Generac Dual Fuel Generator For Power Outages

Generac Dual Fuel Generator For Power Outages

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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It is useful to have a generator to help when the power is out, for instance during a thunderstorm or any other natural calamity. On this premise, it cannot be completely out of place to invest in a generator. As you know, sometimes energy problems may occur in some regions and you can be left without light in the evening or even during the night. Another advantage of having a generator can be very relevant at any point when you have other activities outside. Without much ado, it is time that we took a closer look at the generac dual fuel generator.

What is a Dual Fuel Generator?

A dual fuel generator runs on both diesel and natural gas. Depending on the type of engine your generator has, it can produce power with both diesel and naturally made gas. It can also produce power with either fuel interchangeably. Furthermore, dual fuel generators are a great choice for any heavy-duty needs.

Dual Fuel Generator

When you invest in a generac dual fuel generator, ensure the running watts are suitable for your requirements. Additionally, the best dual fuel generators not only provide power, but they also use less energy and therefore have a great run time. Of course, when you select appliances and especially large appliances, you should select the best.

The best dual fuel generator is also among the best portable generators. It provides enough power output and run time to operate all household appliances. Additionally, with different models on the market, you can easily get a portable dual fuel generator. Furthermore, with dual-fuel technology, you can get the most out of the machine.

What Does a Generac Dual Fuel Generator Run on?

Propane Gas Tank

A Generac dual generator runs on both natural gas and diesel. It can either run on one of the two or both interchangeably. Additionally, it can also use both fuels at the same time. Dual fuel generators can be very durable. At peak power, a dual fuel generator runs at about 12,000 rated watts.

This is one of the top dual fuel generators because the running power on either fuel is still awesome. If you have an existing generator, it might run well, but not as well as the dual-fuel generators. Additionally, it is one of the quietest dual fuel generators. Dual fuel models also have a lower rate of production of toxic fumes.

Selecting a new generator to provide power or electricity, or other uses is important to consider. As you search for the best type of generator, you should select one with a fuel source that you can fully rely on. We will discuss the different types of fuels for your generator and the reasons they are good for your generator.

1) Natural Gas

This is one of the major fuel sources and is made up by gases mostly produced in the country’s chemical and manufacturing industries. It is not only existent in a natural manner, but is also always available in loads. All in all, it outputs much less fuel and smoke pollution than any other source does. Furthermore, its function is similar to that of gasoline or petrol depending on the region the reader is from. In addition, there should be an inclusion that it is safe to transport, and at the same time, easily transported.

Due to the fact that gas is regarded as a non-renewable resource, and its reserve is vast, the pipelines are provided. This fuel type for your generator is cheaper in the long run than other fuel types like diesel and gasoline. Besides, it does not need to be buried under the soil, which makes it easy to store since it is not pot shaped. This is to mean that there is no soil contamination or leaking on the organization’s site.

Nevertheless, this type of fuel has some drawbacks; that is, it is very difficult to extract this type of fuel. Being in a solid state, it is also more costly for storage than the liquid and gaseous states as well. Although it is easier to transport and is more volatile, it is denser compared to other gases and has a different chemical equation. This means that in case of using this particular gas, the proper and larger storage has to be employed which at the end is expensive.

This gas too has a shelf-life and thus it can easily go bad within a given period in a way that it cannot be used. This will make it less efficient as time progresses hence the need to constantly come up with better solutions as the world advances.

2) Propane

Liquid propane is usually the go-to for many people. Part of the reason why is because it is also a clean energy source. It is a clear, less, and odorless gas. Additionally, it is very safe because it is also non-toxic. It is sold in large metal cans and forced in the cans under high pressure. Most commonly, propane is used for cooking, heating water and other applications.

Propane is generally gaining popularity with its uses. It is also being used with engine appliances such as forklifts. It has also found use in vehicles (car). Propane exists in abundance, and it is stable enough to store in units for an emergency. Additionally, it is an economical venture, and the price also reflects this.

However, when you operate appliances on propane, you have to be careful. Propane is extremely flammable. Any electric devices have to be monitored by an adult. Additionally, a trained professional should always be nearby to check out your system. In case you run out, a professional should be there to set you back up.

Lastly, propane ensures your generator is more quieter. This means it will run very quietly for the period it is turned on. Additionally, propane will not lose efficacy; however, if moisture finds its way inside the canister, it could lead to rust.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Fuel Type

a) Your Needs

There are many reasons why you will select either propane or natural gas for your generator. You might be looking for fuel-efficiency for powering appliances for yardwork on job sites. On the other hand, you might also want to power up a whole outdoor party. After you plug in your unit, depending on the type of fuel, except that it will cater to your needs.

b) Portability

One thing everyone loves is portability. However, generators themselves can be portable. A portable generator will save you time and efficiency. Additionally, some come with wheels and wheel kits. However, the fuel types also vary in portability. As mentioned above, propane is lighter compared to natural gas.

c) Affordability

The best dual fuel generator has affordable fuel. While the price will vary between the two major types of fuel, you have to cut cost one way or another. Therefore depending on how regularly you get power outage in your area, your uses, appliances and power outlets. Affordable power is now available in a snap.

d) Electric Push Start

At this point, an electric start switch should practically be compulsory on every generator. The dreaded pull rope can tear your rotator cuff. Apart from that, it is just easier to use an electric push start button. It is convenient, less aggressive, and takes less time. Therefore, large appliances such as space heaters and sump pumps will always have access to power.

If your electric start button doesn’t start, then the battery on your generator might be dead. Additionally, there are some generators with a key fob for running power.

e) Model of Generator

Different types of models have different requirements. Your generator might be a dual fuel generator; however, its model says a lot about it. Generators with a longer run time generally require a large engine. If your generator comes with wheels and is portable, then that is a good sign as well.

Generally, different units or models have different switches as well. They also have a different price. The bottom line, however, is that they are a powerful backup generator in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, the power output should produce running power that is comfortable for your uses, such as powering large appliances like sump pumps and space heaters.

f) Emissions

Any fuel will release emissions, in an extent determined by the type of fuel and technique of usage. In most cases, these emissions are characterized as hazardous gases. Consequently, while reaching maximum power, the loss of efficiency should not cause an increase in emissions. Propane and other gasoline used are usually clean sources of electricity that is cheap to obtain and does not pollute the environment. Now this is not in any way suggesting that they do not emit anything into the environment.

It just translates to the fact they reduced emissions by as much as 40 percent at times. Additionally, the fuel which has been chosen will raise efficiency making out put even greater while at the same time ensuring that the generator remains strong and free from illnesses. Therefore the generator will still have a long life-span thus availing cheap power and long run time for many generations to come.

g) Engine

Your engine determines the type of fuel and the efficiency of your machine. The larger the engine, the larger the fuel requirements. Therefore, your engine unit should be suitable for your needs. A job site, for example, would require a generator with a large engine to ensure it has the capacity.

Generators are perfect for any emergency as long as the peak power is able to deliver. Additionally, it is important to own a generator if your area experiences a power outage every now and then.

The Bottom Line

A dual fuel generator is a great investment and especially a power generator. They offer dual fuel reliability, which is suitable for any type of job. In addition, this generator will generously meet your needs as a backup power source. A dual fuel generator will give you peace of mind knowing that you always have extra supply.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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