Where Does Putin Live?

Where Does Putin Live? The Homes of the Russian President

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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The curiosity about the domicile of the leader of the world's largest country is an expected instance. The intriguing part about the query, "Where does Putin live?" is that it's not met with a singular answer.

Nonetheless, we've got you covered whether you’re looking to visit Russia, want some extra information on the nation’s leader, or are just curious about Putin’s real estate tastes. 

We’ll look at Putin’s several homes and why they stand out in their own way. Although some of his residences have some controversy, you'll be fascinated by their architecture and story.

Let’s begin. 

Vladimir Putin’s Homes

1. Putin’s Palace

Image Source: houseandgarden.co.uk

Putin's Palace is one of the most controversial of all of the residences owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This luxurious palace is built off the Black Sea within Putin's estate. The entire estate is said to sit on land that is 39 times the size of Monaco.

Italy’s Lanfranco Cirillo designed Putin’s Palace. Although there are many great architects worldwide, this is the go-to architect for Russia’s elite. 

This Italian-style mansion is three times bigger than the White House and houses 11 bedrooms and other cool features.

Some notable features of Putin's Palace include a helipad, teahouse, amphitheater, vineyard, and casino. Although none of these features are confirmed to be part of the estate, we got a pretty good idea of what this massive estate houses from the viral video published by Alexi Navalny.

Given its luxurious nature and the amount of land it sits on, it is no surprise that this home is worth over $1 billion. However, it is worth noting that Russian Putin has denied owning the palace.

The ornate living room comes complete with gold furnishings, as shown in the image below.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

To say that the house drips with luxury would be an understatement. The elegant dining room is designed to entertain heads of state with its abundance of seating areas and luxurious design.

Here's a snippet of the dining room.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

This seaside palace easily takes its place as one of the most expensive palaces in the world. Construction work began in 2005, and the palace has undergone major renovations since then. The main cause of the renovations has been an ongoing mold infestation.

Nonetheless, this home to Russian President Vladimir Putin stands strong and boasts many incredible features. For example, the ornate reading room was inspired by the Kremlin's Georgievsky Hall.

Notable Features and Rooms

Here are some features and rooms worth noting.

a) Incredible Design

The design of this home to the Russian President Vladimir Putin boasts of high ceilings, polished marble flooring, and classical-style frescos. There's even a beautifully carved wooden fireplace that will leave you in awe.

b) Unparalleled Craftmanship

The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is also unparalleled and shines through the incredible plasterwork and well-done walls and ceilings.

Image Source: navalny.com

The Bas-relief sculpture of Poseidon and the Grecian-style busts would leave anyone in awe. This palace is definitely fit for the president of Russia.

c) Dining Room

Russian President Vladimir Putin spares no expense in impressing his dinner guests. The dining room of this palace is elegant and flashy, with an abundance of gold leaf designs.

The chairs are arranged in a P-formation, and the style of the flamboyant furniture is inspired by Louis XIV. Louis the Great is one of Vladimir Putin's favorite people.

d) Lounge

The lounge is also adorned with similar gold leaf designs found in the dining room. This place allows Russian President Vladimir Putin to relax and chill.

In addition to the beautiful gold leaf designs, this lounge has a stunning golden chandelier that acts as the centerpiece of an incredibly beautiful ceiling.

e) Indoor Pool

Would Vladimir Putin's home really be complete without an indoor pool? We think not.

This pool is covered in wall-to-wall marble that would be the envy of anyone with an eye for good things. Everything about this place screams posh.

The imposing columns and luxurious tiling also add to the whole vibe. You can almost imagine the Russian president walking here for a morning swim before running his country.

f) Presidential Office

Although this is not Putin's official residence, this home would not be complete without a presidential office.

This presidential office houses a beautiful marble fireplace and an intimidating T-shaped desk that screams business.

g) Byzantine-Style Church

Although this estate has other amenities, including an ice hockey rink, helipads, restaurants, and more, the church stands out with its incredible design.

Although this unique church was constructed at the same time as the rest of the buildings on the estate, this Byzantine-style Russian Orthodox church looks like it's been here for centuries. This is mainly due to its traditional design.

Image Source: navalny.com

Although there have been many controversies surrounding this home, we can't deny that it is a masterpiece. It speaks to Vladimir Putin's personality and gives us a sneak peek into the man and leader he is.

Now that we've covered the main attraction when it comes to the homes of president Vladimir Putin let's look at some of his other residences.

2. Novo-Ogaryovo - Moscow Region 

Image Source: rbth.com

Of all his apparent residences, this is the one that Russian President Vladimir Putin calls home.

Novo-Ogaryovo is Putin's official residence and is located in the western part of the Moscow region. It is near the capital, which is great for convenience's sake.

Although he doesn't personally own it, this home became the official residence of Vladimir Putin in 2000 and has remained so ever since.

Image Source: rferl.org

Putin chose this estate as his residence in 2008 when he left office. The main house of this great estate was built in the 19th century by order of the Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich.

The Grand Duke was the brother of Emporer Alexander III.

One notable thing about this official residence of the president of Russia is that it is not open to the public. This starkly contrasts with the American White House, which is open to the public.

3. The Grand Kremlin Palace

Where Does Putin Live?

Image Source: mywowo.net

The Moscow Kremlin was built in the 15th century and is known for its crenelated red brick wall and impressive 20 towers. 19 of these towers have spires.

The Grand Kremlin Palace was the official residence of the Supreme Power back in the 13th century. During this time, it was the center of the spiritual and temporal life of the state.

It's no surprise that the Grand Kremlin Palace has so much history, given that it has been around for centuries. Since 1991, this Kremlin Palace has served as the official residence of the president of Russia.

Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow

Image Source: cinnamoncircle.com

The Russian Federation's office is located in the Kremlin Senate. The Kremlin Senate is is a historic building that was built by order of Catherine the Great. This was between the years 1776-1787.

So, where does Putin's residence stand within the walls of this great palace? Vladimir Putin's office is located in the center of the building's North wing. Again unlike the White House, Putin's office is rectangular in shape.

The design of Putin's office is noteworthy, with 2 huge chandeliers acting as a centerpiece of a beautiful and ornate ceiling. This office is also inlaid with oak panels. Putin doesn't live here but can pop in whenever he wants.

4. Konstantin Palace - St. Petersburg

Image Source: mostpetersburg.com

Here's another one of Putin's palaces that is a sight to behold.

The Konstantin Palace is located on the Gulf of Finland and is 20 kilometers from the center of St. Petersburg. An interesting fact about this palace is that it was formally the home to the Romanov Family.

Image Source: asergeev.com

Unfortunately, it was severely damaged during World War II. However, fortunately for Putin, the restoration process began in 2000.

Although it is one of Putin's residences, the Russian President only uses it for state events. For example, the Konstantin Palace was the venue for the G-8 Summit in 2006 and the G-20 Summit in 2013.

5. Bocharov Ruchey - Sochi

Image Source: rbth.com

This is Putin's official summer residence.

It is located in the impressive Tsentralny City District of Sochi and is apparently the only dacha on the Black Sea. A dacha is a cottage or country house in Russia.

Vladimir Putin often uses this residence as a holiday home.

6. Akademika Zelinskogo Street, 6 - Moscow

Image Source: rbth.com

This is Putin's government-leased apartment. Boasting a size of 153.7 square meters, this apparent was allocated to him while he was the Prime Minister of Russia.

This was back in the 1990s, but he continues to keep it as one of his residences.

7. Valdai Residence - Novgorod Region

Image Source: world-today-news.com

This Putin residence is located in the Novgorod Region of Russia and goes by other names. Some of these names include Dolgiye Borody, Valdai, and Uzhyn.

Putin inherited the right to use this house when he inherited the reigns of the Russian kingdom. This home was completed in the 1980s and serves as another summer home for Putin.

8. Yantar’ - Kaliningrad

Image Source: rbth.com

Finally, we have this presidential residence that was built on the spot where Otto von Bismarck (the first Chancellor of the German Empire) had his palace.

This residence was completed in 2011 and was first opened by the then president of Russia - Dmitri Medvedev.

Take Away

Unlike many of our features on celebrity homes, this piece is slightly different because we're dealing with a president. This means that he does not own some of the homes we've featured here. Nonetheless, we hope you got a glimpse of Russia's president's architectural tastes.

If you truly want to know what Putin likes regarding architecture and real estate, focus on our first home - Putin's Palace.

Although there are several allegations that this home was part of a corruption scheme, and Putin's been quoted saying that he doesn't own the home, it is the best shot at getting into the mind of Russia's president when it comes to architecture and design.

Let us know which home you found most interesting. You may also want to know where the 45th President of the US, Donald Trump, lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Putin’s House

Image Source: feego.in

1. Does Putin have a house on the Black Sea?

Putin has two homes on the Black Sea. The first and most notable one is Putin's Palace which is on the seaside of the Black Sea. The other is the Bocharov Ruchey, a dacha found on the Black Sea. In fact, the latter is the only dacha on the Black Sea in Russia.

Nonetheless, the most common answer to this question is often Putin's Palace, known to many as Putin's home.

Putin's Palace sits on an estate that is said to be 39 times the size of Monaco. The construction process for this home began in 2005, but it has experienced several reconstruction phases due to a mold problem.

If you are struggling with the same problem, check out our article on how to remove mold from carpets for some important tips.

Some notable features that make Putin's Palace incredible include an amphitheater, vineyard, helipads, indoor pool, Byzantine-style church, an underground ice hockey rig, and more.

2. Where is the residence of the Russian president?

The official residence of the Russian president is the Grand Kremlin Palace. This is where official events are healed, and the president's office is located in the Kremlin Senate.

Putin's office is located in the center of the North wing of the Kremlin Senate building.

However, the Grand Kremlin Palace is not Putin's official home, although he can stay there whenever he wants to. His official residence is the Novo-Ogaryovo, located in the Moscow region.

Featured Image Source: wallpaperbetter.com

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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