Best Hot Tub Gazebo for All Year Round Hot Tub Fun

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Being able to use your hot tub all year round is a dream come true. You won't have to look out of your window at your hot tub in longing while the rain pours all around you. Imagine having a warm and bubbly soak in your hot tub, even in bad weather. We want you to get the best hot tub gazebo that you can enjoy even as the snow falls or rain sputters on the roof of your gazebo.

There are several hot tub gazebos in the market. However, we've taken the time to curate a beautiful list of the best tub gazebos in the market. We've considered durability, price, functionality, ease of setup, versatility, and more.

Best Hot Tub Gazebos

1. APEX GARDEN Universal Privacy Curtain Set for 10' x 12' Gazebo

APEX GARDEN Four-Side Privacy Curtain Set for 10-Ft x...
  • The curtains can fit most 10' x 12' gazebos.
  • Dimensions: 144" (L) x 120" (W) x 87" (H). 87" (H) Full-length...
  • 100% polyester, UV-protected, water-repellent but not...
  • Four wall enclosures. Zippers in center of each side allows for...
  • Grommet Top. Including Clip Rings/Hangers. Note: Not all gazebos...

This is the best curtained hot tub gazebo you'll come across. Perfect for your outdoor space, this hot tub enclosure will protect you from the rain, sleet, and snow. On the other hand, this hot tub gazebo can also protect you from the sun and wind when all you want to have is a quiet hot tub experience.

You can also open each curtain up through the zippers and allow the wind, sun, and breeze to flow in as you are taking a bubbly soak. These hot tub gazebo curtains are 100% polyester, water repellant, and UV protected. Get ready to stay warm and cozy with maximum privacy as you enjoy your hydrotherapy session.

The curtains are water repellant but not exactly waterproof. Therefore, ensure that you are taking the necessary measures to ensure electrical safety. These best-value hot tub shelters also don't have a skylight. Nonetheless, you can open the topside openings for proper ventilation.


  • Perfect for private hot tub sessions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality
  • Has many grommet holes


  • Grommet holes are small in size

2. Quictent Privacy Pop up Canopy Tent

Quictent Privacy 8x8 Ez Pop up Canopy Tent Enclosed...
  • Mesh Windows: Quictent 8x8 pop up canopy features with mesh...
  • Detachable & Interchangeable Sidewalls: The 8'x8' pop up canopy...
  • Easy Setup Pop-up Frame: Our instant pop-up canopy with durable...
  • Waterproof &Anti-UV: The 8x8 pop up canopy sidewalls and canopy...
  • Quick Release Button: The canopy tent with sidewalls comes with...

If your goal is to have a completely private session, this is the best hot tub gazebo for you. Your nosy neighbors won't be able to spy on you while you are enjoying yourself in your hot tub. This tent offers you perfect privacy as it covers up your hot tub, ensuring that you feel well-protected and cozy.

Even as you take your after spa sessions, it will be with the knowledge that no one can see you. The mesh windows ensure that you get proper ventilation even as you are in an outdoor space. You will have airflow into your hot tub gazebo. The cover is anti-UV and waterproof, ensuring that your hot tub is well-protected.

You will enjoy a private session every time you use this pop-up tent that comes with a powder-coated steel frame. This hot tub gazebo is easy to set up, and the steel frame comes complete with an anti-corrosion treatment. The four walls of these rust-resistant hot tub gazebos are interchangeable. You also get a wheeled carrying bag for the days you want to transport this hot tub enclosure.


  • Offers you complete privacy
  • Has a reinforced powder-coated steel frame
  • Has unique mesh windows for ventilation
  • Easy to set up
  • Anti-UV and waterproof


  • Tent material is not durable

3. Coolaroo Aurora Pergola Gazebo

Coolaroo Aurora Pergola, Backyard or Patio Shade...
  • Transform your outdoor living space
  • Weather resistant Coolaroo knitted fabric is breathable and light...
  • Modern color and design for contemporary look
  • Semi-permanent, free-standing pergola.Do not bleach
  • Easy installation with hardware included

This hot tub gazebo allows you to use your hot tub in an outdoor space when it's both secured or not. The truth is that you may not always want to use your jacuzzi under hot tub enclosures. This is where this spa enclosure comes in. You can use your tub in the snow or rain when you want to, thanks to the removable top on this hot tub pergola.

This hot tub pergola allows you to have a splash and soak at the same time when it's raining. You can use this hot tub pergola in wide-open spaces, either protected or not. You can think of this best hot tub enclosure as a few poles and a removable top. You can play around with many hot tub pergola ideas with this hot tub gazebo.

The flexibility you get with this Aleko Pergsand gazebo will make you prefer it to a permanent structure. You can place it in an outdoor room and be sure to get the sun and rain when you want to and some sunshade when you want it. The elegant design makes this temporary shelter all the more appealing. This hot tub pergola blends well with any outdoor furniture you may have. It is designed o drape well with its surroundings.


  • The aluminum steel frame is long-lasting
  • The frame is immune to erosion and chipping
  • Gives your outdoor space a modern look
  • Sturdy with a beautiful pergola design
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Provides UV-block


  • Rattles in strong wind
  • Canopies buckle under the weight of heavy snow

4. SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo

SUNCROWN 10 x 10 FT Outdoor Patio Gazebo All-Season...
  • 【VENTED AND COMFORTABLE】Dual-tiered vented canopy feature...
  • 【STURDY AND DURABLE】Supported by durable, powder-coated...
  • 【FOUR PIECES OF CORNER CURTAIN】Cover four poles of your...
  • 【VERSATILE USAGE】Perfect for placement in your backyard,...
  • 【QUICK, EASY ASSEMBLY】All necessary hardware and instructions...

Here is another hot tub gazebo that is a good match if you love the outdoors on sunny days but still want UV protection. This best hot tub gazebo is dual-tiered and has a canopy that protects you from any street noise and harsh weather.

The canopies protect you from harsh winds, and the powder-coated aluminum frame keeps this hot tub gazebo in place. The frames are also rust-resistant, and corner curtains ensure that your gazebo stays polished and elegant all the time.

Setting up this gazebo in your backyard is far from rocket science. The best part about this gazebo purchase is that you can still use this gazebo even after you've changed your mind about protecting your hot tub.


  • Easy to set up
  • Stable dual-tiered vented canopy
  • Sturdy
  • Rust-resistant frames
  • Perfect for your lawn, backyard, or garden


  • The user manual is not detailed

5. Cover Valet SSUBK Spa Side Umbrella

Cover Valet SSUBK Spa Side Umbrella (Black)
  • No hardware required.
  • Umbrella frame constructed of powder coated aluminum
  • Available in 7 attractive colors that add style to any spa...
  • Swivels 360º.
  • Umbrella is fully assembled and ready to operate.

Our last option on our hot tub gazebo list, not a permanent structure or a complete enclosure. You won't be able to protect your hot tubs from strong winds or sleet. This gazebo is great for those who don't want their hot tubs entirely enclosed. This massive umbrella still blocks out the sun and rain and allows you to relax in your jacuzzi.

You can set up your spa in the garden and use this umbrella to put a roof over your hot tubs. The best part about this hot tub gazebo umbrella is that it works with all spa types. This means that you can mount it on your jacuzzi not matter the type.

You can choose the color including black, navy, rust, and grey. You can get the color that best suits your garden or patio. Simply use the crank operation to open and close this backyard hot tub gazebo umbrella. The adjustable angle tilt allows you to block the sun from your eyes from whichever direction it is.


  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Can mount on any hot tub
  • Flexible
  • Swivels 360 degrees
  • No assembly required


  • Doesn't protect the hot tub fully

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Hot Tub Gazebo

1. Location of Your Gazebo

If you already have your hot tub in a specific spot and only need to add the gazebo, you have your work cut out for you. However, if you are still figuring out where you want your gazebo to be, ensure that it is in an open small with extra space and away from prying eyes.

Wherever you decide to put your spa, ensure that it is in a place where you can easily access water lines and a power outlet. Ensure that the dimensions of your gazebo work within the space that you have. You can consult the brand's customer service to get help when installing and setting up.

2. Design

The design of your hot tub affects the design of your hot tub gazebo. The first thing to ensure is that the hot tub gazebo fits around your hot tub. The shape of your hot tub also matters. You can get a shape and design that matches your hot tub.

For example, if your tub is oval, square, rectangular, octagonal, or dodecagon in shape, you'll also want your gazebo to match the shape. Considering the design will ensure that you get a gazebo that fully covers your tub and you while you're in it.

The design of the roof also matters, and you want to choose a roof that matches your tastes and your backyard, garden, or porch. You can opt for a standard roof, a tiered roof, or even a pagoda roof. The design of the screen walls, sides, railing, and doors should match what you want.

3. Size and Dimensions

We've mentioned above that you need to consider the space you're working with before settling on your gazebo of choice. You don't want to get a large gazebo that takes up all the living spaces. The best enclosure for your hot tub is one that takes into account that you will need more room to move around and put other things.

You want to relax under the roof and within the walls of your gazebo without feeling like you're being suffocated. The year-round use hot tub gazebo you choose should be wide enough to cover your hot tub without compromising the space.

4. Proper Ventilation

Despite the weather, hot tubs produce steam. Therefore, ensuring that your best hot tub gazebo is properly ventilated will allow the heat and humidity to leave the enclosure. You don't want to end up with rust, mold, mildew, or any other damage caused by moisture.

All our options above take this into account and ensure that you are protected, and so is your gazebo. You can pull back the curtains or enjoy the breeze under the umbrella gazebo.

5. Building Permits

If you are thinking of getting a permanent structure for a gazebo, you may want to check with the building permits within your city. These legislations vary from place to place. Therefore, find out which department or entity you need to consult with before starting any installations of your best hot tub gazebo.

You can check your city's website to find out what you need to do first. You could also contact the clerks in your city office if you are not sure where to start. We recommend this as a precaution to avoid any problems in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I get a tub gazebo?

A good and sturdy tub enclosure can make a huge difference for your bubbly massage experience and protect your tub from bad weather conditions. This increases your tub's durability and gives you the chance to enjoy a massage no matter the weather.

If you love decorating your garden, having a beautiful gazebo in your garden will make the place all the more beautiful.

2. What size gazebo do I need for a hot tub?

12x12 is a good dimension that would completely enclose your tub. Nonetheless, you can also get a smaller gazebo if your tub isn't all that big. If you want to add sitting areas and other accessories to your gazebo, you can opt for a larger size.

However, as we mentioned above, ensure that you consider the space you're working with. This will allow you to avoid getting into a crowded space in the end. Leave some space for people to walk, move around and carry things.

3. Where should you place your hot tub gazebo?

You can place your hot tub and gazebo anywhere. You can place it on your porch or garden. Any outdoor space would be a good idea as long as you take the measurements and there are no trees or obstructions in the way.

Your landscape design is what will affect where you place your gazebo. Nonetheless, the world is your oyster.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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