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Best Box Cutter & Utility Knives for Architects & Designers

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Apart from cutting boxes or tearing through packaging, a box cutter has different applications. Nowadays, box cutters have intuitive designs that make them essential tools as an architect or a designer in your toolbox. The same case applies to the utility knife. Therefore, if you're an aspiring/professional architect or a designer, the best box cutter and utility knives are a must-have in your profession with no doubts.

Why Do You Need Box Cutter And Utility Knives?

You'll note that the words box cutter and utility are occasionally used interchangeably; however, utility knives are made for building professionals like architects and designers. These knives can do much more than just slicing through cardboard and packing tape; though a pocket knife can do the job, the best utility knife will do it safer and is durable.

As a designer or an architect, the best box cutter and utility knife will help you strip materials and help you make precise cuts and designs for your projects. However, choosing the right box cutter or utility knife will largely depend on your preferences and needs since different designs come with different benefits.

What is the best box cutter?

Now, with that in mind, let's check out the best box cutters and utility knives in this category.

1. Slice Box Cutter-10400-3 Position Manual Button

Slice 10400 Box Cutter, 3 Position Manual Button with...
  • 3-Position Manual Slider Button allows blade to stay locked in 3...
  • Zirconium Oxide Ceramic Blade with Rounded Tip for Safety =...
  • 1 Slice Ceramic Blade = Up to 20 Metal Blades = Less Blade...
  • Ceramic Blade only protrudes 1/2" - designed primarily for...
  • To cut paper and thinner items please try the Slice 00116...

If you're looking for the best box cutter that comes with a stylish design, count on the Slice Box Cutter-10400. The knife features a fully retractable ceramic blade and three-position, which always keeps you in control of any cutting you are doing. In addition, the two open blade positions usually allow you to cut to a depth of 8mm, making double-walled cardboard or other packing materials hassle-free.

The box cutter features a zirconium oxide ceramic blade which is finger-friendly for a secure cutting experience. Also, the U-shape design of the cutter makes it easy for one-handed operation. In addition, the cutter remains sharp for up to 10 times longer than steel blades. Furthermore, the unique shape allows you to hook it on your pocket for easy storage, plus the tool comes in an option of either orange or green.

The ceramic blade projects 1/2-inch and is designed mainly for cutting foam, vinyl, corrugated packaging, boxes, cardboard, and more others. However, if you want to cut paper and other thinner items, try the Slice Mini Box Cutter, Slice 00116 Precision Cutter, or use the Pointed Blades 10408.


  • Its unique U-shape makes it easy to control when using
  • Easy to store in pockets and on hooks
  • It remains sharp for up to 10 times longer than steel blades
  • Finger-friendly blade for a secure cutting experience.


  • Some customers the shape too much and prefer a conventionally shaped knife.

2. Pacific Handy Cutter S5R Safety Box Cutter

Pacific Handy Cutter S5R Safety Cutter, Right Handed...
  • SAFE, PRECISE CUTTING - Designed with a sturdy metal protective...
  • INTEGRATED FOLD-OUT FILM CUTTER - The ergonomically designed...
  • HEAVY DUTY TAPE SPLITTER - A sturdy metal bladeless tape splitter...
  • MULTIPLE BLADE DEPTHS - Three adjustable blade depth positions...

Here we got another one that qualifies to be the best safety box cutter that you will not regret using. It is constructed with sturdy material and a protective guard that keeps you and the box contents safe during usage.

The ergonomically built handle includes a fold-out, recessed blade film cutter and is ideal for safely cutting shrink-wrap, plastic straps, twine, and other materials. In addition, the blade of the film cutter is replaceable, so you can get a replacement when it becomes dull.

A robust metal bladeless tape splitter slices through even reinforced fiber tape safely and effortlessly, reducing blade exposure while cutting tape, thus preventing injuries and extending the blades' life. In addition, the blade comes out in multiple depths, three depth positions that let you have a controlled and reliable cutting.

You'll also love how easy and fast it is to change blades. You do not need any tools, and also, the storage compartment is large enough to hold up to five additional blades; how amazing!


  • The storage compartment holds up to five extra blades
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use


  • Comes with a single blade

3. Sheffield 12113 Ultimate Lock Back Utility Knife

Sheffield 12113 Ultimate Lock Back Utility Knife,...
  • PATENTED QUICK-CHANGE BLADE MECHANISM: Nothing to unscrew when...
  • LOCK BACK RELEASE: Box knife features the same lock back release...
  • BUILT WITH SAFETY IN MIND: Much safer than retractable utility...
  • POWERFUL WORK KNIFE: Our box cutters are more than just box...
  • FOLDING UTILITY KNIFE FULL SPECS: 6 inches open length, 3-1/2...

Don't let the Sheffield 12113 ultimate lock-back utility knife's diminutive 3.5-inch (when folded) size mislead you. This utility knife opens up to a six-inch workhorse of a cutter, and its more minor exposed cutting edge makes it safer than other retractable knives.

It glides effortlessly through carpet, rope, rubber, leather, and more when it comes to getting the job done. Thanks to a patented sliding system with a quick-change snap-lock, the blade is easy to reach and remove.

This utility knife has a built-in belt loop to wear on a belt or a purse. In addition, this Sheffield utility knife has blades that are easy to replace, and you don't need to remove anything in the process.

A multi-purpose knife can be used to cut delicate textiles in various situations. It has narrow edges and a small handle to make even the most difficult tasks a little simpler.


  • Blade replacement is easy
  • Compatible with the standard blades
  • Versatile
  • Non-slip handle for a firm grip


  • Comes with a single blade
  • Not for heavy-duty tasks

4. Kutir Retractable Box Cutter Utility Knife

Kutir Retractable Box Cutter Utility Knife - Easy Self...
  • ✔ Safety Lock - This Self-Loading utility knife contains a...
  • ✔ Comfortable Handle - Professional grade heavy-duty...
  • ✔ 5 Extra Blades - The electroplated blades are extremely sharp...
  • ✔ Great Gift Idea - Our ergonomic utility knife is the perfect...

The KUTIR Box Cutter Utility Knife has five 18mm electroplated self-loading razors that can raise the sharpness of the ground cutting edge by three times. In addition, the ergonomic TPR handle is designed for maximum stability and comfort.

The slip-free handle is heavy-duty stainless steel and is light in weight, making it easier to manage during difficult and strenuous tasks. In addition, Kutir's small and slip-resistant design ensures dependability and longevity.

When not in use, the KUTIR Box Cutter Utility Knife incorporates a protective auto headlock for your safety and incident protection, making it one of the top safety box cutters and the best folding utility knife.


  • Comes with five additional blades
  • Self-loading blades
  • Heavy-duty blades


  • Easy to unhook

5. WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife-Box Cutter

WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife Quick-change Box Cutter,...
  • Safe to use. This knife cutter is built with quality steel handle...
  • Quick-change mechanism. Your brand new work knife comes with an...
  • Portable & lightweight design. Our box cutter knife is...
  • Use for various applications. Our utility knife is built to last....
  • Long-lasting utility blades. Our utility knife is made from...

You can bet on the WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife for the best utility knife that comes with blades capable of cutting more than thin packing materials and cardboard. This utility knife comes with a folding design that hosts a razor-sharp blade to cut through a hose, vinyl, and more rigid materials. Also, the cutter has an anti-slip ABS handle, which usually offers more security. Moreover, the ergonomic handle fits your hands, so no worry about the blade slipping off your hand while working.

The folding knife comes with a built-in thumb rest that keeps your thumb distant during use and lets you apply more pressure while cutting more rigid materials. Also, the knife has a back lock design that usually keeps your blades safely in place when in use, allows you to have a one-handed opening and closing, and safe transport and storage. Furthermore, the built-in stainless steel clip makes in-pocket storage easy.

The utility knife features a quick-change mechanism that lets you safely change the blades and helps in preventing injury. If you want to change the blades, push the blade's headcover and drop down the blade's cover. In addition, the knife is compatible with most standard utility blades for extra convenience. Moreover, the knife is portable and durable since it's made from quality steel, plus you can use it for different jobs like cutting through paper, plastic, cartons, cloth, drywall, PVC, leather, and much more.


  • Features belt clip for easy storage
  • The razor-sharp blade can cut through more rigid materials such as PVC and drywall to be ideal for architects and designers.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with safety features


  • The blade being such sharp is more likely to cause severe injuries in an accident.

6. Fixson Utility Knife Box Cutter, 9-MM Retractable Razor Blades Knifes, (6 Packs)

Fixson Utility Knife 9-MM Box Cutter (6 PACK)...
  • Snap-off blade utility knife is designed to be lightweight and...
  • Safety blade lock allows you to lock in the blade at the...
  • Snap-off utility knife contains a blade that slides out from it
  • The multipurpose box cutter utility knife are great to use in...

If you want to buy the box cutters for yourself and your colleague architects, we recommend the Fixson Utility Retractable knives. This utility knife set features six non-folding knives, each of which boasts a razor-sharp carbon steel blade. Also, these blades come with a design, meaning you can snap away from the dull blades when they become blunt to expose a fresh blade. Moreover, the blade knives are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry and use.

The pack comes with two yellow, green, red knives and ten spare blades. The convenient design of the knives features a built-in safety lock and a belt clip which usually allows you to hook it on pockets for easy storage. Moreover, the safety blade lock lets you lock the blade at the exact measurement you need. These multipurpose box cutters are ideal for use in construction projects and warehouses.


  • Ideal for use by architects and designers in their projects
  • Come in a six-pack, so you have an option; if one gets blunt, you snap it away and get a new blade
  • Feature belt clip for easy storage
  • Come with a compact, lightweight design and is easy to carry and use.


  • The thin design may easily break when cutting hard materials.

What are the Types of Utility Knife Blades?

Box cutters come with different blade types. However, the blade type does not affect the knives' functionality.

a). Standard Utility Blades

These are the trapezoidal razor blades commonly found on full-size utility knives. Their shape provides sharp and pointed edges for cutting various materials with various thicknesses and compositions, including cardboard boxes.

b). Snap-Off Blades

Standard wedge-type blades for smaller hobby knives and heavier-duty segmented blades are available as snap-off blades. Some manufacturers provide these in various thicknesses and materials, so consider the application and the materials you'll be cutting.

c). Hook Blades

Hook blades are suitable for quickly cutting linoleum or carpet and other comparable materials; they come in various diameters and might have blunt ends or be single-sided or dual-sided. The Linoleum blade is a variation, usually single-sided and has a single arched blade hook.

d). Round Point Utility Blades

These blades are similar to regular utility blades except for the blunted points. This prevents unintentional stabbing while providing optimal cutting capability across various materials. These may be required on some job sites for safety reasons.

e). Carpet Blades

Carpet blades are rectangular and double-sided. You can use them with any specialty utility knives that they can fit in.

When Buying the Best Box Cutter And Utility Knife, What are the factors to consider?

1. Types Of Box Cutters

Box cutters usually come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. From their construction and design to their blade movement, the type of box cutter you choose will determine how effective it is at everything from comfort and control while cutting to ease of use. Here are the main types of box cutters:

  • Fixed blades- This box cutter type comes with a non-movable blade that usually stays securely locked in position as you cut. They also come with no frills and no extra mechanisms.
  • Breakaway blades-This box cutters are an entirely different spin from a standard box-cutter. They come with segmented blades, which are easily broken off, meaning you will keep looking for a replacement blade.
  • Retractable blades- These box cutter types have a little more safety and functionality than a standard box-cutter. They come with blades that can fully retract into the knife handle when not in use. Besides, with a thumb-controlled sliding mechanism, you can slide the knife blade out when you need it. Besides, this is a handy feature since it prevents you from accidentally contacting the blade.
  • Folding box cutter - If you just use your knife once in a while, a folding utility knife is ideal. They are smaller and more portable and are safe to keep in your pocket because the blade is covered when the knife is folded.

2. Blade Materials

When shopping for the best utility knives, consider the blade materials. You will find that box cutters and utility knife models are made with different materials, but the common ones tend to be stainless steel and steel. When shopping, whether you prefer fixed blade knives or removable razor blade knives, pay attention to the blade materials. We recommend stainless steel blades since they are rust-resistant.

3. The Material Type Of The Box Cutter And Pocket Utility Knife

Apart from considering the blade material, you need to pay attention to the construction of the knife and cutter. Ensure the knife is solid and reliable to handle any task at hand.

Here are the most common materials used in the construction of a knife.

  • Plastic –This material is commonly found in most box cutters and utility knives, making the products more affordable. However, it can't endure too much pressure; therefore, it is best to use it for easy tasks.
  • Wood –Wood is primarily used in the handle and not overall construction. The most common type of woods is blackwood and rosewood. However, the only wood material you should avoid is softwood since it is not sturdy enough for a handle.
  • Steel – Steel material can be a bit pricey and bulky than other materials. However, steel knives are reliable, robust, and easily cut through different surfaces.
  • Stainless steel – This material requires minimal maintenance since it contains chromium which makes the traditional pocket knife or any other knife resistant to corrosion and rust. Besides, you can use this utility knife for different purposes, and it's weather-resistant.
  • Aluminum – This material is lightweight; however, it is not a very reliable or durable option. Such utility knives usually look lovely with their sharp cutting edge but can only slice through softer materials.

4. Blade Position

When looking for the best box cutter, the blade position is an essential consideration since the position of the blades in all box cutters, and utility knives are not usually the same. You can choose between a blade straight or a slightly angles position. However, you need to know that most straight blade designs are not foldable. Besides, there are different possibilities for the blade angle, with the most common one being curved at a 45-degree angle.

5. Blade Storage

Remember that blade storage is vital when looking for a quality knife. Folding knives offer onboard blade storage, and you will find that they can hold up to six blades. This built-in storage usually helps to reduce the time needed to complete a task since you don't have to go about looking for a blade.

6. Safety Features

You can't overlook safety, especially when working with sharp-cutting tools. First, you should check whether the knife has an auto-retractable blade or not. This feature means that the blade usually retracts slowly inside the storage with a click of a button. You don't need to worry about accidental injuries or cuts when buying a blade with this feature since you are secure.

7. Extra Features

Some box cutters and utility blade knives come with additional features that you can't afford to miss! For example, you might get extra blades, a gut hook, sharpening pencils or textured slider, a wire stripper, or something else. These accessories are handy if you plan to use the box cutters for applications other than opening boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Box Cutter And Utility Knife

1. What's The Difference Between A Utility Knife And A Box Cutter?

A box cutter and a utility knife are the same tools. Although they can go by different names, utility knives and box cutters are interchangeable.

2. How Dangerous Are Utility Blade Knives?

Utility blade knives can sometimes pose some danger as their sharp cutting edges can cause lacerations on the fingers or hands. Nonetheless, if you go for a retractable blade utility knife or one with a safety lock, you can minimize the risk of cuts. Also, these knives have sharp blades, which means that if you are not careful while using them, you may prick or cut yourself.

3. What's A 6" Utility Knife Used For?

A 6-inch utility knife is usually smaller than a cook's but larger than a paring knife, making it ideal for different tasks. It's like a versatile paring knife and is ideal for onions, mincing shallots, herbs, and cutting small meats or vegetables.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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