INKBIRD IBS-P02R Floating Pool Thermometer Set Review

Ian Mutuli
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Ian Mutuli

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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Before jumping into the swimming pool or hot tub, it is better to know what to expect especially when you are up for fun. More importantly, if you have kids, knowing the precise temperature is important. There is no better way to do this than using a floating pool thermometer to know precisely what you are dealing with.

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R is a reliable pool thermometer and one of the best pool thermometers that I have used for the longest time. In this article, you will find the specifications, features, and benefits of using the INKBIRD IBS-P02R floating thermometer.

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R Floating Pool Thermometer Set

INKBIRD IBS-P02R Floating Pool Thermometer Set,…
  • High-Level Water Resistance: This pool thermometer features an…
  • Upgraded Indoor Monitor: The included indoor monitor has a large…
  • Stable Multi-Connection: This wireless thermometer set supports…
  • High Precision Sensor: It’s trustworthy because of its high…
  • Wide Range Of Applications: Easy to install and easy to use; This…

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R is a digital pool thermometer that stands out among other pool thermometers because of its competitive benefits and specifications. Here are some features you will enjoy when using the INKBIRD IBS-P02R.

i) Features and Benefits of the INKBIRD IBS-P02R


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1) High-Level Water Resistance

As much as the thermometer is used in water, it might get damaged when water seeps into the device. Luckily, the INKBIRD IBS-P02R is waterproof and can stay afloat for hours on end without getting damaged. With an IPX7 body and a heavy-duty silicon sealing ring coating, water will not get a chance to get into the device.

2) Impact Resistant

Any small cracks will render a pool thermometer useless, and this is a worry for most people who are getting different types of pool thermometers. Luckily, the IBS-P02R has a silicon ring that provides cushioning in case of any falls or bumps.

The silicon ring does not keep the INKBIRD IBS-P02R floating thermometer from taking accurate readings, making the thermometer the best you can find in the market.

3) Stable Multi Connection

I can connect to the thermometer from 300 feet away, adding to the convenience as I do not have to leave my comfort just to check the pool temperatures. The connection is stable and reliable, giving accurate readings compared to what other pool equipment would.

4) High Precision Sensor for Accurate Readings

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R has high-precision sensors that give the readings to plus or minus one degree (or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit). The precision is further improved as the thermometer updates pool temperature every ten seconds, a feature found in a few digital pool thermometers.

5) Anti-silicone feature

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R floating thermometer has a heavy-duty silicone airtight ring to avoid collision and protect the product better. 

6) connection range

The connection range between the monitor and the INKBIRD IBS-P02R floating thermometer can be up to 300 feet (under open ground).

7) Super Affordable

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R Inkbird wireless pool thermometer is one of the most affordable options in the market today. Looking at all the things that the pool can offer against how much it is, the price is pretty generous. Given that the thermometer has a close to non-existent maintenance cost, it is pretty affordable.

8) Battery Saving

I never have to worry about changing the batteries often as the IBS-P02R uses the battery efficiently. The LCD display shows me how much power is left to help me plan for a replacement soon. With the pool thermometer keeping a temperature watch when I am away, I am never worried about the battery running low.

9) Upgraded Indoor monitor

I love using the INKBIRD IBS-P02R because I can read both the indoor and pool water temperature simultaneously and accurately. Furthermore, I can see the humidity in the house. These readings help me decide whether I want to jump into the pool or not or let my kids get into the pool.

Due to the HVAC systems and house insulations, I need to know what the temperatures are especially for outdoor swimming pools. While indoor swimming pools will have temperatures relatively closer to the room temperature, the INKBIRD IBS-P02R still comes in handy in comparing indoor and pool temperatures.

10) Wide Application Range

I can use the thermometer in the different types of pools in my house. From the hot tubs to the outdoor pool, indoor swimming pools, portable pools, above ground swimming pools and more, the thermometer goes wherever I need it.

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R thermometer is not limited to pools only as I can use it in aquariums and fish ponds, especially when doing a water changeover.

11) Durable Material

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R is made of heavy-duty material and a silicone ring that does not come off. Additionally, the bump resistance on the thermometer further protects the materials for long-term use.

12) Easy to Use

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R is straightforward and does not take too long to master. The easy-to-read display comes in handy when doing a quick check on the pool or house temperature. The indoor LCD screen is divided into two to show the distinction between the indoor and pool readings.

13) Wireless

The pool thermometer is wireless, adding to its advantages. I do not have to worry about anyone tripping, and the thermometer is not limited to a point for me to check the pool temperature. While the pool thermometer is wireless, it is precise and sensitive and will update data every 10 seconds.

Since the thermometer is wireless, I can timely know the current water temperature in the pool without leaving our house. 

14) LCD Screen

The LCD screen gives me an all-in-one set as I can monitor indoor temperature, humidity, and outdoor pool temperature at the same time. Furthermore, I can check battery status, check MAX/MIN value, and switch between ℃/℉ readings.

The LCD screen on the thermometer is large for a better display and the indoor display is even larger, making the readings as easy as just taking a glance.

15) Read Both Celsius and Fahrenheit

Since different countries have different metric systems, the IBS-P02R can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This makes it an easy-to-read display without wasting time trying to do conversions. Furthermore, I can get an accurate reading either in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

16) Multiple Thermometers

One monitor can support three channels to connect three thermometers which is a huge advantage, especially if I have different readings I would like to take. This feature is useful for anyone working in a setting like a hotel with multiple pools.

17) No Installation Required

Unlike the hanging thermometers, the INKBIRD IBS-P02R is a floating thermometer, and I do not have to get into the water to install it on the pool wall. I can just throw the thermometer onto the pool surface, and I am good to go. The thermometer will check an accurate water’s temperature regardless of being at the top.

ii) INKBIRD IBS-P02R Specifications

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a) Temperature and Humidity Monitor (Receiver)

The thermometer not only shows the temperature but the humidity as well. The humidity measurement accuracy is ± 5%, which is very accurate. The humidity measured is normal for the indoor space.

The humidity measurement range is between 0~ and 99%, making the device useful during a hot summer day or a cold winter season.

b) Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1.0℃ (±1.8℉)

Temperature is not a constant and to get accurate readings, you need to have a margin of error. The IBS-P02R is not too wide, making it one of the most accurate thermometers I have ever used.

The temperature display accuracy has a margin of error of 0.1℃ (0.1℉).

The temperature measurement range is between -10℃~60℃ (14℉~140℉), which is wider than most thermometers.

c) Channels Supported

The maximum number of thermometer channels supported at the same time : 3

d) Sampling Period

It takes only ten seconds for the thermometer to take a reading, making it one of the most reliable thermometers I have ever used. Given that it is a thermometer that will float and still get a reading that fast, the thermometer is the one to beat.

e) Warranty

The INKBIRD IBS-P02R has a 1-year warranty, making it a trustworthy choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Thermometer

The IBS-P02R

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a) Is the floating thermometer a mercury thermometer?

The IBS-P02R is a digital pool thermometer and does not have mercury. If the thermometer had mercury, it would probably sink to the bottom of the pool.

Furthermore, it would not be safe to use a mercury thermometer in the pool as mercury is a contaminant and a harmful heavy metal.

b) Does the floating thermometer read in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

The IBS-P02R reads both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and you can switch between either depending on the metric system you are comfortable with.

c) What is the difference between digital and analog pool thermometers?

The main difference between digital and analog pool thermometers is the reading mode. The digital pool thermometer results can be read from an LCD screen, while the analog pool thermometer uses mercury for its readings.

You have to be at the pool to read an analog pool thermometer, and you can read the digital version while relaxing on your couch.

Final Thoughts

There are things you have to know about your pool including the thermometer. The IBS-P02R is the best pool thermometer I have as I can rely on it to give me accurate readings without leaving the comfort of my house. The wireless thermometer can stay in the pool as long as I want as no water will seep into it. The prices for the IBS-P02R are fair, and the thermometer is well-reviewed in online stores, making it a trustworthy option.

Ian Mutuli

About the author

Ian Mutuli

Founder and Managing Editor of Archute. He is also a graduate architect from The University of Nairobi, Kenya.
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