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Where Does Peyton Manning Live After Retirement from NFL?

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If you follow the Super Bowl or the (National Football League) NFL, then you definitely know of his masterful maneuvers. He is the first quarterback ever to take two different teams to the Super Bowl and then win two championships. As a former quarterback in the NFL, Peyton Manning was the overall first pick in the 1998 NFL Draft. What better way to know him than go to his home so, "Where does Peyton Manning live?"

Who is Peyton Manning?

Peyton Manning is an American football NFL player who played for the Indianapolis Colts for 14 straight seasons. He then moved to Denver Broncos in 2012 and played with them for 4 seasons. Peyton Manning has a stellar record as the first to ever win the Super Bowl, in 2006, for the Indianapolis Colts. This had never happened for the team in 30 years.

After his run with Denver Broncos, he retired in 2016. His outstanding skills had him inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2017 and 2021, respectively. His exceptional performance as a professional NFL player for 18 seasons got him a tremendous deal with the Broncos, after which he bought his lovely mansion.

The Early Life of Peyton Manning

Peyton Williams Manning, aka Peyton Manning, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. His entire career made history, placing him as one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL. Manning won numerous awards and broke multiple records, including the fact that currently, he has the third highest passing touchdowns, at 539 throws.

Presently, Peyton has the highest net worth, at $250 million, amongst the famous players in the Manning family. In addition, his successful sporting career has earned him various endorsements from huge brands like Sony, Reebok, Master Card, ESPN, DirecTV, Spring, and Gatorade.

The Manning family has a long line of successful NFL players, starting with his father, Elisha Archibald Manning, commonly known as Archie Manning. Archie is a former NFL player who also played quarterback for 13 straight seasons. He played for teams like the New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, and the Houston Oilers.

While in college, Archie played for the University of Mississippi football team and Ole Miss Rebels. Archie was also inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame for his splendid performance. Archie Manning has also fathered three brothers.

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Two of his sons, Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, have taken in his footsteps and excelled resoundingly.

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Talk about football running in the Mannings blood!

Peyton Manning’s Family Life

Peyton Manning got married, in 2001, to his college sweetheart, Ashley Thompson.

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Together they have two children, a set of twins. The twins, a boy, and girl, are Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson, respectively.

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Peyton's twins were born on March 31, 2011.

Peyton’s Traditional Georgian Home in Cherry Hills Village

Peyton Manning retired six years back but still manages to make his impact off the field. He's still in a signed deal with Denver Broncos, so Peyton still lives in the Denver area.

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His home is located in Cherry Hills Village, South East of Denver, Colorado. His mansion spans 16,464 square feet across a 3.4-acre property. Manning bought it in 2012, costing him roughly $4.575 million. Currently, the home is worth $6,010,963, approximately.

The 16,464-square-foot, two-story Georgian-style mansion comprises of seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and other interesting living spaces. This Denver, Colorado estate is close to prominent schools such as Kent Denver and a hike away from Dove Valley.

Peyton’s Georgian-style Home Exterior

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Peyton's traditional Georgian-style home was built in 2004. It has seven bedrooms, seven individual full bathrooms, and three half bathrooms.

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There's a gated entrance with a wrought-iron fence that leads you to a winding driveway to Peyton's place. The driveway leads you to a carport with a large seven-car heated garage. And since we're in Colorado, the big house has a heated indoor and outdoor kennel in the compound that's attached to it.

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This property has a lovely well-manicured garden and a huge backyard that's spacious and expansive enough to hold family hangouts and or team events.

We were surprised that there’s no pool or hot tub on the property; however, the 3.4 acres of land is space enough for Peyton Manning and his wife to have one— or two!

There's a spacious veranda and patio at the front. The patio has a built-in grill that's perfect for hosting team barbecues. There's a second veranda on the second floor of this two-story home.

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The second-floor balcony provides a lovely lounge area that overlooks their well-maintained garden.

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Peyton and his wife have largely kept things simple to maintain a home that feels warm and homey. Let's head inside.

The Interior of Peyton’s Georgian-style Home

Besides the seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, this home has many interesting features. These include the safe room, underground wine cellar, billiards room, a separate media room, and even an elevator. This two-story home has custom inlaid black walnut flooring.

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The black walnut flooring in the interior gives the place a timeless vibe. This helps to preserve its opulence in years to come. A well-lit formal living area welcomes you to the house. The room has a rotunda open floor plan with window walls all round. It conveniently faces the garden area for a lovely view.

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Further into the house is the informal living room or family room. It has a lovely fireplace and piano to add character to the room. Peyton and his wife also maintain the traditional, contemporary style inside the house.

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The family room is connected to a lovely luxury kitchen with slab granite countertops, large island, top-quality appliances, and custom cabinetry/inlays.

The open kitchen plan accommodates an informal eating area and a formal dining room that are connected to it. Right adjacent to the kitchen is the butler’s walk-in pantry and china closet.

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The kitchen is also connected to an informal dining room that overlooks the garden. The window walls and glass doors run from wall to wall to let in beautiful sunny rays for a lovely Sunday morning breakfast.

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Further into the house is another dining area, the formal dining room. Again, Peyton and Ashley have kept things simple here, with a rustic, contemporary style.

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The home has lavish walk-in closets with custom cherry wood. These walk-in closets have an in-built island at the center.

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With seven bedrooms, we looked at one of the bedrooms. The bedrooms have wall-to-wall windows that let in plenty of light. The rustic contemporary style still manifests here as well.

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The main floor consists a master suite with a bathroom with a grand shower, a heated floor, and a wet bar and refrigerator.

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When any of the Mannings need to work, there's a lovely traditional study and two offices in the home.

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The elevator in the home runs through all three levels.

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There's a well-lit billiard room next to the bedrooms, with billiard and minimum decor elements.

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There's a lovely underground wood wine cellar that Peyton and Ashley stock up well.

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Peyton's home is simple yet elegant in its way. The contemporary, traditional design, both inside and outside, gives the home a pleasantly warm feel.

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