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8 Porch Light Color Meaning: A Detailed Breakdown

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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As you stroll through suburban neighborhoods at night, you often see pale yellow illumination on porches. Once in a while, however, you may come across different pigments whose significance eludes you. If you are curious to find out the porch color meaning of the different luminosities used, we have you covered.

What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Pxhere.com

You can show your support and appreciation for the brave men and women in blue by using the same color for your porch lights. In addition, blue porch lights can show that you honor their service and their families.

Moreover, the official color for autism awareness is blue. Therefore, during April, you can show your advocacy for ensuring that people living with the disorder get a chance to experience a full life. Blue porch lights can help you capture those sentiments and draw attention to the cause within your community.

What Does a Purple Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Pxhere.com

Before the late 1800s, owning purple-colored garments or ornaments was reserved for the wealthy because it was pretty tricky to obtain the dye. However, when a cheaper and more efficient way of creating it came along, more people had access to it, and the color became popular.

These days, organizations focused on domestic violence issues use purple to generate attention for their cause. If neighbors support the campaign, they will have purple porch lights to signify their stand on the matter.

Consequently, October has been designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and it is the time of year when proponents use a purple porch light to show solidarity. Specifically, the third Thursday of the month is when you can expect to see instances of the lights illuminating the culdesac at night.

Away from the US, people in the UK have a different meaning for having purple porch lights. In the country, especially during March, people raise awareness for epilepsy using the color. It shows support for those fighting and dealing with the disease.

Furthermore, you can utilize your purple porch light by decorating the area with complementary colors. After all, it is a fantastic opportunity to express yourself.

What Does a Pink Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Flickr.com

Pink porch light colors typically add flavor to your outdoor space and garden at night. After all, the color tends to bring a soothing feel. Likewise, the combination of white and red is comforting and can spark positivity and optimism.

Nevertheless, pink porch light colors represent support for the Breast Cancer Awareness month of October. Typically, you will see enthusiasts with a pink ribbon lapel pin. However, some people take it a step further and use pink porch lights to spark interest in the cause in their communities.

What Does a Green Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Pxhere.com

The meaning of green porch lights depends on the time of year you see them outside. If it falls in March, your neighbors are likely celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Although native to the Irish culture, Christians worldwide can mark the occasion as it coincides with Lent.

In May, the green porch light is used to spread awareness of Lyme disease. So, whether you are pushing a fundraising cause or want your community to learn about the tick-borne illness, green lights on your porch are a fantastic place to start.

A green light can also signify hope, health, and renewal. People use the color for porch lights in November to celebrate Veteran's Day. In addition, green porch light colors can be a conversation starter to get your neighbors to think about veterans and their service to the community.

What Does a Red Porch Light Mean?

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The color red has numerous connotations in popular culture. For instance, it conveys love, danger, or caution. As such, you are sure to see porch lights of the color during February as it goes hand in hand with Valentine's day. Plus, you can take it a step further and embolden the space with other design considerations that go with your red porch light.

On the other hand, February is also heart health awareness month. Thus, some people use a red porch light to signify their support for the campaign. Additionally, you can see red porch lights during Halloween in October as it adds an ominous vibe to your scary decorations.

What Does a Blinking Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Flickr.com

According to the outdoors manual, blinking lights can indicate a cry for help, especially if it coincides with the Morse Code for "SOS." Ideally, you should look for three rapid flickers, followed by three slow ones, then three quick ones at the end.

Hence, you should not start calling the police unless you can identify the pattern. After all, the blinking porch light could merely be a faulty switch or electrical circuitry.

What Does a Yellow Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Flickr.com

During the summer, having lit porches is a sure way to bring an army of bugs to ruin your lounging outside. However, different colored lights can attract insects at dissimilar rates. For instance, warm lights are less attractive, while incandescent bulbs seem to announce a party for the bugs to attend.

Therefore, a yellow porch light means your neighbors may be trying to overcome an insect infestation. After all, the warm light source is pretty difficult for bugs to identify where it is coming from. Hence, they cannot flock to it and hijack your porch.

What Does an Orange Porch Light Mean?

Image Source: Pxhere.com

The combination of yellow and red makes the orange color pretty distinct. Additionally, it conveys optimism and extroversion as the color of the carefree and friendly.

Similarly, you can use orange porch lights in October to commemorate the Halloween festivities. Also, you can usher in the Fall season with an orange porch light.

On a somber note, the 2017 murders in Delphi, Indiana, pushed the community to call for justice through the "light up Delphi" campaign. To this day, residents of Delphi pay tribute to the victims of the gruesome crime by using orange porch lights during the anniversary of the incident.


The porch light color meanings are varied depending on the message you want to portray to your neighbors. You can peruse through awareness days and choose a specific color that matches your stance on various issues.

Whether it is blue lights for the Alopecia Areata campaign or pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, you are free to express yourself through different colored porch lights. After all, they are a less invasive and in-your-face way of showing support for illnesses and other societal issues.

Featured Image Source: Flickr.com

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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