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Best Power Inverter To Buy In 2024

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Electricity can be a challenging resource to use. Even if we use it every day, there is a lot that goes behind the scenes. You use it to charge your phones, watch tv, hot shower and more. However, we sometimes have devices that require specific power levels to operate. Failing to take note of such factors, means that you can easily damage your devices. However, taking note means that you can also invest in resources such as the best power inverter on the consumer market. 

A power inverter is an essential if you own many electrical devices. It helps convert the power supply from your car, to a suitable level for your devices. This way, your devices charge correctly, and you can even have adequate power to use small TVs and more.

In this guide, we have compiled some useful information to help you get a suitable inverter for your needs.

What is a Power Inverter?

A power inverter is a tool that converts low voltage DC power to your conventional household AC power. Also, an inverter lets you use household tools and electrical equipment, using the energy produced in your car, truck, or boat.

Typical Uses

Most power inverters rated at 300 watts can be connected to the battery of your car through the cigarette port. More so, they may also feature jumper-like cables, which you can use to connect directly to the battery. The larger types are often hardwired to vehicles for convenience. 

Also, inverters often feature one or more standard outlets, which you can use to different power devices. These include small screens, laptops, video game players, portable machines, and more. A DC to AC power inverter is ideal for use in camps or parks that don’t have electricity. You can use it to supply devices such as toasters, blenders, and more with electricity.

On your boat, you can also plug-in devices such as digital movie cameras, and capture videos if the battery runs out.

Power Inverter or Generator?

The choice all depends on the type of load, and how often you require emergency AC power for your needs. Usually, an inverter is much more economical to operate, especially when using tools under 1000watts. Thus, this makes it ideal for use with small appliances such as DVD players, VCRs, TVs, and more. 

If you want to operate large resources such as fridges, dryers, and more, then a generator would be the right choice. If your planned power needs surpass 2000wats, then go for a generator, which can accommodate such a load. Inverters are used to supply AC power from the battery in your car. More so, inverter/chargers are used to deliver backup AC power during emergencies, such as when there is a power outage.

Battery Basics

  • Ensure the batteries are in the right condition. Replace any old or weak batteries, before connecting them to the inverter.
  • Also, never use automotive batteries for repeated and prolonged discharge cycles. You might have to replace them more frequently than a deep cycle battery.
  • Deep cycle batteries are an excellent choice for power supply for inverters. They can accommodate issues such as repeated draining and recharging. Also, its good to have more than one battery supplying power to the inverter for your convenience.
  • The amp hour rating of the battery is most crucial when getting a battery for power supply purposes. It indicates the number of amps the battery can provide for a specific duration of time. It will also show how long the battery will operate before requiring a connection to a charger.
  • To improve battery life, ensure that you use more than 50% of the battery's capacity before recharging.
  • The reserve capacity shows the number of minutes a battery can provide a specific amount of power, and to a particular temperature rating. Usually, batteries discharge faster when used in low temperatures.

Safety Tips

  • Always use a power inverter with the correct rating for the device you want to operate. Also, avoid using adapters that would require more outlets than the inverter can accommodate.
  • When using the power inverter continuously in your car, which is stagnant, ensure that you run the engine a few times. This way, you ensure the car battery never runs out. Also avoid running your car in closed spaces, because it produces carbon monoxide gas.
  • Always use a power inverter that is rated high enough for the device(s) you are running and avoid adapters that would allow more outlets than the unit is designed to accommodate.
  • Power inverters work best with batteries, which are in good condition. Any poorly made battery will drain fast if the power demands are enormous. This can be inconveniencing, so ensure that you check the battery`s state before getting a power inverter.
  • If the power inverter is in use when the vehicle is running, such as during a road trip, then you should have no issue with its functions. This is all assuming that the battery and alternator in your car are in good condition.
  • Ensure the wiring system in your car can handle the current before installing the inverter in your car system. You may have to hardwire the tool directly to the battery for safe usage.
  • Also, ensure that your inverter is well ventilated. Even the smallest generator will produce heat when in use. Check to determine if the generator has a fan, and this is a must for any brand rated 100watts. Place it in a well-ventilated area when in use.
  • Check the user manual for the correct wire size for battery cables when you want to connect the inverter to your car. The best cable length would be between 4 to 10 feet in size. Avoid using aluminum cables, because they have higher resistance levels to the flow of current.
  • Using car batteries can have adverse side effects, and this can damage your devices or even injury. Thus, ensure you install all components and appliances correctly. If unsure, consult with a professional for your convenience.

Top 5 Power Inverter Reviews

1. BESTEK 500W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter

BESTEK 500W Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter...
  • BESTEK power inverter: America's #1 power inverter brand....
  • Powerful charging: Dual 110V AC outlets for powering larger...
  • Multi-Protection: Built-in 2*40 amps fuse to protect your device...
  • Quiet cooling fan: The smart cooling fan will automatically...
  • More you get: Comes with a car cigarette lighter plug (27.5...

The Bestek 500W Power Inverter is an excellent addition to your power supply regimen. It can provide an exceptional 500W continuous DC to AC power, and 1000watts of peak power. Even more, this unit features 2 AC outlets and 2 USB quick charging ports for convenient use. Also, the dual 110V AC outlets are perfect for powering large devices such as laptops and tablets or any device under 500watts. The two smart US ports are for charging your USB powered devices. Thus, this inverter is ideal for applications such as the outdoors when camping.

Thanks to the inbuilt 40 amps fuse, you are sure your devices are safe from damage. Safe charging technology provides optimal protection against overheating, under-voltage, and overload. Also, the smart cooling fan rotates automatically at different speeds, and in relation to the power load and temperature. 

It’s a design that helps to reduce fan noise. Plus, the high-speed cooling fan protects the inverter against overheating. The inverter even features a cigarette lighter plug and a pair of alligator battery clamps for your convenience. Made using a durable aluminum alloy shell, this unit solid and durable. It can withstand various types of environments, and even protect the internal components of your devices.


  • Comes with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB quick charging ports
  • Dual 110V AC outlets for large devices
  • Inbuilt 40-amp fuse protects your devices
  • The smart cooling fan rotates at different speeds for ease of use


  • Warms when used for long durations

2. Foval 150W Car Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Converter

FOVAL 150W Car Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC...
  • Premium 150w car power inverter with 2 USB ports and 1 AC...
  • Travel kit: just about credit card size - 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches,...
  • Mufti-Protection: built-in fuse to protect your device, stable...
  • Durable metal housing provides advanced protection from drops and...

With the Foval 150W car power inverter, you have a powerful and simple to use a power supply unit for your needs. It comes with dual USB ports, which you can use to charge your phones and tablets at the same time. More so, the AC outlets are ideal for charging lights, breast pumps, gaming consoles, TVs, and more. The space-saving and easy storage design also makes power supply way much convenient. The inverter even has an aluminum shell design, which offers years of longevity, and also makes this unit durable. 

Thanks to the inbuilt fuse, this generator will protect your device from any issues such as overvoltage. The stable charging design protects against overheating, under-voltage, short-circuiting, and overcharging. Plus, the durable metal housing offers advanced protection from bumps and drops.

With its integrated cooling fan, this unit helps reduce heat and stops short-circuiting issues. It also features a car travel charge companion. The charger is perfect for road trips, the outdoors, and more. The generator is also simple to use, and you just have to plug into the cigarette lighter port for ease of use.


  • Space-saving and aluminum shell design
  • Portable and lightweight weighs 8oz
  • Multi-protection from short circuits and more
  • Comes with smart cooling fan


  • Need to have adapters and controllers to work

3. Cantonape 1000W/2000W(Peak) Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter

Cantonape 1000W/2000W(Peak) Car Power Inverter DC 12V...
  • POWERFUL OUTPUT: Convert power of DC 12V to AC 110V 60Hz....
  • INTELLIGENT LCD DISPLAY: The LCD display shows: input / output...
  • MULTI-PROTECTION: 2 Built-in 50A fuses to protect your device. 6...
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Built-in temperature control cooling fan....
  • WIDE APPLICATION: The sockets are designed to easily insert two...

Powerful, intelligent, and dynamic. These are just some of the few right words you can use to describe the Cantonape 1000W car power inverter. It can deliver an exceptional 1000 watts continuous sine wave power and a 2000w peak power level. More so, it also features two AC outlets, and dual 3.1A USB ports, for multi-purpose charging. 

The intelligent LCD will show various metrics such as input, output voltage, battery capacity, the load capacity. This way, it's easy to know the battery status, and the loads on your battery as well. Plus, the multi protection design features inbuilt 40A fuses, that will protect your device from damage. This inverter offers six kinds of protection, including overheating, short-circuiting, overload, and more.

Also, this power inverter has a unique design, which features an inbuilt temperature control cooling fan. The makers have also done well to include 2pcs of battery clips and a 24-inch cigarette lighter plug along with the inverter. Thus, you will find it easy to plug in this inverter into almost any vehicle.


  • Powerful output of DC 12V to AC 110V 60Hz
  • Intelligent LCD shows input and output voltage
  • Multiprotection against short circuits and more
  • Comes with inbuilt cooling fan


  • The LCD is not bright enough for some users

4. IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC Outlets

IpowerBingo Power Inverter 1000W/2000W Dual AC Outlets...
  • [1000W High Power Inverter] - Come with professional and free...
  • [Compact and Durable Aluminum Housing] -2.8lb weight is portable...
  • [Unique Outlets Design and Broad Applications] - The outlets are...
  • [100% Fast Charging] - Dual 110V AC Outlets ideal for charging...
  • [Multi-Protection] - Built-in 3 replaceable 50A fuses.Safe...

Make power supply way much more convenient when you have the IpowerBingo Power Inverter. This unit comes with a professional and free cigarette lighter port for your convenience. Also, the generator can produce 1000watts of peak power, and 2000 watts of surge power. It can also convert a 12V DC battery power to a standard 110V AC unit.

To make things better, this unit features dual 110V AC outlets, which are ideal for charging laptops, fans, game consoles, and more. The fast 3.1 A USB charging ports are suitable for fast charging various types of devices. These include smartphones, iPods, and more.

The multi-protection design features two replaceable 40A fuses, which ensure your device is safe from any kind of damage. The temperature-controlled cooling fan is also convenient and suitable for use with your device. The safe charging design has overvoltage, under-voltage, short circuit protection, and more. It also weighs 2.8lbs, which makes it highly portable for your needs. The durable aluminum body also provides optimal protection and convenient cooling benefits.

The inverter is available with a battery clamp cord for ease of setup and installation. The outlets are highly convenient to make it easy to plug in two large-sized plugs at the same time. You can even use a USB cable to connect the car cigarette lighter sockets to power your device. The inverter also lets you use the 12v battery system to connect with it to power your device, at home, or outdoors.


  • Comes with a free cigarette lighter port for convenience
  • Fast charging port for smartphones
  • Multi-protection design featuring two replaceable fuses
  • Compact and durable aluminum housing


  • Could use much more durable clips

5. APINEE Premium 150W Car Power Inverter Tablet, Camera, etc

Car Power Inverter,150W Power Inverter for Car, Car...
  • 【SUITABLE FOR MULTI DEVICES】: Unlike most power inverter just...
  • 【COMPACT SIZE AND WIDELY USED】: Just about credit card...
  • 【LONG USING LIFE】: With Integrated silent cooling fan, APINEE...
  • 【MUFTI-PROTECTION】: The built-in Replaceable 20A fuse safe...
  • 【SALES GUARANTEE】: 2-years warranty, return and refund...

Managing your power supply has never been this easy. Why? Well, the APINEE premium car power inverter comes with all the features you need to enjoy quality power. For instance, it features dual USB outputs, a 2.1A and 1A port for your convenience. This way, you can charge phones and tablets at the same time. Even more, the AC outlet can charge a laptop, breast pump, game console, TV, and more. You will also find the aluminum shell durable and lightweight to move around. 

The heavy-duty design offers fall and bump protection benefits. The inverter is available with a standard three plug design for your convenience. Plus, the easy plug and battery indicator make it easy to use this generator. It even features indicator lights, which activate when the generator is in operation. You will find it easy to set up in your car, and it really works well with most handheld devices. 

The makers of the APINEE car inverter have also done well to include convenient features for your needs. Yes, it’s a power inverter with exceptional safety and ease of use functions. The cigarette lighter inverter features inbuilt fuses, which will prevent overheating and more. Best of all, the durable structure of this charger makes it perfect for longevity.


  • 2 USB ports and AC outlets for convenient
  • Durable and portable aluminum shell
  • Compact size weighs just 8oz
  • Multi-protection fuse for various issues


  • Replacing the fuse on this unit is not easy


There is no room for improvisation when it comes to handling your power supply needs. You need to make good decisions, which includes owning the correct power supply tools. In this guide, we have provided you with the correct information you need to get the best power inverter for your needs. With a good inverter, you will find it easy to power your favorite devices, from your car, RV, boat and more.

However, as with all electrical appliances, you also need proper safety techniques when using these tools. We have recommended some useful tips as well.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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