Picturesque Living Wall at Del Amo Fashion Centre by Habitat Horticulture

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Rahma Wario

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Nature is often synonymous with calmness and serenity so what better way to incorporate this feeling of tranquility into a space than through indoor landscaping. The Habitat Horticulture design team managed to achieve this through the design of a lush living wall at the Del Amo fashion center in Torrance, California; creating a positive and welcoming environment that offers a lasting impression. The wall inadvertently spruced up the large mall lobby by enhancing the beauty of the space and giving it a richer and livelier ambiance.

The foliage and greenery not only simulate the sense but also add a lot of color and texture. The plant palette for the vertical garden consists of four species. The designers displayed their artistic touch through the meticulous arrangement and placement of the plants with the intention of creating a composition that is lively and vibrant.

The darker Philodendron cordatum and lighter Geranium cantebrigense “biokovo” provide a lush backdrop for the living wall. Each of the two species begin at opposite corners of the wall and eventually converge at the center hence mimicking the ecotones found in nature.

The textured bright green Asplenium bulbiferum are speckled on the living wall providing dimension and softness. Placed in a wavy pattern, when viewed from a distance, these plants seem to create a ripple effect consequently bringing about a sense of movement across the wall. Moreover, the fronds of Phlebodium aureum provide larger focal points for viewers’ eyes to rest upon throughout the composition.

The tapestry of greenery flows off the vertical plane onto planters below, providing a series of garden rooms in which visitors can relax and get a dose of nature. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, indoor plants offer a great deal of health benefits for the users of the space. The vertical garden adds life into the space while at the same time purifying the air within the mall lobby.

Project information
 Torrance, California, USA
Architect: 5+Design (Design Architects), Perkowitz + Ruth (Interiors), Altoon Partners (Core/Shell)
Biophilic design firm: Habitat Horticulture
Landscape Architect: LRM
Client: Simon Properties
Completion: October 2015
General Contractor: Whiting Turner
Photography: Garry Belinksy

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