Best Pool Alarm for Enhanced Safety in the Pool Area

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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Your swimming pool might be a great place to bond with family and friends but, without a close eye on this area, accidents can easily occur. Children and adults can unintentionally fall into the pool, and if no one is aware, drowning is a possibility. Fortunately, just like smoke detectors and carbon dioxide monitors, you can set up the best pool alarm as part of your home security solution.

This article explores the most suitable options among pool alarms and what to think about before purchasing.


1. Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm

Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm
  • Easy to install with no damage to your pool
  • Adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms
  • Works in any type, shape, or size pool or spa
  • In house remote receiver
  • Multiple alarms can be used in larger pools

If you are looking for the best pool alarm system on the market, it's the Pool Patrol PA 30 Pool Alarm. It features an easy installation process which makes it ideal for anyone looking to make the pool area a bit safer. This pool alarm is perfectly designed to enhance your security rather than replacing it.

The Pool Patrol alarm system comprises a transmitter and a receiver that can detect and alert you when there is any intrusion in your pool. A downside to this item is that it might fail to identify gradual entry into the pool.

To reduce false alarms, you should turn the floatation base to adjust the sensitivity of the device. The modifications should only be 1/4 turn at a time, and after each adjustment, you should test the alarm. As one of the most versatile options, you can use this pool alarm in a pool of any type, shape, and size.

The in-house remote receiver will make it convenient for you to know when there is a disturbance in the pool without having to be physically close by. If you have a large swimming pool, it will be better to have several alarms since one might not cut it.


  • Easy to set up
  • Allows for sensitivity adjustment
  • Reduced chance of false alarms
  • The plastic build makes it corrosion free


  • Pricey
  • Doesn't detect gradual pool entry

2. Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System

lifebuoy Pool Alarm System - Pool Motion Sensor with...
  • πŸ’‚ Lifebuoy alarms are equipped with motion detector sensors...
  • βœ”οΈLifebuoy Pool Alarm devices have an innovative state of the...
  • πŸ“± Lifebuoy pool alarm system comes with a smart Bluetooth app...
  • βš™οΈ Setting up is easy! All batteries are included - just...
  • 🏊 Lifebuoy uses a smart feature named Swim Mode. When Swim...

In second place, we have the Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System, which is specially designed to audibly notify you the moment someone falls into the swimming pool. It is one of the best pool alarm systems thanks to the numerous sensors and cutting edge microprocessor which can keep tabs on your pool area.

The long-range radio frequency this alarm runs on makes it a reliable and versatile option. You can deactivate it when you want to take a swim, but if it detects no movement after 10 minutes, it automatically reactivates. This ensures that you will be in the know if someone accidentally slips into the pool.

The Bluetooth capabilities of the Lifebuoy pool alarm make it possible to use the Lifebuoy App to configure and manage your alarm. The app allows you to adjust sensitivity, control the alarm state, or change the alert length.

Even when you remove the pool cover, this alarm will ring, which means that it can work effectively even when the pool is covered. It can work with a diverse range of pools, including jacuzzis, ornamental pools, garden ponds, spas, and more. The light and compact design make it a portable model, which increases its appeal.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Comes with a phone app
  • Adjustable sensitivity


  • There's no way to recharge or change the batteries
  • Expensive

3. Pooleye Inground/Aboveground Immersion Pool Alarm

PoolEye Immersion Mountable Pool Alarm Compatible with...
  • ASTM-certified for pools up to 16 x 32; For recommended...
  • WATER MOTION SENSOR – Be prepared with the PoolEye Immersion...
  • DUAL PROTECTION - A Poolside and an in-home remote alarm are...
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Mounting hardware is included for inground...

Third, our list of the best pool alarms is the Pooleye Immersion pool alarm which comes with an underwater motion sensor to add an extra level of pool safety. It's an easy-to-install model that is battery-operated. You'll need to attach it to the pool deck or top rail to ensure it's immoveable.

Setting up this unit requires a hands-on approach, but the package will come with the necessary hardware. You'll have to remove this pool alarm from the swimming pool if the water temperature drops to under 32 degrees Fahrenheit since it will be susceptible to damage.

The motion sensor has a sub-surface wave detection which means that you won't get many false alarms because of rain or wind movement. Nevertheless, the sensors are so sensitive that they can detect the slightest changes in the pool water.

You'll also get a magnetic key for resetting the alarm sensor and an in-home remote alarm to ensure you are aware whenever someone falls into the pool.


  • Loud enough
  • In-home alarm
  • Installation hardware included


  • No remote shutoff available
  • Numerous false alarms

4. Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool Alarm Kit

Safety Turtle New 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm...
  • Not backward compatible. Will not work with old T101 bands.
  • Cute design makes kids want to wear!
  • MULTIPLE USERS - Multiple turtle bands can be added to one...
  • NO PROGRAMMING NECESSARY - This simple system will have you up...
  • Kit Includes: 1 Safety Turtle ST501 (Base Station, Turtle...

If you'd prefer a more child-friendly pool alarm system, you can go with the Safety Turtle 2.0 alarm kit, which has an adorable design that your kids will love. It looks like a green turtle bracelet. One of the things to love about this option is that it can accommodate several users, thanks to the multiple turtle bands that come in the package. This makes it the best wearable pool alarm you can buy.

You won't need to program anything since the alarm system only requires you to plug in the base, test the wristbands, and voila, you'll be good to go. However, the base will have to be within 200 feet of the pool.


  • Child-friendly design
  • Suitable for kids and pets
  • Also operates in saltwater pools
  • Two wristband alarms
  • It can fit any child's wrist size


  • You'll require an included magnetic key to unlock the wristbands.

5. PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm

PoolEye Aboveground Pool Immersion Alarm – Battery...
  • WATER MOTION SENSOR – Be prepared and armed with the PoolEye...
  • EASY TO INSTALL – The PoolEye Pool Alarm is battery powered and...
  • FEWER FALSE ALARMS – The water motion sensor features...
  • POOLSIDE SIREN – The PoolEye Aboveground Pool Alarm emits a...
  • The bracket is adjustable and can accommodate a pool wall up to a...

We also have the PoolEye Pool alarm, which features an underwater motion sensor to ensure your pool area is safer for everyone on your premises. This battery-operated pool alarm is easy to install since all the hardware you need for the setup is included in the package.

You can install it under the top ledge and adjust the sensitivity using a switch for a customized and secure experience. This sensitive alarm is great for detecting when someone or something falls into the pool, but the sub-surface wave detection function is meant to reduce false alarms.

This poolside siren is loud enough to notify nearby people when someone unexpectedly enters the water. It is one of the best pool alarms you can get for your home pool.


  • Quick installation
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Installation hardware included
  • Easy to turn off and reset


6. PoolGuard Safety Buoy Above Ground Pool Alarm

PoolGuard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Above Ground Pool Alarm,...
  • NSF Certified to the ASTM Standard F2208
  • Made in the USA; The Poolguard β€œSafety Buoy” comes with an in...
  • For Above Ground Pools & Spas
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • In House Remote Receiver

The Poolguard Safety Buoy is designed to keep your above-ground pool from pool-related accidents that can be avoided. You can use it with various above-ground pools, including soft-sided, quick-set, and portable swimming pools.

This NSF-approved alarm features sub-surface detection technology and an in-house remote receiver. One of the downsides of this model is that you can permanently deactivate it after installation, and you'll have to settle for the sleep mode function. This setting allows you to remove the alarm from the pool without triggering the alarm sounds.

After the setup, the Poolguard Safety Buoy automatically turns on and runs an operational test to show you that it works.


  • Automatic operation after installation
  • Sleep mode when it's time to swim
  • Alarm sounds when this unit is removed from the pool water


  • No sensitivity adjustment functions
  • Can give a false alarm due to wind or rain

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Alarm 

1. Types of Pool Alarms

Pool alarms come in four different forms based on how and where they detect the disturbance. You should go with any of the following systems;

  • Gate/Door Alarms

These pool alarms are situated at the pool's gate or the doors leading to the pool area. They are triggered whenever the gate or door is opened, which means that if children decide to play in the pool section, you'll be immediately notified.

You don't need a model specially designed for pool safety to use a door alarm since you could alternatively use smart home sensors.

  • Surface Wave Sensor Alarms

Surface wave sensor alarms, also known as floating pool alarms they remain suspended on the water surface. They work by detecting the ripples produced when anything makes an impact with the water.

The moment the sensors feel these waves, they sound the alarm. They are easy to install and disassemble and are compatible with above-ground pools and in-ground pools.

  • Pool Immersion Alarms

This swimming pool alarm sits neatly in the water below the surface, which is why it's also called a submerged pool alarm. They are designed to monitor the pool's water pressure and are triggered whenever something causes the slightest changes. These pool alarms have to be attached to your pool because they'll often come with a water motion sensor.

They are more permanent and might require some hardware to install, and you won't be able to remove them, which means the only option is switching them off before a swim.

  • Wearable Pool Alarm

These pool alarms come as bracelets that people can wear on their wrists. However, they are meant to prevent pool accidents among children since they could accidentally fall in the swimming pool. Some models of this type can accommodate multiple users, which makes them suitable for several kids.

2. Local Pool Alarm Laws

There are several legal requirements that require you to install pool alarms in a few states. These laws are enforced by municipalities and counties, which makes it important to conform to the demands of your local code enforcement department.

Adhering to these rules will keep you on the right side of the law and protect you from any liabilities.

3. Alarm Sensitivity

You should also think about the level of sensitivity the unit runs on. Avoid the more sensitive alarm since you could find yourself running to the pool every time it's triggered by a diesel truck passing. A more suitable pool alarm can sound fewer false alarms to save you from getting unnecessarily frightened.

An alarm designed to reduce false alarms works using sub-surface wave detection. This function prevents the pool alarm from sounding when the wind or some rain disturbs the pool water. You'll want to keep your eyes open for this function if you want fewer false alarms.

Alternatively, you can go for a model that lets you adjust the sensitivity. As a result, you can determine the perfect balance between meaningless detections and accidental fall-ins at your pool.

4. Remote Receiver

Another feature to look for in your inground pool alarm is a remote receiver. This is because there are times you won't be close to the pool area alarm. An in-house remote receiver allows you to know whenever something disrupts the water while you are in the house.

It is a convenient function that can help keep your family safe if no one hears the alarm sounding from the pool area. This can be quite helpful if you have a large home.

5. Loud Alarm

This might sound obvious to some people, but a good pool alarm must be loud enough for you to hear when it sounds. If you have an alarm that is not noisy, you might not hear it if you wear headphones or a good distance from the home.

As you search through the several types of pool alarms on the market, you will want one that is most audible. It should be loud enough to alert any nearby adults that someone has entered or fallen into the pool. The sound could be crucial to saving a life since the sooner people know what has happened, the quicker help can arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pool Alarms

1. What is the best pool alarm?

The Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm is the overall best pool safety alarm in this review.

2. How much does a swimming pool alarm cost?

A good pool alarm could be as affordable as $50 or as expensive as $300, depending on your budget, pool size, and other preferences.

3. How Many pool alarms do I need?

This depends on the size of your pool; if you have a small pool, one unit will be enough, but if it's a large pool, you might need multiple units in different locations.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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