Best Free-Standing Hammock

Best Free-Standing Hammock for Flexible Relaxation

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Brenda Nyawara

Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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A hammock with a hammock stand offers you immense flexibility because you can use it wherever you are.

The portability is what gives it an upper hand over a typical hammock. But, with so many options in the market, how do you know which one is the best?

This is where we come in.

We've done the research on your behalf and tested various hammocks with stands to get you the best one. We looked at various factors such as comfort, style, stability, durability, and portability.

We'll look at these factors in more detail later on in the article for better understanding. All in all, you can trust that we've done our due diligence to give you the best advice.

Let's get started!

Best Free-Standing Hammocks

1. Vivere Double Cotton Hammock

Vivere Double Cotton Hammock with Space Saving Steel...
  • Vivere combo, the double hammock with stand and carry bag is our...
  • The hammock stand is constructed of heavy duty Steel and...
  • Vivere hammocks have pure polyester end strings that will last...
  • The larger of our Brazilian hammock combos is great for sharing a...
  • Stunning colors make this hammock the highlight of the yard

There is absolutely no debate in our minds that this is the best free-standing hammock on the market. We found the Vivere double cotton hammock to be stylish, attractive, durable, stable, easy to adjust and can handle a max weight of 450 lbs, among other things.

We like the convenience that comes with the carrying bag. And although the carrying bag is a consistent feature in all our picks, it's still worth mentioning with this one.

Image Source:

We also liked how big this hammock with stand is. The bed is 87 inches long, and the hammock stand is made of high-quality, heavy-duty metal. This makes it stable and reliable.

This hammock is great for reading, sleeping, and relaxing on a sunny afternoon. But, don't take our word for it. Try it out and tell us how that goes.


  • Stylish and attractive
  • 87-inches long for more room
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Easy to adjust
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • The hammock is made of heavy and durable fabric


  • It can feel too large, especially if you're using it alone

2. Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Hammock

Best Choice Products 2-Person Double Hammock with Stand...
  • BRAZILIAN GATHERED-END STYLE: Built to distribute your weight in...
  • BUILT FOR 2: High 450-pound weight capacity easily accommodates...
  • HEAVY-DUTY STAND: Tempered steel frame assembles easily and...
  • ULTIMATE GIFT: Whether it's friends or family, this hammock is a...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Weather-resistant hammock is made from a tightly...

This second pick definitely gave number 1 a run for its money. We found that it has most of the cool features of the Vivere double cotton hammock, including a carrying bag, cotton hammock, and a durable stand.

We love that this hammock with stand is comfortable, warm, and tight-knit. We also had zero problems assembling it because of how easy it is to put together. The capacity of this double hammock is 450 lbs which is great for two people.

However, the one thing that stood out to us is how comfortable this hammock with stand is. It feels like a soft cocoon. Therefore, if comfort is key for you and you want to snuggle outdoors as you relax, we recommend this pick.

Image Source:

When it comes to drawbacks, we only noticed two. One is that this hammock is on the heavier side at 30 pounds. The other is that you'll need to take it away from the elements to preserve it.

Therefore, ensure that you put it back inside whenever it starts raining or snowing. Nonetheless, you can easily clean it with soap and water every few months.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The hammock is made of 100% woven cotton
  • Can hold 450 lbs


  • Heavy at 30 pounds

3. Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock

Lazy Daze Hammocks Double Hammock with 9FT Space Saving...
  • Hammock is made of durable canvas for years of worry free...
  • Designed to support up to 450lbs, the stand is made with heavy...
  • The 84 x 59 inches bed area is designed to provide plenty of room...
  • Breaking down into 5 pieces easily and quickly, the hammock can...
  • Comes with a free carry bag for easy transportation for camping.

Our third pick is this hammock with stand that comes in 24 colors. We liked that we could choose any color we liked to match our decor.

You'll also like the fact that this hammock is weather-resistant and can handle a max capacity of 450 lbs. Use the 6 hook positions to adjust the height.

We found that we enjoyed more height when seated and less when we wanted to nap. Feel free to test it out and discover what works for you.

Image Source:

You won't need tools to assemble this hammock with stand, making it great for carrying on trips. The one notable drawback we found is that this hammock doesn't come with a warranty.

Therefore, if this is a deal breaker for you, consider another option.


  • Comes in 24 different colors
  • Weather-resistant
  • You don't need tools to assemble
  • Adjustable height


  • Doesn't come with a warranty

4. Sorbus Hammock with Stand

Sorbus® Hammock with Stand & Spreader Bars and...
  • HAMMOCK WITH STAND (GREEN/BLUE) — Find comfort with a hammock...
  • LOUNGE & RELAX — Great addition to garden, patio, yard and more...
  • STURDY & STYLISH — Safe, stable, and secure — Sturdy base...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE — Lounge anywhere — Portable hammock bed...
  • DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS —Vibrant stripe pattern — Hammock made...

What makes the Sorbus hammock special?

The features we love most about this hammock are that it is easy to set up, the stand is rust-resistant, has a max capacity of 450 lbs, and has a powder-coated steel construction.

You also won't have to worry about easily toppling over because of how safe and secure the hammock is. We especially liked how this hammock makes you feel cozy, making it the perfect resting spot when you want to chill outdoors.

Image Source:

However, speaking of the outdoors, we didn't like the fact that this hammock only works best on flat surfaces. This means that you risk toppling over if you don't place it on a flat surface.

Therefore, ensure that the ground is always flat unless you're planning to use this hammock indoors or on the porch.


  • Adjustable height
  • Comfortable and cozy
  • Has a powder-coated steel construction
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Easy to set up
  • Rust-resistant


  • Only works well on flat surfaces

5. SUNCREAT 55 Inch Extra Large Double Hammock

SUNCREAT 55 Inch Extra Large Double Hammock with Stand,...
  • Comfortable and Non-fading: Two-layer 100% quilted polyester...
  • Hardwood Spreader Bar: 55 inch hardwood spreader bars are more...
  • Handcrafted Ropes: The heavy duty cotton ropes are hand-woven...
  • Extra Large Size: Overall dimension: 146” (L) x 55.1” (W) x...
  • Freestanding Hammock with Portable Stand: No damage to trees....

We found this hammock with stand to be stylish and stable. In addition to the fact that it's extra large, you'll also like the fact that his hammock is non-fading. This means that you can use it during the sunny weather without worrying about the colors fading.

We found this one to be exceptionally good for camping and other outdoor activities out of most of the hammocks we reviewed. The polyethylene-stuffed pillow also adds to its comfort.

If you like things made by hand, you'll like the handcrafted heavy-duty cotton ropes that bring this hammock with stand to life. We also liked the option of having this hammock in 24 different colors.

Image Source:

The downside we noticed is that this hammock can easily topple over in the presence of strong winds. Therefore, although it's a great option for the outdoors, ensure that you're not using it during strong windy sessions.


  • Comes in 24 different colors
  • Made of handcrafted heavy-duty cotton ropes
  • Comes with an extra-large pillow for your comfort
  • Great for camping and other outdoor activities
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Can easily topple over in the presence of strong winds

6. Tranquillo Universal Collapsible Hammock Stand

Tranquillo Universal Collapsible Hammock Stand Electro...
  • Tranquillo Universal Hammock Stand is made of powder electro...
  • Durable and smooth ball bearing makes sure all rocking movements...
  • Revolutionary collapsible hammock stand offers maximal...
  • 2-layered polyester breathable hammock net with expandable design...
  • Carry bag included for easy storage and transportation. Quick,...

Unlike our previous pick, we found this hammock with stand to be more flexible even in the presence of strong winds. Therefore, if stability is extremely important to you, we recommend this stand.

Other features we enjoyed include the rubber feet for extra stability, the powder electro-static coated steel, noiseless rocking, carrying bag, and the available 13 colors.

Image Source:

The one downside we noticed is that the frame is heavy. Nonetheless, we think this is a small price to pay for the stability you get.


  • Very stable
  • Comes with rubber feet
  • Noiseless rocking
  • Comes in 13 colors


  • The frame is heavy

7. SUNCREAT Double Outdoor Hammock with Stand

SUNCREAT Double Outdoor Hammock with Stand, Two Person...
  • Reversible Quilted Polyester Pad: Two-layer quilted polyester...
  • Hardwood Spreader Bar: 52 inch hardwood spreader bars are more...
  • Cotton Rope Hammock: The heavy duty cotton ropes are hand-woven...
  • Large Size: Hammock bed: 76" long x 52" wide. Hammock pillow: 40"...
  • Hammock with Portable Stand: No damage to trees. Created to be...

This hammock comes in 13 different colors, like our previous pick above. One thing that stood out with this hammock is the reversible two-layer quilted polyester pad for extra comfort.

We liked how well-ventilated the mesh is, which ensures that you don't get a sweaty back after lying there during the afternoon. You can choose to keep the pad or remove it while chilling.

Imagine yourself chilling on this hammock with stand on the beach on a Sunday day, watching the waves move around. That's exactly the bliss that's waiting for you. The maximum capacity is 475 lbs, making this hammock great for two people.

Image Source:

The downside we noticed is that the hook can be brittle, especially when you're using it with another person. The solution we found for this is to get another hook that can easily support the weight.


  • Great for two people
  • Comes with a two-layer quilted polyester pad
  • Supports a max capacity of 475 lbs
  • Comes in 13 different colors


  • Can sit too low to the ground
  • The hooks are not heavy-duty

8. PNAEUT Max 475lbs Capacity Double Hammock

PNAEUT Max 475lbs Capacity Double Hammock with Stand...
  • Traditional Rope Hammock: It is hand-woven with classic net-like...
  • Ultra-Comfortable Structure: The tight mesh cotton rope weave...
  • Heavy Duty 2-person Stand: It has the stronger and durable steel...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Simple design concept, without any tools, young...
  • Wide application scenarios: This hammock is very suitable for...

Last but not least, we have this hammock with stand that doesn't come with a pad. This makes it perfect for coastal regions and chilling in the sun.

Therefore, if you have a patio and love lounging in the sun every other afternoon, this will be a good choice. No sweaty backs, and you can comfortably move it around your backyard.

We also loved that we could adjust the height using the hook kit provided.

Image Source:

We noticed a downside: this hammock can tip over in strong wind. Nonetheless, if your outdoors are not prone to strong winds, you won't have a problem with toppling over.


  • Adjustable height
  • Great for poolside sunbathing
  • The tight mesh overs great stability and proper ventilation
  • Durable steel stand
  • Easy to assemble


  • Doesn't come with a pad
  • Can topple over when the wind is strong

Which one of these hammocks did you like best? You could also choose more than one if that's what you'd like.

Let's now look at what to consider when choosing a great free-standing hammock for an amazing relaxing experience.

What to Consider When Choosing A Free-Standing Hammock

Image Source:

Here's what to look for when selecting a free-standing hammock.

1. Weight Capacity

We put it as the first point because it's very important to choose a hammock that will handle the weight you'll put on it. If you live alone, you can get a hammock that can handle a weight capacity of 250 lbs and more.

Alternatively, if you know that someone else will want to join you as you relax on the hammock, ensure you get a hammock that handles a max capacity of 450lbs.

If you look at the options we've selected for you, you'll notice that most of them have a max capacity of 450 lbs. This is because double hammocks are more popular because of the freedom to share them with someone else.

Therefore, if you plan on using your hammock in a social setting or during outdoor or family activities, ensure you choose one will a max weight capacity of 450 lbs.

2. Portability

You want a hammock that you can move around with ease. Therefore, under portability, you'll look for one that is easy to assemble and disassemble.

For example, our second pick, the Best Choice Products double hammock, is easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with a carrying bag for convenience.

We recommend it if portability is vital to you.

3. Height Adjustability

You need to be able to adjust the height of your hammock for maximum comfort. The ideal height depends on your preference and can change over time.

Nonetheless, we recommend that the sag of your hammock should be at least 18 inches from the ground. This will prevent you from sagging onto the ground.

Nonetheless, having the option of what height to use is a great feature and will improve your experience. Some hammocks come with a hook kit that allows you to adjust the height of your hammock easily.

4. Hammock Size

Here we're talking about single hammocks and double hammocks.

The choice depends on the number of people who are going to be using the hammock.

When it comes to the stand, the ideal size should be 2 inches longer than the full length of the hammock.

Let's look at the common types based on size.

a) Single Hammocks

Single hammocks are perfect for those who want to use their hammocks solo. The hammock bed is often 78 inches long and 45 inches wide, give or take.

b) Double Hammocks

On the other hand, double hammocks are 2-person hammocks that measure about 78 inches in length and 55 inches in width, give or take.

These types of hammocks are great for a family setup and will be a joy to enjoy with your loved one. You can also get these hammocks if you want extra room.

5. Hammock Material

The hammock material depends on your preferences and how you want to use the hammock. The most common hammock materials are cotton and nylon.

Let's start with nylon. Nylon is a lightweight material and dries very quickly. Therefore, consider nylon if you plan on using your hammock frequently and want a fast drying time when you clean it.

On the other hand, cotton is heavier and may make your hammock less portable. Nonetheless, it is a great option when you're looking for a rope hammock because you can be sure that you can rely on it for its stability.

Cotton hammocks are also durable and will serve you for a long time. This is why most of our options above are rope hammocks made of cotton.

Another type of material is polyester. Compared to cotton, polyester is more weather-resistant. This makes it an ideal material if you plan to leave your hammock outdoors most of the time.

For example, consider polyester if you want to set up your hammock on the patio and not worry about putting it in every other time.

6. With Spreader Bar vs. Without

The choice between the hammocks that have spreader bars and the ones that don't depend on your preferences. Both are good, and both are comfortable.

The problem with the hammocks with spreader bars is that they are prone to tipping. Therefore, we don't recommend these ones if you plan to take naps on your hammock.

If you plan on it, get ones that don't have the spreader bars, as they are more comfortable. They'll cocoon you, and you'll feel more comfortable and stable.

Types of Hammocks 

Image Source:

1. Brazillian Hammocks 

Brazillian hammocks have a traditional design because they are hand-woven and will allow you to snuggle comfortably into your hammock. 

These hammocks often come in vibrant colors and add to the decor of your patio or backyard. Most of these hammocks come as single and double hammocks, which gives you more options when buying them. 

2. Mayan Hammocks 

These hammocks are named after the Mayan people and have served them for centuries. Most of these hammocks are made of cotton and also come in vibrant colors and patterns. 

Just like the Brazillian hammocks, these hammocks are great for sleeping or napping in. You will feel cocooned in them, making them perfect for a peaceful nap session. 

You can either have one of these hammocks in your backyard or as a great accessory during camping. You can get a single hammock or double hammock with this hammock type.

However, this is the best type if you are looking for double hammocks that can service your whole family. This is because these hammocks come in large sizes.

3. American Hammocks 

American hammocks have a spreader bar. This is what differentiates them from other hammocks. 

The advantage of having a spreader bar is that it keeps the hammock's fabric taut. The downside is that it’s easier for you to topple over from a hammock with a spreader bar than without. 

The American-style hammock is great for sunbathing. Because most of these are double hammocks, they are perfect for relaxing moments with your loved ones. 

4. Rope Hammocks 

Rope hammocks are great when it comes to coastal regions and sunny areas. 

In fact, if you live in a tropical region and want a hammock you can place in your backyard, consider a rope hammock like our last pick above. 

The ropes can either be made from cotton or polyester. 

5. Quilted Hammocks 

The quilted hammock is a type of American hammock that comes with extra features for comfort. Some of these include a spreader bar, extra cushioning, and even a pillow. 

If you are looking for comfort and stability, this is a good option.

Now that we've looked at the considerations when buying a hammock and the types to choose from let's look at how to maintain a hammock.

Care Tips for Your Free-Standing Hammock 

Image Source:

Getting a great free-standing hammock is the first step. The next is to maintain it properly to last for as long as possible. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you enjoy your new hammock. 

  1. Do not jump on the hammock or increase its weight capacity. This is to avoid stretching the ropes or the fabric or creating holes in it.
  2. Don’t lay or sit at the hammock's edge to avoid flipping over.
  3. Erect your hammock in a shaded area to prevent it from fading from exposure to too much sunlight. 
  4. Try and distribute your weight evenly across the hammock bed. 
  5. Keep the hammock spreader bars away from water as much as possible. 
  6. Keep the hammock clean.

Final Thoughts

The Vivere Double Cotton Hammock is surely the winner when it comes to the best free-standing hammock.

This hammock is stable, durable, stylish, comes with a carrying bag, and has a one-year warranty. We enjoyed how comfortable it is and the fact that it comes in various vibrant colors.

Remember to consider the weight capacity and portability when choosing the right hammock for you. Let us know which hammock you will go for and where you will station it.

Get ready to enjoy the comfort and flexibility that comes with a hammock with stand.

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Brenda Nyawara is an editor at Archute. She is a graduate architect with a passion for edge-cutting ideas in design, fashion, art and modern world interests.
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