Is it worth it to replace the garage door?

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If the garage door in your home is acting up, then a logical train of thought might lead you to the question of whether you should repair or replace it. And whether or not replacing the door will be worth it or not. 

To be fair, without knowing the exact state of issues in your garage door, it is difficult to comment on whether you should or should not replace it. But, remember that a faulty garage door can vastly compromise the security of your home and the people inside it. 

If replacing the garage door would remove that security issue, then it is definitely worth it. 

Still not convinced? Okay, let us go through some of the important reasons why you should consider replacing the faulty garage door


As already mentioned above, the most important feature or characteristic of the garage door should be security. It should be solid with no gaps and should lock well. If your garage door lacks these things, then you should definitely consider replacing it. 

replace the garage door

Simple faults can be easily repaired but if the faults in question are a botched locking system or if the garage door does not close all the way, then it is not alright to simply repair it. Depending on the amount of damage, a repair or weather stripping job may not fix the issue. This will make your garage susceptible to thievery and even critters and get inside from within the gaps. 

Think about it, the garage houses your car, maybe a washing machine, an extra freezer, some tools and all. What if robbers discover your vulnerable garage door and steal stuff from inside? Not a very nice thing to think about is it? 

Yes, that is why you keep the security of your home updated at all times and if that involves replacing the garage door, then so be it. 

Investment for your Home

Whenever you buy or make a home, it becomes a real estate property under your ownership. That automatically means that it is liable to undergo the effects of the changes in the financial market and change its value according to it. 

Thus keeping your home maintained may be profitable in the future when you might have to sell the house and move somewhere. To get a good value on the property, it should obviously be in a good condition. 

And the garage is one of the first things that people notice when they see your house. Having a malfunctioning or broken garage will bring down the aesthetic value of your house and eventually the financial value of it as well. 

So, think of replacing the garage door as a positive investment after real estate that will bring you good returns in the future. 

Lowered energy bills for your home

Modern garage doors cost quite a lot but did you know that these doors will end up saving you quite some money in the long run? A well-insulated garage door reduces your carbon footprints by a lot thus making it not only energy efficient but also cheaper when it comes to energy bills. 

The reason behind this is simple, your garage door essentially acts as a solid barrier between the insides of your home and the outside nature. If the inside temperature of your home is not as affected by the changes in weather outside, then you will not be required to use temperature-changing devices such as heaters and coolers as much. 

This ends up reducing the carbon footprint of your home as a whole and also brings down energy bills. 

Use your garage as a store room

Using the garage space as a store room is nothing out of the ordinary. You may have bought a property with a garage space but don’t own a car. Why let all that space go to waste?  Instead, you can make it into a storage room. 

But that storage also needs security, which can be assured by a sturdy garage door. And if in the future you do buy a car, then that will need security too. So why not keep the place ready? 

Safe against Weather 

If you live in an area prone to frequent storms and cyclones, then you know exactly what kind of damage one night of a raging storm can do. If the installations on your property are quite old then you might wake up the next morning to see the much dreaded garage door gaps on sides at best and a broken or crushed garage door at worst. 

Now, it is safe to say that these gaps that develop because of damage cannot and should not be repaired temporarily unless you want a repeat of the same thing. So, the best course of action here is to get a new garage door. This will save you from having to repair the door every time your area undergoes a cyclone or storm. 

The appearance of your Home

How your house looks should be something you take pride in. Imagine this, you have a beautifully painted home with a trimmed driveway, and all but the old, rusty, and broken garage door sticks out like a sore thumb. 

You may wonder if appearance and aesthetics are enough of a reason to buy a new garage door but the thing is, if the door is already in a state of disrepair then you will have to replace it sooner or later. So why not do it now? 

Final Thoughts

After all, is said and done, security is probably the most motivating factor behind wanting to get a new garage door. But that may not always be the case. You might already have a secure door but need more space. 

In that case, you may one to get roller garage doors that are convenient and easy to use and also occupy much less space to be set up. 

The case of every home is different and you should carefully see if the pros of getting a new door for your home will outweigh the cons. If they do, then you have your answer. 

Ian Mutuli

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