How to Choose Summer Wreaths for Front Door Ideas

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Coming up with summer wreaths for front door ideas can be difficult. But, when it comes down to making a choice, we have you covered with the best ideas you can find anywhere. So, here are ideas for the summer wreath you want hanging at your front door when summer comes knocking.

How to Choose a Wreath for Summer

While we could go ahead and tell you the exact summer wreaths you should go for, it is better to help you customize a wreath that will fit your space better. When it comes to design, having a personalized look when making a wreath is the best way to go. Here are some ideas to help you choose the best summer wreath décor for your door.

1. Color Scheme

Summer is here, and you want colors that match the mood in the air. Before you walk into the summer wreath depot, you already have an idea of what you would want the wreath to look like. However, you want to be intentional with the colors. The summer door wreath is just as important as the welcome rug. It sets the tone of the mood you want your guests to have.

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The color scheme will depend on your taste, but more importantly, on the design of your house. For example, you may like the orange color, but matching it with red might not be the best idea unless you have the know-how.

Summer wreaths allow you to try tonal dressing and color matching. If you have a colorful exterior and door, you can pull off a stunning wreath being bold and experimental.

2. How Much is Too Much?

It is summer and nothing is too much because we have waited too long for it. So it is time to go all out. Summer wreaths in summer need to signify abundance, and that starts right from the front door. A beautiful wreath needs to be in a place of abundance to bring out the life and energy that the summer brings.

You can let the wreath be the center of attention, but you can support it with other plants and flowers at the front door. This is your chance to get flowerbed ideas to have right in front of your door.

3. Faux Wreath

Summer brings with it a lot of activities, and you might not keep up with changing the summer wreaths once the flowers start dying out. However, if you want to have the wreath on your front door all summer long, then going for a faux wreath is a good idea.

Faux wreaths do not die out, and keep the fresh look for as long as you can have them. The good thing about faux wreaths is that you can keep them for the next season. In addition, a faux wreath is more affordable and great for anyone on a budget. There is so much to do during the summer, and you want to spend your money wisely.

The faux wreath is probably the cheapest way to improve your curb appeal this summer.

4. Double Door

If your front door is a double door, yes, it is okay to have two wreaths hanging side by side. This is an elegant look that adds to the abundance and appeal of the door. However, with flowers, it can never be too much. You can create a balanced look by buying two wreaths of the same kind.

If you want to create balance, you need to use flowers of the same kind. If you hang different wreaths, it might be a bit harder to achieve balance, which is what you are going for at the end of the day.

The double door is fun to work with when it comes to wreaths.

5. Contrast

The reason why flowers look good is how well they contrast with the leaves. For example, do you have a blue door? Look for the yellow flowers to match it. The contrast will ensure the wreath is the first thing anyone sees when they approach your door. Contrast is easy to achieve if you know the color wheel.

Choose colors opposite to each other on the wheel, and you will achieve contrast.

6. Minimalist

The minimalist theme is not restricted to winter only. For example, if you have a black door, you can choose a simple white tulip design to match it. In addition, there are many white flowers you can experiment with to bring out the simple look you are going for.

Minimalism does not mean black and white. It simply means pulling off a simple combination with at most three colors. For example, I know your door has one color. So that is a place to start. Then, using the color wheel above, you can choose which colors match your door.

Flowers match beautifully with pastel colors. Pastel colors are so satisfying and relaxing.

7. Oversized Wreaths

Wreaths with oversized flowers and leaves bring the true vibe of the summer mood. Large pink flowers with large leaves bring a calming feeling before anyone enters the house. Oversized wreaths are the real deal when bringing out the bright and vibrant energy you hope to have all summer long.

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You can be as experimental as you want with these wreaths. This is your chance to wrap any flowers you find on the grapevine wreath, and it will still be a perfect way to make some magic at your front door. The grapevine wreath is the perfect wreath to hold the different flowers you have in mind because of how easily you can achieve the circular shape with it.

8. What of Other Doors

Having a wreath at the front door is a perfect way to make your guests feel welcome to the house. But, carrying the energy into the house is the next thing you want to go for. Wreaths on other doors in the house will keep the energy consistent throughout the house. You want the sweet visual stimulation to flow right through the door.

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Furthermore, one said that wreaths have to be round. You can experiment with the heart shape, square, or oval. The oval wreath will look good because the elongated look compliments the door shape.

Flower Choice

What flowers will make a beautiful wreath? There are popular flowers you can choose from for your summer wreath. Here are some examples.

a) Lavender Wreath

The lavender wreath is arguably the most common of all summer wreath choices. If you have seen a lavender field before, you would understand why it is a favorite summer wreath. The lavender wreath is not too imposing; you can count on the flowers to stay put for a long time.

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The cool thing about the wreath is that you can mix it with other flowers to brighten the look or have lavenders exclusively and still achieve a perfect look. A wreath created with a collection of flowers will never be boring, and the lavender wreath gives you the chance to create the perfect combination.

b) Tulips

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Tulips will give you the most beautiful wreath you can find anywhere. Tulips are a special breed and you bringing them to your front door is the best idea. If you are going for the minimal look, the tulips have enough elegance to pull it off. The best way to use tulips is to have one color at a go unless you are mixing them up with other flowers.

c) Dried Flowers

Dried flowers allow you to mix up different flowers and have an explosion of life on your wreath. Unfortunately, not everyone has a family-owned farm where they can walk freely and pick wildflowers. Luckily, you can find these wreaths in stores. However, now is the best time to buy wildflower seeds to plant and have them permanently in your backyard.

The dried flowers give a sense of mystery and wonder, which is what most people look forward to during the summer. Ever wondered why most people travel to new places during summer? It is an instinct to satisfy the mystery that the season brings.

You can have the following flowers on your dried flowers wreath;

  • Orange safflower
  • Lemon mint
  • Globe amaranth
  • Green wheat
  • China millet etc.

Other Flowers

There are thousands of flower species, and it might be impossible to discuss them in one article. However, we would love to discuss all the flowers because they are our joy. Examples like the faux eucalyptus wreath or the sunflower wreath add life to your home to match the season outside.

Flowerless Wreath

The summer is simply about the abundance of life, and there are more ways to represent that aside from flowers. You can find wreaths not made of flowers that can still look great on your front door. If you have a beach house, you may want to keep the ocean-based theme and the energy. You can try out many other themes, and you will like them. Here are a few examples.

i) Seashells

Wreaths made out of seashells are magical. The wreaths have a calm feeling that you get when walking on the beach. People love picking flowers because it connects you with nature and your inner self. But, do you know what else people love picking? Seashells.

ii) Ribbon and the Flag

You can have a minimalist wreath if you are not into flowers. Tying ribbons on the wreath give it a personalized feel that can stay all year long. These kinds of crafts are perfect for areas where flowers are rare.

iii) Yes, fruits.

Apples, peaches, berries and more can make the best wreaths. You do not have to search too far for fruits. They are right in your kitchen. The holidays are here, and you have to help kick up the appetite right from the door.

You can use faux fruits to avoid wastage and still maintain the style that suits your mood most.

iv) Plain Leaves Wreath

Plain leaves make all-year-long wreaths and fit with every season. These wreaths form the base you can use to lay other components like flowers, ribbons or fruits. You can combine these wreaths with other features like windchimes for a calming and homely feeling.

Final Take

Wreaths are the freshest way to welcome the new season. You have to get yourself one using the thousands of ideas available for you to explore. Whether it's party time or intimate family and partner time, wreaths will never disappoint you.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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