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We all want our lawns to look neat, with well-cut and healthy grass. I know you want a neat lawn too, that's why you're here, right? So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best lawn dethatchers, features, and their pros and cons and things to consider when you want to buy the best lawn dethatcher.

If your lawn is not growing healthily, even if you are taking care of it, then probably it's suffocated. Thick thatch and compacted soil can suffocate and starve your grass. But how is this happening? If the thatch is too thick or soil too compact, there is no freedom movement of air, water and nutrients.

You will need to dethatch your lawn with the best lawn dethatcher for best results, and your lawn will be healthy and even more beautiful. Let's see the best lawn dethatchers to get that job done well and fast.

1. Greenworks 10 Amp 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher, 27022

Greenworks 10 Amp 14” Corded Electric Dethatcher...
  • KEEP YOUR YARD HEALTHY : dethatch in early spring or early fall...
  • POWERFUL MOTOR : 10A motor provides the power you need to tackle...
  • 14” DETHATCHING PATH : allows you to complete jobs faster and...
  • 3-POSITION HEIGHT ADJUST : provides greater control by removing...
  • STAINLESS STEEL TINES : stays sharp longer for reliable...

This 14" machine from Greenworks is a corded electric dethatcher with a 10 Amp motor. It is one of the best dethatchers in the market and is made of stainless steel tines with three-position depth adjustment.

The depth adjustment provides you with more control and root out the thatch in your lawn and bring it to the surface where you can easily remove it. Greenworks is a reliable brand that offers a four-year warranty to their dethatchers which is quite reassuring. This 14" corded dethatcher is cheaper than most brands and performs efficiently to ensure your work is well done.

It has the best-designed wheels for an electric dethatcher, and that makes it very easy to manoeuvre as you dethatch your lawn. It is also easy to use and lightweight. These features make the dethatching process go smoothly.

Its 14-inch dethatching path makes your work done even faster. With this dethatcher, you will not only be keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful, but the environment will also benefit as this dethatcher is safe to use and does not release carbon emissions to the environment.

You also need not worry about storage space as this dethatcher has foldable handles for easy and compact storage. It also operates smoothly and with less noise.


  • Safe for the environment.
  • 4-year warranty.
  • Lightweight.
  • It is less pricey.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Foldable handles for easy storage.
  • Adjustable depth setting.


  • Lacks collection bag.
  • Can overheat.

2. Sun Joe AJ801E 13-Inch 12-Amp Electric Scarifier + Lawn Dethatcher

Sun Joe AJ801E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Dethatcher and...
  • [POWERFUL]: 12-amp motor rakes a 13" wide path to get your job...
  • [ADJUSTABLE DECK]: Tailor raking depth with 5-position depth...
  • [SCARIFIED]: Use the Scarified function to cut grass roots for...
  • [AIR BOOST TECHNOLOGY]: Spring steel tines for maximum thatch...
  • [INCLUDED]: Detachable thatch collection bag for easy disposal

Sun Joe electric scarifier and lawn dethatcher are ideal for revitalizing small to mid-sized lawns, as the collection bag fills quickly and will need emptying frequently. It is equipped with an adjustable depth function that enables you to remove thatch with different depths.

This makes it more efficient as you can go as deep as 0.4 inches into the soil and as high as 0.4 inches above the soil. The tines can be adjusted up to five levels.

Its 12 amp motor is powerful therefore does not need to be shut down periodically to prevent overheating. Its also equipped with air boost technology which maximizes thatch pickup with spring steel tines that remain sharp for a longer time to perform even better.

If you scarifier your lawn at regular intervals, the grassroots will be cut, and this will encourage the growth of thicker and healthier tuff. Isn't that what everybody wants for their lawn? This lawn dethatcher has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting, and you can instantly start it at the press of a button.

The Sun Joe dethatcher comes with a two-year warranty and is environmentally friendly as it does not release carbon into the atmosphere. This can be your new friend for a green and healthy lawn.


  • Very efficient in thatch removal.
  • Five-position depth control.
  • Easy to start and has a safety switch to prevent accidental starting.
  • Sharp spring steel tines.
  • Comes with a collection bag.
  • Includes scarifier.


  • Small collection bag.
  • Not suitable for large yards.
  • Does not come with an extension cord.

3. Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher for Attachment Gardening

Mantis 5222 Power Tiller Dethatcher Attachment for...
  • Dethatcher Turf Rake Attachment for Mantis 7000 Series Tiller...
  • Easily attaches to Mantis 7000 Series Tiller Cultivator
  • 60 Strong, flexible spring-steel picks gentle pull up thatch and...
  • Dethatches a 15-inch swath in a single pass with results that...
  • Tiller sold separately. Not compatible with the Mantis XP tiller...

This Mantis dethatcher dethatches a 15-inch swath in a single pass, making dethatching faster. However, it is compatible with a Mantis tiller, which is sold separately, and most are gas-powered.

So if you already have a mantis tiller, then this is the dethatcher to go for. It is efficient in thatch removal and leaves your lawn breathing well and grass growing healthy.

One of the key features includes 60 spring steel picks that ensure your lawn gets the best service. Thatch may harbor insects, create a water barrier and prevent your grass from growing well.

To solve that, dethatch your lawn regularly with a Mantis dethatcher before feeding and fertilizing. However, this attachment may not be ideal for you if your grass is surface-rooted as it can damage the root system.

It is easy to use as it only weighs approximately 12 pounds. You also don't need a lot of time to install, as it takes very little time and energy and you are set to start dethatching your lawn.


  • Very efficient in thatch removal.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not compatible with all mantis products.
  • Quite pricey.
  • Works best by pulling backwards.

4. Mantis 7321 Aerator/Dethatcher Combo Attachment Tillers

Mantis 7321 Aerator/Dethatcher Combo Attachment, Red
  • Aerator and Dethatched Attachment Combo Pack for the Mantis 7000...
  • Aerator perfect for use in compact, clay soil
  • Lawn care attachments are not recommended for surface-rooted...
  • Aerator cuts into soil under the lawn; dethatched quickly removes...
  • 60 spring-steel picks dethatch a 15-inch swath with a single pass

Your lawn needs specific services to be beautiful and healthy. Such services include aerating and dethatching. With this combo attachment, you will not only achieve that but also save time and money.

The Mantis dethatcher attachment quickly removes weeds and the tan-looking thatch that makes your lawn unhealthy. With the aerator, on the other hand, With the 60 spring steel picks, you can efficiently dethatch a 15-inch swath with one pass.

This aerator dethatcher combo is, however, only compatible with the Mantis 7000 series tiller/cultivators. This lawn dethatcher/aerator combo is very easy to use, and replacing the spring steel picks is also easy.


  • It removes thatch efficiently.
  • Aerator/dethatcher combo.
  • Easy to install.


  • Requires a lot of effort to use-it's heavy.
  • Not compatible with all Mantis models.
  • Not suitable for surface-rooted grasses.

5. Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow-Behind Dethatcher 45-0294

Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher 45-0294,Black
  • Tine de-thatcher uproots dead, matted grass and dislodges...
  • Twenty Durable spring tines for easy thatch removal; Penetrates...
  • Rust-proof and replaceable spring-loaded tines are heat-treated...
  • Transport handle for easy raising and lowering of the tines
  • Made in USA

This Agri-Fab Tine Tow Dethatcher is made in the USA. It is efficient in uprooting dead matted grass and dislodging hard-packed dirt for planting and can carry up to 70lbs.

It has twenty rust-proof and heat-treated spring tines that will ensure the thatch is easily removed. It also comes with a three-year consumer warranty. Agri-Fab dethatcher penetrates and turns grass, soil and weeds, with 40-inch wide swathes.

This ensures that a large area is covered within a short time, hence saving you time and energy. The dethatcher has a simple-to-use cantilever transport handle that makes raising and lowering the tines easier.

It is easy to move as it is equipped with two seven-inch wheels, and the hitch is universal and can easily and quickly attach to any tractor. Assembling the parts is a walk in the park, very easy and also the product is very sturdy. This dethatcher, however, has short hitch pins that make it a little hard to connect it to your tractor.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is very efficient in getting rid of lawn thatch.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is sturdy.
  • Heat-treated tines to last longer.
  • It can be used with any tractor as its hitch is universal.
  • Durable rust-proof tines.


  • Short hitches.
  • Occupies a lot of storage space.

Things to Consider when Buying the Best Lawn Dethatcher

So you may be wondering the type of lawn dethatcher to buy to get rid of the stubborn thatch in your lawn. After going through some of the best models, I understand if it gets a little hard to choose.

That's why I am here to guide you. When you want a good lawn dethatcher, you will not just go online and order or store and pick a specific model. You will first need to know how that product works and if it is suitable for the work you want to be done. Therefore, if you plan to buy a lawn dethatcher and somewhat feel confused about the model to buy, here are key features to look for in good lawn dethatchers.

a). Lawn Size

Your lawn size is one of the major things you should keep in mind when buying a lawn dethatcher. Some dethatcher models work greatly when the yard is small, but they may be wanting when subjected to a lot of work.

Therefore, keep in mind this important factor before you order that dethatcher. Ensure that you get the right model for your yard size.

For small lawns, a manual dethatcher can work perfectly. On the other hand, a larger yard will need a motorized dethatcher or a tow-behind dethatcher that attaches to a tractor.

b). Motor Power

Lawn dethatcher motors range from 10-15 amps, with 15 being the most powerful. Dethatching a large lawn will require a dethatcher with a more powerful motor; this is just to ensure that you don't take breaks to give the engine time to cool.

A larger motor will cool the engine as it works. However, a smaller yard will need a dethatcher with a small motor as the dethatcher's engine cannot overheat from little work.

c). Tines

When it comes to dethatching, it is the tines that do all the work. They reach into the lawn and remove all the thatch that is hidden beneath the grass. Without good tines, it is not possible to remove thatch.

Therefore, you need to ensure that you buy a lawn dethatcher with very powerful and durable tines. Stainless steel tines and spring tines are the best as they do not rust (this means they will last longer) and are also strong, meaning they will handle the resistance from the thatch during dethatching.

d). Dethatcher Width

Dethatchers come in different sizes, with the width ranging between 12 to 48 inches or more. This makes it easier to get smaller products for smaller yards and vice versa.

If your dethatcher is big, you will only make few passes before you finish removing thatch. However, if you use a dethatcher with a small width to work on a large yard, you may spend more time than you wanted.

However, it can be very difficult to manoeuvre a wide dethatcher in a narrow dethatching path. Keep this into consideration before you make that purchase.

e). Collection Bag

If your lawn dethatcher is bagless, you are likely to spend the better part of your day raking and removing the thatch from your lawn after dethatching. Therefore, before you decide to buy a bagless dethatcher, you need to know the available options.

However, even if you buy a bagless dethatcher with a mower with a bag, you can still get your work done faster because the mower will provide the service needed. Most dethatchers, however, come with collection bags.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Lawn Dethatcher

1. Is it good to dethatch your lawn?

There are times when your lawn will need dethatching, and it is advisable to remove the thatch when need be. Of importance is knowing when and how to dethatch. If you dethatch properly, your grass will start looking healthier and more beautiful.

2. Are electric dethatchers any good?

Electric dethatchers are good as they help you do the job easily and faster. As much as you will need to deal with the cable throughout the process, these dethatchers are very low maintenance.

3. How do you get rid of thatch naturally?

  • Keep the soil underneath the thatch layer moist
  • Collect your clippings until you have dealt with the thatch problem
  • Test the soil pH and add lime as required
  • Increase thatch degrading bioactivity
  • Improve soil aeration
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