the variety of benefits they experience.

Some of these benefits include a balanced pH and the fact that there's no need for flushing. This bark in the potting mix also doesn't break down, making it perfect for you if you hate the idea of repotting. Finally, unlike fir bark, where you have to soak the mix before using, this potting mix comes ready to use in your potting media.

This impressive potting mix has beneficial microorganisms that protect your orchid against common pathogens. You can get this potting mix in various sizes that suit your lifestyle best. Whether you're using clay pots or other types of pots, you'll be glad you chose this mix. If you have mature orchid plants, this mix is a great option.


  • Great for mature and large orchid plants
  • Very sustainable
  • Low chances of overwatering
  • Doesn't require soaking
  • You don't need to repot
  • More stable than fir bark
  • Does not accumulate salts, reducing the need for flushing


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Unsuitable for mixing with other materials

What Are the Best Potting Mix Materials For Phalaenopsis Orchids?

Although many orchids don't need any special requirements, tropical orchids require some special treatment like more aeration to the roots. So first, we'll look at a few potting mix materials, such as tree fern and charcoal, that are right for growing cymbidiums and paphiopedilum.

Some essential materials to your orchids' health and strength include tree fern, perlite, fire bark, coconut husk, sphagnum moss, charcoal, and coal.

1. New Zeland sphagnum Moss

If you have orchids that are used to drying up, the Sphagnum moss is for you. For example, the moth orchid needs more moisture than most. Therefore, getting a mix with this material will be good for you. Our third pick is a great example that you can get for your orchids.

Ensure that you don't use this material on orchids that don't like an acidic pH. Nonetheless, many orchid types grow very well on this moss that is combined with other potting mixes. You can also use this material as a top layer in your mixes.

2. Coconut Husk

If your orchids require extra moisture, this material is essential to have in your own potting mix. Coconut husks cold water for a long time and provides great aeration to the plant roots. A point to note is that you should soak the husks in water to remove any salts that they may have.

The drawback of using coconut husks is that they're not suitable for water drainage. Put them at the bottom of your mix and combine them with another material that has great drainage. Pebbles and packing peanuts are some materials that you can combine with these husks.

3. Fire Bark

We've mentioned fire bark a lot while looking at our products above. This is because it is omnipresent in many potting mixes. However, for orchids that rely on lots of moisture, use pine bark chips. The advantage, of course, barks is that they allow for better aeration to the roots.

Another advantage of fire bark is that it has excellent drainage. This drainage allows your orchids to grow faster without the need to repot.

4. Charcoal

Charcoal has a very long life and is 100% organic. The drawback of using it is that it is not water-retentive. Nonetheless, you can mix it with other materials to balance this out. When it is a major element, the mix becomes great for outdoor growing.

If you live in a humid climate, using charcoal is a good idea. You can get a finer mix, medium, or large pieces. You can also use charcoal to maintain the pH you want. This material filters impurities and leaves only the nutrients that your orchids need.

5. Cinder

Cinder is great for the growth of your plant's roots. Course cinder is mostly used, and you can mix it up with other materials such as coconut husk chips and lava rock.

6. Perlite

If you have orchids that love water, use perlite as a material. The best orchid potting mix that has perlite has major water retention. Water retention is one of the only things that perlite gets right. Therefore, ensure that you mix it up with other materials to get a healthy mix.

7. Lava Rocks

If your goal is to get proper drainage, get the best orchid potting mix with lava rocks. This material prevents root rot and keeps your fresh mix healthy. You won't have to worry about root decay. The drawback is that they can be heavy and store very little water.

Depending on what you want, you'll get them in various sizes. If you're making your own mix, consider getting the larger ones as they have bigger air pockets. Another cool feature of this rock is that it gets cooler as the environment gets cooler.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should orchid roots be exposed?

Yes. It would help if you avoided forcefully covering the roots as this may lead to root rot. Good aeration is necessary for orchid roots. Also, avoid removing the roots as this can harm the plant.

2. What does an overwatered orchid look like?

An overwatered orchid may have soft and withered leaves. If you see that the leaves of your orchids are sloppy, your plant may be suffering from root rot. 


Using the best orchid potting mix is crucial for growing healthy orchids easily. Orchids have specific needs, such as good drainage, proper aeration, and the right amount of moisture. Choosing the right potting mix can help provide these needs and promote healthy growth. Additionally, for those looking to buy orchids online, there are many options for online orchid delivery, allowing for convenient access to a variety of orchids. By combining the best potting mix with high-quality orchids, anyone can enjoy the beauty of these stunning flowers in their own home.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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