7 Best Hidden Cameras for Bedroom and How to Purchase Them

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Bedrooms are places where you spend a lot of time with your family, especially young children. Installing security cameras in bedrooms gives you peace of mind knowing your kids are safe. If something happens at night, you can recognize it and take appropriate action.

Protecting yourself and your property should be your priority. The best way to do this is to use the best hidden cameras for the bedroom. Fortunately, cameras are small, inexpensive, and capable of capturing high quality video. Hidden cameras use a discrete device to capture video of the target area.

The best hidden camera for bedrooms we reviewed was the WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector. It has a wireless design and night vision capability to record movement at night. Our second best option, the functional Samsung Phone Charger Hidden 4K Camera, is motion activated, which means it only captures the action to ensure you never miss a thing. The third camera that is well hidden for the bedroom is the GooSpy Clock WiFi Spy Hidden Camera with HD video recording capabilities.

What Are Hidden Cameras?

A hidden camera, also known as a spy camera, is a small device attached to a compact digital video camera that captures images of a specific location and records them to a USB, computer, phone, and more Placement remains elusive as it captures the surroundings perfectly. They differ from conventional home security cameras in that they are smaller and more specialized. 

These cameras are hidden in video recorders, trees, plants, toys, watches, pens, books, and other obscure objects to avoid distracting attention. The best spy camera should have a wide field of view to capture as much of the surroundings as possible. Higher-order thinking is also important. Depending on your needs, you can equip your cameras with night vision and motion detection features. 

Best Hidden Cameras for Bedroom

1. WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

GooSpy Hidden Camera Clock WiFi Spy Camera FHD1080P...
  • 【FHD 1080P Hidden Camera Clock】 Simple and perfect design;...
  • 【Record Videos to SD Card without Network】Insert a Micro SD...
  • 【Live Streaming via Android/IOS App】You can Live stream your...
  • 【Night Vision】This spy camera for home has 5 high-powered...
  • 【Motion Detection Alarm and Record】The app will send push...

I like the WNAT Hidden Camera because it’s an inconspicuous fake smoke detector. This camera is designed for your bedroom, entryway, or hallway. The spy cam is a wireless design that you can place above your bed to provide up to 125-degree views.

I was looking for a camera with motion detection and infrared night vision capable of capturing movement and recording at night. This camera provides that. After capturing motion, it engages in standby mode to save both externally stored videos and both power and video.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

The WNAT Hidden Camera Smoke Detector can record up to 20 hours of footage before running out of battery. Once the battery is flat, remove it from the smoke detector cover to recharge it. In standby mode, these smoke detector cameras can be charged for up to 180 days.Because this is a spy device and not a smoke detector, be sure not to install it near another smoke detector.


  • Detects motion and has night vision capabilities
  • Discrete design
  • Can stay for 180 days without recharging


  • Short battery life
  • It only points down

2. Functional Samsung Phone Charger Hidden 4K Camera

LIZVIE Hidden Camera with iPhone Charger, 1080P Spy...
  • ✅ Powerful HD Camera: No one will suspect that this device...
  • ✅Free and convenient multi-function APP: No one will notice...
  • ✅ Motion detection & Alarm Push: Wireless hidden camera...
  • ✅ Live View:Connect to the Wifi network via the safe free...
  • ✅ Special Desgined for iPhone Charger: Perfect compatible with...

I was looking for a spy camera that uses 4k to surreptitiously upload videos so I can view them on my phone. The functional Samsung Phone Charger has a hidden 4K camera that can connect to your phone or computer 24/7, which is exactly what I wanted. You can use a simple charger with your devices and set it up as a spy cam for the bedroom.

You can then save streaming videos for later review or remotely monitor live footage with your smartphone or home PC.

Image Credits: Dsecctv.com

The camera is motion sensitive, which means it constantly records all actions. Unlike most spy cameras, which capture hours of footage and let you stare at hours of footage of an empty room, this one is motion-activated and captures only the action to ensure you never miss a thing. However, there is always a way to record the process.

What I like about this camera is that the system overwrites the oldest recordings in order to save space when it runs out of its SD card. In addition, the easy-to-use camera features provision for up to 32 remote cameras and only requires a high-speed internet connection via your wireless router Simply open it, plug it in source inside, and let its software detect any other hidden cameras , and you're good to go are .



  • Can connect with up to 32 other hidden cameras
  • Motion activated recording
  • View record control in real time from anywhere
  • Backed by one year warranty


  • Low SD space hence could overwrite older important footage
  • The hidden spy camera has a short battery life

3. Goospy Clock WiFi Spy Hidden Camera

GooSpy Hidden Camera Clock WiFi Spy Camera FHD1080P...
  • 【FHD 1080P Hidden Camera Clock】 Simple and perfect design;...
  • 【Record Videos to SD Card without Network】Insert a Micro SD...
  • 【Live Streaming via Android/IOS App】You can Live stream your...
  • 【Night Vision】This spy camera for home has 5 high-powered...
  • 【Motion Detection Alarm and Record】The app will send push...

I was looking for the best hidden camera with HD video recording for my bedroom, and fell in love with this GooSpy Clock WiFi Spy Hidden Camera. The camera on this table clock has a wide lens that mimics your bedroom furniture while still capturing all the action in your bedroom.

The Goospy Clock's built-in WiFi camera records high-definition 1280x720 videos at 30 frames per second. Its motion detection feature can start recording when it detects motion, saving battery life and hours of empty room monitoring

Image Credits: Amazon.com

What I like about this spy cam is the wide lens to make sure you capture as much of your environment as possible. This means that you are in a position to be able to tell where the action or the intruder is originating from. This means that as soon as movement is sensed by the camera, the recording begins and it sends you an alert either through phone or email once it senses motion.


  • Easy to operate as you connect it to a power outlet, and it starts recording.
  • You don't require any software to use it
  • Made of a high-quality plastic body that is shock resistant


  •  It lacks a built-in light to use at night unless you buy one separately
  • Short battery life of 4 hours

 4. SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Mini Spy Camera 1080P Hidden Camera - Portable Small HD...
  • Hidden Small Camera: This spy cam can be used for housekeepers or...
  • HD Day & Night Vision: Our hidden mini camera boasts 1080p HD...
  • Motion Detection & Recording: Offering 60 minutes of battery run...
  • Easy to Use: Install a memory card (not included) in the hidden...
  • The Tiniest Mini Camera / 0.9*0.9*0.9 inc. / 0.35 oz. / Allows to...

I needed a camera that could capture clear images during the day or at night. SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Hidden Camera is among the best spy outdoor hidden cameras which can be placed in your bedroom, office or home. This is a small and unnoticeable camera.

Image credits: Amazon.com

It was surprising to note that it could be placed on your bedroom or bathroom accessories and record excellent videos. SIR GAWAIN Mini Spy Hidden Camera has a sound recording option that enables users to record clear audio at night without interference. Moreover, the device has a 26- megapixel CMOS sensor that records videos in high-definition 1080 resolution. This is a portable spy camera that you can take anywhere in your bedroom to spy on your loved one without their knowledge.

The beauty of this spy camera is that it is powered by size 2AAA batteries to ensure it can remain on standby for 150 hours and record continuously for 10 days. It is also important to note that you can use the spy cam even when it is charging. It has a battery status bar that informs the user of the battery power remaining. It comes with a Free SD card where you can save the footage at the same time unlike recording and saving it later. This is useful because it frees up space on your phone or device that you would use to store the application.


  • It fits in any hard-to-reach space like the wall, ceiling behind something
  • This is a waterproof camera
  • Captures images, audio and videos


  • The WiFi security camera can be hard to operate

5. Jepwco G4 Pro Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector

JEPWCO G4 Pro Anti Spy Detector for Wireless Audio Bug...
  • Privacy safety - This signal detector can detect eavesdropping...
  • Signal detection - Can detect 2G,3G,4G mobile signal, SIM card...
  • Ultra-sensitivity - With upgraded ultra-sensitive chips, this...
  • Battery life - Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (up to 25 hours...
  • Lightweight - Portable like a pen (only 30g), easy to carry and...

Spying may seem like a function of betrayal and infidelity to your loved ones. However, when it is unavoidable and has to be done with a spy camera, opt for the JEPWCO G4 Pro Anti Spy Hidden Camera Detector. It can be placed under the table, the desk above your bedroom closet, etc.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

I needed a camera that should be able to function in extended ranges. This camera is used to record videos from a distant place; you can record all the happenings in your office or even in your bedroom without being seen. The camera has a feature of a 90-degree wide viewing angle, which makes it possible for you to capture all the action in your bedroom on the screen.

I also appreciated the motion sensor function which is activated when you press a button on top of the camera. It can record and transmit video in 30 seconds to an hour once it senses any movement in the room. This portable device is easy to use as you press stop on its menu screen after you are done recording.


  • It uses the world" latest technology that can detect an invisible magnetic field.
  • It has a wide range of functions, such as video and audio recording
  • You don't need technical knowledge to use it


  • It can only be used with electricity and not battery powered

6. Woonzer 1080P WiFi Alarm Clock Spy Camera

WOONZER Hidden Camera,Spy Camera HD 1080P WiFi Alarm...
  • 【Wi-Fi Streaming and Remotely View】:The wireless Wi-Fi spy...
  • 【Loop Recording】:Insert the Micro SD card into its slot,power...
  • 【Powerful Machine Performance】: WIFI hidden camera build in...
  • 【Cleary Night Vision and Motion Detection】: Spy cam comes...
  • 【Hidden Camera Clock】:This spy camera looks like a regular...

I wanted a camera that could be placed anywhere in the house including the bedroom without anyone noticing it. This WOONZER 1080P WiFi Alarm Clock Spy Camera was perfect for me. This is unique from other hidden spy cams because it is disguised as an alarm clock that looks like a table clock.

Therefore, you can carry the WOONZER 1080P WiFi Alarm Clock Spy Camera anywhere, and it will be an excellent spy camera to monitor everything that happens in a bedroom without being seen. Ideally, this spy cam can be placed in a bureau or a nightstand and records full HD 1080P video during the day or at night.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

I appreciated that the infrared night vision allows it to record even when the lights are out. It also has a motion sensor, and any time that there is movement in the room, it automatically turns on to record.

The WOONZER 1080P WiFi Alarm Clock Spy Camera is height adjustable; therefore, you can try to change the angle of view if desired. It has lithium-ion battery which means that it can function even when it is not connected to the power source.

When operating on battery, it can record up to 5 hours during the day and 2 hours with the night vision on. It has WiFi capabilities which means that you can control it via your smartphone with a mobile application. It has a 32 GB SD and it can record up to 90 minutes of 1920 x 1080 HD video clip.


  • Remote access is possible due to WiFi connectivity
  • Receive notifications on your smartphone thanks to the motion sensor
  • Able to swap between 1080P and 720P resolutions


  • It does not support 5G networks but only 2.4G

7. WOTEYU 1080p Hidden Camera Charger

Spy Camera - Hidden Camera - Premium Pack - HD 1080P -...
  • ★ Advanced WOTEYU technology - your compact security camera in...
  • ★ Portable Small Full HD Hidden Cam –hidden spy camera lets...
  • ★ Quick Plug and Play – A smart cam recorder that doesn’t...
  • ★ Advanced Motion Detection with 167 points – This powerful...
  • ★ Loop Recording and SD Card Protection and Unbeatable Quality...

My sick relative was confined to bed in his bedroom and I had to be checking on him while at work. I preferred a camera that could capture motion and record HD videos to enable me see details of activities in his room. The WOTEYU 1080p Hidden Camera Charger has all the basic functionalities; it has motion detection, records in 1080 HD, and has loop recording.

This camera has SD slots and can store up to 32GB of footage. In addition to being an amazing bedroom spy camera, it can also be used as a regular power adapter and a charger for other devices.

Image Credits: Amazon.com

This spy camera has a design that makes it look like other spy cams and charger fakes. Also, it is convenient to use as it is a plug-and-play camera type. It does not require technical know-how or complex software to run it, and anyone can use it. It comes with an SD installed.


  • Discreet packaging and shipment do not include words like spy or hidden camera
  • It does not require network access to operate
  • Easy to use, plug-and-play spy cam


  • No live feed

Things to Consider When Buying a Hidden Camera for the Bedroom

1. Night Vision and Lighting Condition

The enemy can strike at any time, and this may be during the day or even at night. While many intrusions occur at night, it is still necessary to have proper lighting during the daytime. Some of the spy cameras in the market are made in a way that they can use infrared to light up the area they are capturing in case of low light.

Some camera designs come with digital daylight or night vision light. Cameras are measured by the quality of images they take in low light environments. These ratings can be checked from Lux Rating for any camera model of your choice. Select a camera with a low lux rating because the lower the lux rating of the camera, the better the image quality at night.

2. Internal and External Factors

An important factor to keep in mind is the context within which you will be using the camera. This is more important if you plan on storing it there for a long time. Certain models of cameras are intended for usage in internal conditions only.

Therefore, such cameras are vulnerable to environmental factors such as rain or sunlight and may get damaged. However, if your surveillance is going to be done indoors, make sure that your spy camera has enough light.

3. Lens Quality and Resolution

This is an important factor to consider especially the lens quality of a spy camera. You do not wish to get recorded footage only to find that the images and silhouettes are blurry. Make sure that high quality of the lens is used and that it produces high definition images.

The camera should be able to produce high quality images and videos. The best specs include quality, high definition, and high resolution images. When buying a camera, one should compare various models and consider online reviews as to which camera is appropriate for use.

4. Storage Space

The capacity of a spy camera is also an important factor that should be considered when choosing a camera. All the images and footage are recorded and saved in the camera’s memory, most often in SD cards. The SD cards are available in various capacities and memory, which varies from 2 to 64 GB respectively.

Other cameras record data in and they have their own internal memory storage space. If you purchase a camera that has a large storage, you do not have to delete the recordings every time to make room for the next recording. A big memory is also useful for storing large files especially when your camera records high definition images and videos.

There are other features that you could also take into consideration for instance the source of power, possible areas for placing it, what material it is made of, and whether the images on it are in color or black and white.

Is the Use of Spy Cameras Ethical or Justified?

Some of the reasons that people buy them are for safety, to monitor their children and loved ones, to have a sense of security, and to improve the value of their homes. Even though they are commonly found in homes, their legal status is a matter of debate.

Legal and ethical concerns should be considered with regard to where they are installed in the home, why they are installed, and how the footage will be utilized.

As per federal laws, the only advice while employing a spy cam is that one must not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. This is the reason that areas like locker rooms, changing rooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, and bathrooms are prohibited in most cases.

Some of the acceptable circumstances when a hidden camera can be installed at home, especially in the bedroom, is for the safety of the people. You can also have a hidden camera in a bedroom due to leaving children with unknown childminders or babysitters.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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