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Where Does Justin Bieber Live? An Eye to His Lavish Homes

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Whether a 'belieber' or not, you will agree that Justin Bieber has come a long way from his modest upbringing in Ontario, Canada. So it's not surprising that the rising star has resided in various magnificent homes, given his remarkable 13-year career as a chart-topping singer.

Justin Bieber's fame, fortune, and success have not been a mystery since the singer is popular for his sassy appearances, setting, and shattering records. This can be seen in his owned and rented homes and his wealthy mansions on magazine covers. Read on to check out Justin Bieber's fancy and expensive homes.

Who is Justin Bieber and Why is He Famous?

Justin Drew Bieber, currently 28 years old, is a household name and one of the wealthiest and most famous singers worldwide. Since getting into the pop scene in 2009 with his signature bowl-style hairdo, the pop singer has amassed millions of Beliebers who devotedly follow and purchase everything Bieber does and sells.

As a result, the pop star has earned plenty of money and fame, enabling him to purchase some pretty impressive and occasionally rather perplexing properties. A perfect example is Bieber's previously rented house, the Salad Spinner House.

Justin Bieber’s Childhood Home

His sole parent, Pattie Mallette, raised him in the quaint town of Stratford in Southwest Ontario. The star was born to her when she was only 18 years old, and he had a modest upbringing.

Image Credit: Micah Smith/Getty

Bieber spent much time at his grandparents' house since he grew up surrounded by his family. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was the backdrop for some of Justin Bieber's early YouTube videos. So when the house hit the market in 2014, fans could view the inside.

Image Credit: Micah Smith/Getty

Justin Bieber spent most of his childhood in this bedroom at his grandparents' house. As a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey team fan, his bedroom had their themed wallpaper and bedspread. Later, he moved his grandparents to another home, offering them more privacy.

Where Does Justin Bieber Live?

Even though he has said he favors Canada, Justin Bieber currently resides in the United States. However, before, Justin was not a fan of staying in one place for too long.

He has previously owned and rented homes in New York, London, Miami, and New Jersey. He currently resides with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, in a lavish home below.

1. Beverly Hills Mansion, Los Angeles, California (Current)

Image Credit: 8 Beverly Park

The beautifully crafted contemporary-traditional estate is located at the guarded gate of Beverly Park on a massive 2.5 acres.

Image Credit: 8 Beverly Park

This Beverly Hills mansion is a combination of lush affluence and casual comfort. It is spread over 100,000 square feet with a two-story hallway that leads to the formal living room and a black fireplace.

Image Credit: The Agency

The Beverly Hills mansion that he owns with his wife, Hailey Bieber, is the most discussed of his homes.

Image Credit: The Agency

Justin Bieber's Beverly Park house has two pools outside his backyard, one big infinity pool and a small-sized one for children, surrounded by a well-maintained garden.

Image Credit: 8 Beverly Park

The Beverly Hills home has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The master suite has its sitting room with floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to a view of the surrounding mountains.

Image Credit: 8 Beverly Park

The ensuite bathroom is equally luxurious and has a large chandelier hanging over the bathtub.

Image Credit: Beverly Park

In addition, there is a gym and a soundproof movie theater. Outside is a full-sized tennis court, a covered loggia, outdoor fireplace, koi pond, outdoor living and dining rooms with BBQ, and pizza oven.

Image Credit: 8 Beverly Park

2. Ontario, Canada

Although Justin Bieber has gained wealth in the USA and elsewhere, he has not lost sight of his roots. Particularly when the area he comes from is so beautiful that it is impossible to ignore.

Image Credit: House Sigma/Rego Realty Inc

In 2018, Justin Bieber paid $5 million for a lakefront home on the picturesque Puslinch Lake shoreline near Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

He and his wife, Hailey Bieber, stayed in this magnificent 9,000-square-foot mansion during the early stages of the world pandemic in 2020. The living space is light, airy, and bright, featuring stone and wood elements with a modern contemporary vibe.

Image Credit: House Sigma / Rego Realty Inc

Image Credit: Rego Realty

Justin Bieber's house has four bedrooms and six bathrooms. This guarantees the couple gets maximum privacy in the countryside location.

Image Credit: Rego Realty

Justin Bieber's house has a spacious kitchen and dining area with a temperature-controlled wine cellar.

Image Credit: House Sigma/Rego Realty Inc

This is their paradise in Canada, where it's surrounded by a private race track, lush green garden, and it comes with amenities like a private gym, games room, cinema, and observatory.

Justin Bieber’s Previous Rentals and Owned Homes

1. Justin Bieber’s Marital Home

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

Justin married Hailey Baldwin in September 2018, and they bought a home in the Holmby Hills area for $8.5 million the following year. The property was built in 1932 but has undergone many expensive renovations to make it as attractive as it is today.

Justin and Hailey Bieber's home covers 6,000 square feet with a split-level living space, marble-topped islands, and a kitchen with white oak cabinets.

Image Credit: Zillow

The marital mansion has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a custom wardrobe, and a fireplace. It also includes a bar, a home office, a movie theater, and a wine cellar.

Image Credit: Zillow

Lastly, the house's backyard has an infinity pool, a barbeque, a cabana with a fireplace, and great greenery.

Image Credit: Justin Bieber Instagram

The couple eventually enlisted the help of Ariana Grande's fiancé Dalton Gomez and real estate agents Josh and Matt Altman of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

However, Justin Bieber had to sell this home at a loss for $7.95 million in October 2020 and even included all the furniture in the sale. This was a little less than they paid for it.

2. Calabasas Mansion in Southern California

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

In the affluent gated neighborhood of The Oaks in Southern California, Justin purchased his first home in 2012. This Spanish-styled home was constructed in 2005 and cost $6.5 million. 

The mansion covers an 11,746 square feet area with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The house has luxurious details, from high ceilings to a rustic fireplace, with facilities such as a movie theatre, lifts, a library, and an outdoor swimming pool with a sunbathing deck.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

He eventually sold this mansion to Khloe Kardashian in 2014 for $7.2 million.

3. The Billionaires Row Property In North London

Image Credit: mansionglobal.com

The singer visited London in October 2016, when he rented a home in Northwest London for $147,000 per month. This place was built in 1910, the built-up area is 27,000 square feet, and the home is on 2.5 acres of ground.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

It has two kitchens, multiple living areas, a dining room, and 15 bedrooms with 13 bathrooms. 

Image Court: loveproperty.com

The property is full of amenities like an indoor and outdoor pool, a wine cellar, and outside has a five-car garage, a full tennis court, and a ground for tours.

4. The Salad Spinner House In Beverly Hills

Image Credit: Zillow

This 7,500 sq. ft. Beverly Hills home was Justin Bieber's house for two months, during which he paid a monthly rent of $59,000.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The Salad Spinner had six bedrooms, five bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, elevators, a six-car parking garage, and a security system. The outdoor living space leads to a large infinity pool.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

It is among the perplexing properties Justin Bieber has rented. It's made of glass and steel, meaning it's not a private place.

5. The Party Pad In Lake Hollywood

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The young star rented this 16,000 sq. ft. mansion in Lake Hollywood, Los Angeles, for a monthly rent of $29,000. Justin Bieber's house had ten bedrooms, eighteen bathrooms, a music room, and a fully equipped gym.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The property has amenities like a private nightclub, a personal movie theatre, bars, a music room, terraces with beautiful views, and elevators.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The home features a huge deck with an 80-foot-long pool and an attractive Hollywood sign. Justin Bieber used this house to throw his lavish parties.

6. The Luxury Home By Toluca Lake

Image Credit: dirt.com

Justin Bieber rented this luxury home near Toluca Lake, north of Hollywood Universal Studios, in May 2016. He paid $80,000 per month for a 13,000-square-foot property.

Justin Bieber's house is a ten-bedroom, 16-bathroom estate, including a swimming pool, a guest house, and a screening room.

Image Credit: dirt.com

Justin Bieber and his wife rented another home in the same area. At 99, 28 Toluca Lake Avenue, it was situated. King-sized bedroom suites with baths, a spa, a gourmet kitchen, a pool, a boat dock, and other features are all included.

7. House Sigma in Puslinch, Ontario

Image Credit: ctvnews.ca

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber got engaged in the summer of 2018 and paid $5 million for a lakefront home in Puslinch, Ontario.

The estate in rural Canada covers more than 101 acres, is 9,000 square feet in size, and has a farmhouse-style design. It offers a spacious living area with wood and stone accents. It has a contemporary and modern feel and comprises five baths and four ensuite bedrooms.

Image Credit: Record.com

The master suite, which has a walk-in closet and an adjoining bathroom, is situated in its wing to protect its privacy.

The property included a game room, a theater, a gym, a game room, and an observatory. In addition, it has huge landscaping, gardens, other facilities, and even a private racetrack.

8. House at 1420 Laurel Way

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

In March 2018, Justin Bieber rented a beautiful house in Los Angeles that was smaller than previously rented houses but had all amenities. Justin Bieber's home cost him about a monthly rent of $55,000 with a three-bedroom and six-bathrooms and a huge living space.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The dining room and kitchen are open plans. The three-story house has two ensuite bedrooms on the ground floor, a wine cellar, a home theater, and a living area leading to the backyard.

Image Credit: loveproperty.com

The master ensuite is an entire floor with a walk-in wardrobe and the main area with mirrored walls, and a small office area. The outdoors has an infinity pool, a barbeque, a lounge area, and an outside gym.

Frequently Asked Questions on Where Does Justin Bieber Live?

1. How many homes does Justin Bieber own?

Currently, the couple owns two homes—one in Canada and one in California.

2. What Other Celebrities live in Beverly Park?

Some refer to it as an urgent need for security and privacy. Others refer to it as paranoia and conscious alienation. But, whatever the motivation, one thing is certain: Beverly Park, the wealthiest and most affluent area in Los Angeles, is where the world's richest people want to reside.

Denzel Washington, Rod Stewart, Kimora Lee Simmons, Faith Hill, Magic Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Tim McGraw, and the late Sumner Redstone, whose home is next door to Stallone's previous homes, are among the famous locals.

Image Credit: peopleenespanol.com

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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