5 Best Outdoor Umbrellas for Strong and Harsh Winds

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Every homeowner appreciates time spent outside under the tranquility of their patio umbrellas. You can relax and entertain loved ones. Those who can work peacefully outdoors when you have the best outdoor umbrella for wind.

A wind-resistant patio umbrella will not fail or get destroyed when the winds get harsh. The numerous choices can be overwhelming when shopping for the best patio umbrella. Therefore, we have tested several patio umbrellas and picked out the best for your outdoor space.

The Best Patio Umbrellas

If you enjoy sitting on the patio, you should definitely consider the weather changes that come with it. Getting a great outdoor patio umbrella that is stable and has longevity is salient. Below is a review of the top five patio umbrellas for your outdoor decor and protection against harsh weather.

1. California Umbrella Aluminum Market Umbrella

California Umbrella 9' Round Aluminum Market Umbrella,...
  • Fabric: Made from 100% Solution Dyed Olefin offering superior...
  • OPERATION: Crank to Open, Twist to Tilt. We invented the Collar...
  • CONSTRUCTION: Entire frame is made from rust-free all aluminum...
  • WEATHER PROTECTION: Strong aluminum frame and ribs along with a...
  • Optional umbrella base is not included and must be purchased...

California Umbrella offers the best shade for any patio. It is made from Sunbrella fabric, making it the best for wind resistance. The material is also water-resistant, rusting-proof, and doesn't fade. The aluminum pole operates on a crank lift system and is weather-resistant. Additionally, we loved that adjusting the umbrella canopy was easy due to a push-button tilt system designed with the market umbrella.

Image Credits: patioliving.com


  • Push-button tilt function
  • Durable weather-resistant fabric and pole


  • It doesn't have an air vent

2. EliteShade Sunbrella 3-Tiered Market Umbrella Patio

EliteShade USA Sunumbrella 9Ft 3 Tiers Market Umbrella...
  • Three tiers design: Hot air or wind will flow through the...
  • Non-fading Fabric: 100% solution-dyed acrylic, 5 years non-fading...
  • Sun Protection: High-quality 260 GSM impermeable fabric shows...
  • Full Aluminum Umbrella Frame with Crank Open System: EliteShade...
  • The umbrella base is not included. Search B07VXLFGGW, B07X24LK86,...

If your patio is prone to windy weather, this market umbrella from EliteShade will do wonders for you. It was remarkable to see how stable this patio umbrella is, thanks to its three-tiered design with multiple vents. The vents allow wind to flow freely, making it a wind-resistant patio umbrella. On top of that, this umbrella canopy is made with Subrella fabric that is weather resistant. I can't fail to mention that it also has a crank lift and tilt mechanism that makes adjusting to any desired angle possible.

Image Credits: overstock.com


  • Multiple vents enable free airflow and stability
  • Crank mechanism for better angling


  • The cost of the stand is extra
  • Tilts can be difficult for others to reach

3. Best Choice Products 10’ Offset Hanging Market Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Market Patio...
  • 10FT OFFSET PATIO UMBRELLA: Designed to keep you cool and...
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: A hand-crank lift and easy-tilt system allow you...
  • ENHANCED STABILITY: A large wind vent at the top allows cool air...
  • DURABLE COMPOSITION: Crafted with a powder-coated steel pole to...
  • COMPATIBLE ACCESSORY: Pairs perfectly with our signature 4-Piece...

Like any other cantilever umbrella, it took us a few minutes to install compared to other standard umbrellas. Nonetheless, it can easily be labeled a budget patio umbrella because it combines a great polyester canopy and a steel pole.

The umbrella is made with an easy tilt adjustment that can help you attain the best position for placing it while relishing the moment. Due to its tilt system, adjustment is a breeze. Additionally, you can place it in the backyard because of its 8 ribs that give it stability against wind. The cantilever umbrella has a hand crank-like lift that allows you to angle it in different ways to provide the most suitable shade. The UV-resistant fabric is fitted with a vent that allows the air to circulate, giving awesome wind resistance.

Image Credits: homedepot.com


  • Included instruction video
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Sways in the wind

4. Giantex 10ft Solar Patio Umbrella Outdoor with Lights

Giantex 10ft Outdoor Patio umbrella with Solar Lights,...
  • 【Double the Romance in Gardens】: 3 solar-powered bulbs on...
  • 【Premier Operation System】: Handy crank lift makes it pretty...
  • 【Better at Blocking Sun Rays】 The diameter of our patio...
  • 【Easy to Use】 Our garden umbrella is easy to put up. Only...
  • 【For Plenty of Occasions】(NOTE: Umbrella base NOT Included)....

 If you are looking for a versatile wind-resistant umbrella with maximum coverage, GIANTEX is your best choice. You can easily call it the best budget patio umbrella with its solar-powered led lights and stable umbrella base. This umbrella's canopy is designed to provide shade and UV protection. We loved that it was large enough to cover up to six people effectively. The solar lights are fitted on each of the umbrella's ribs. The patio umbrella base is strong enough to withstand high winds.

Image Credits: walmart.com


  • Maximum shade
  • Solar-powered lights
  • It is not expensive
  • Tilt system


  • No wind vents 

5. Sunny Glade 9' Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella


Sunnyglade 9' Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella...
  • Made of 100% polyester that can be waterproof, long lasting, easy...
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Pole(40mm Diameter aluminum pole) and 8...
  • 9 feet diameter- Wide enough to your 42" to 54" round, square or...
  • Easy crank open function with push button tilt, keeping cool and...
  • This Patio Umbrella include Push Button Tilt/Crank. Note:The base...

Sunny glade 9'model is designed to withstand strong winds. It has an aluminum pole that offers it stability and support. An invaluable feature that this best patio umbrella has is the polyester fabric canopy. The material remains stable even in sustained winds and protection against UV rays. Sunny glade 9' umbrella also has a wide diameter of a minimum of 42 inches, allowing it to be functional and also a patio décor. Therefore, whether you have patio chairs or one of the best free-standing hammocks, Sunny glade 9'model is designed to make your outdoor experience beautiful.

Image Credits: ebay.com


  • Designed with a firm tilt mechanism
  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Complicated setup

How to Prepare Your Outdoor Umbrella For Harsh Winds

Nothing is more annoying than having your outdoor umbrella blow over, get damaged, or endanger people around. You can use a base to erect your umbrella if you are concerned about severe winds. Invest in a base that can firmly stand on the ground and get secured to a table.  

Umbrella with Enough Shade

Image Credits:tarpo.com

In addition, there are several other ways to care for a patio umbrella. This article will lead you through a few simple steps so you may stop fretting and start taking advantage of your outdoor leisure time!  

1. Invest In A Durable Patio Table 

When securing your patio umbrella, a strong patio table may make a world of difference.  

Outdoor tables are a great addition to social events, setting drinks and snacks, and much more. They also provide support for your umbrella. To accommodate an umbrella pole, the patio table should have a hole in the center and be constructed of sturdy material. 

2. Purchase Air Vents 

Though air vents are a common component of patio umbrellas, it is advisable to ascertain that your umbrella has vents. Alternatively, you can purchase umbrellas with vents on the canopy. In addition to strengthening the stability of your outdoor umbrella, these vents assist air in passing through, keeping you comfortable underneath. 

If the patio umbrella you now own doesn’t have vents, you can have it modified or think about getting a new one with vents. 

3. Purchase A Heavy-Duty Base 

A sturdy base is critical for preventing your outdoor umbrella from toppling over. Your umbrella base must be substantial and functional to endure the conditions outside. Additionally, check to see whether the stand has a knob and bolt that you may use to adjust the pole for added stability. The bases of the numerous umbrellas are robust and can guarantee that your umbrella will stay put. 

High End Umbrellas

Image Credits: pinterest.com

4. Be Ready For Unfavorable Weather Situations 

When an intense wind storm strikes, the additional protection is sometimes insufficient. Be proactive to prevent excessive damage if you reside in a windy region that regularly experiences severe winds. 

The most suitable location for your patio umbrella is next to a guardrail or building that will block the wind. Nevertheless, to be cautious, experts advise closing your umbrella and keeping it inside if a strong windstorm is expected. 

5. Steer Clear Of Plastic Or Wooden Frames 

A patio umbrella with a plastic or wooden frame may be less expensive, but you risk the danger of it breaking quickly during a storm or when it falls. 

Use aluminum or steel ribs and frames for your umbrella to give it the support and stability it will need against harsh weather. Unlike wood and plastic frames, these are more robust and durable.  

6. Improve The Strength Of Your Base  

It is essential to ensure your outdoor umbrella does not tip over, especially in sudden gusts. To guarantee this, you need to improve the strength of your base. Choose umbrellas with aluminum or steel frames. 

On special occasions, you may need to bring additional support like weight bags, sandbags, gravel, and other materials to strengthen your base against strong winds. 

7. Keep The Patio Umbrella Closed When Not In Use   

The wind can open your umbrella and whisk it away to a different location. Therefore, it will be worth it to find ways of not having your umbrella open on windy days. The best way to guarantee it doesn’t open during windy conditions is to strap it down tightly. Alternatively, you can buy patio umbrellas that incorporate hook-and-loop closures.

8. Employ A Windproof Umbrella 

Finally, if you still want to use the outdoor umbrella without securing it, consider buying a wind-resistant model to keep it from blowing away. An outdoor umbrella that is wind resistant is made to withstand strong winds that may easily blow a conventional patio umbrella over. 

Utilizing additional spokes is the idea behind the wind-resistant construction. The outdoor umbrella is much less prone to move around in heavy winds. That is because the additional spokes it has will create greater tension. 

Umbrella Blown by High Winds

Image Credits: poolfunforeveryone.com

FAQS On The Best Outdoor Umbrella for Wind

I). What should I look for when buying a patio umbrella?

Whether or not you are purchasing cantilever umbrellas or a free-standing design, always look for heavy bases and durable materials. A base that will determine how good your umbrella’s performance against wind turns out. Additionally, ensure it has an ideal central pole with retracting mechanism and a wind-resistant canopy.

It is worth noting that the best patio umbrella canopy should ideally be made of polyester or acrylic fabric. These materials don’t easily get damaged by harsh weather conditions.

II). How Can I Find the Right Size Patio Umbrella?

Patio umbrellas vary in size ranging from 4 – 12 feet wide. The best patio umbrella should be wider than your table and seating or outdoor area. For example, to find the exact size you need, first, position your patio furniture with the chairs at a comfortable seating distance. Measure a diameter from the edge of one chair’s backrest to one of the opposite chairs. Add 2- 3 feet to the diameter you got to ensure your estimation is correct.

If you don’t have permanent tables and chairs in your outdoor area, measure the width and length of the patio, and add 2- 3 feet of space to the diameter. With this method, you are guaranteed maximum shade and protection.

III). Which style of patio umbrella is best?

The style of patio umbrella you go for will depend on your preference and intended use. If you own a table that comes with a hole where the umbrella pole can go through, it’s best to opt for a compatible design. You can also go for a free-standing umbrella that is large enough to cover your entire seating space. The other option is to buy a cantilever umbrella, which you can attach to any position that is away from your patio tables.

IV). What do I need to set up a patio umbrella?

Setting up patio umbrellas doesn’t require much, except for an outdoor area. Nonetheless, the kind of umbrella you will go for can depend on your patio decor and other furniture. For example, if you have an outdoor table with a hole where you insert the umbrella’s pole, you will not have to worry about how to anchor it.

While most standard patio umbrellas come with a base, not all do. You may have to buy a base separately if you buy a patio umbrella without a base. Buying a base separately from the umbrella may be a bit costly because you part with between $45 to $100 for a stable base.

V). What kind of fabric should a patio umbrella canopy be made of?

The first rule before you select any canopy material is that it shouldn’t be too heavy to move but still sturdy enough to resist harsh weather. Also, ensure that it doesn’t allow the sun through, or simply go for UV-resistant canopy fabric. The best materials are polyester canopy, acrylic, or olefin.

It’s worth noting that while Nylon is strong and lightweight, it gets easily damaged when exposed to the sun.


Outdoor umbrellas provide us with the shade we need when enjoying a beautiful sunny day outdoors. But sun protection isn’t the only weather condition we may need a good umbrella. If you’ve ever noticed, your umbrella opens easily when there are no strong winds.

High wind can blow away your umbrella or rip it off. Therefore, it is of benefit to purchase a patio umbrella that is wind resistant. These suggestions narrow down the top five wind-resistant patio umbrellas to help you buy only what facilitates better enjoyment.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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